To Shape the Light of Hashem Only for Good – The Daily Chizzuk with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk of our Rebbe, the Gaon and Tzaddik, Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a – From Hashem, only good descends to us

“[He] fashions light and creates darkness” (Yeshayahu 45:7)

“From the mouth of the Supreme One, no bad or good will emerge” (Eicha 3:38)

From Friday, 12 Tishrei 5783

It’s written in the Zohar that someone who puts makeup on their eyes can see the Temple of fire.

“[He] fashions light and creates darkness.”  I fashion light and create darkness, because darkness is the world of creation (Beriyah), that there is no comprehension of this.  Therefore, it’s darkness.

We learned now in Eicha, how could bad come about from good?  “From the mouth of the Supreme One, no bad or good will emerge” – Hashem only does good.  There is no evil in the world, no evil.  A person makes evil for himself, because if a person will be a heretic, then he does evil to himself.  The moment that he becomes a heretic, he sees everything as evil.

But Hashem only does good.  Hashem doesn’t do evil to anyone.  A person does evil to himself.  A person does not know how to behave, doesn’t know how to behave with derech eretz (respectfully, with good manners).  Derech eretz comes before Torah.  The first thing is [that] derech eretz comes before Torah – derech eretz is greater than Torah.

“Makes peace and creates evil.”  I make the evil, I make the good.  Your evil is only that you perform transgressions.  Then it will be bad for you.  A person blemishes the covenant, it will be bad for him.  Spills seed in vain, it will be bad for him.  “I Hashem make all of these” (Yeshayahu 45:6).

With every emission, he creates billions of demons, because what are the Nazis?  They are demons.  Hashem created the demons at exactly the moment of bein hashmashot (a point between sunset and the appearance of stars which marks the beginning of the new day).  It’s written that Hashem didn’t have enough [time] to form bodies for them.  What is to “have enough”?  What, Hashem needs to “have enough”?  What?

Hashem does everything in one second.  He could have created them a second before.  He didn’t have enough [time] to create bodies for the demons – why?  Because if they had bodies, they would have “blurred up” the world.

What are Nazis?  They are 80 million demons!  The Nazi women give birth to demons, demons, and if they had bodies, they would have destroyed the world.

Now there is going to be World War 3.  Iran has an atom bomb in another two months, and it will launch the atom bomb the moment that it has its first atom bomb.

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