Today, 1 Shevat, All the Gates of Wisdom Open – Daily Shiur by Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Below is the Daily Shiur of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a which he gave over on Sunday evening, Rosh Chodesh Shevat, after Maariv:

So Serach bat Asher just danced for 24 hours; she didn’t stop dancing for a second, and in this way she entered the Garden of Eden with her body.  Batiya bat Pharaoh rebelled against her father – a wayward and rebellious daughter.  Her father said to suffocate all the children.  All the girls in Egypt walked with jugs, would snatch babies and suffocate them.  They would draw out the blood.  They would fill the jugs with blood and come to Pharaoh.  Pharaoh would bathe in 150 babies in the morning and 150 babies in the evening.  He was totally covered with Tzaarat.  Only the blood of Jewish babies would help him.  All the girls in Egypt would go around in the…Jewish Quarter, would look for babies, children that went outside by accident.  They would grab them, suffocate them, draw out their blood, suck out their blood.  They would fill up the jugs, walk with the jugs full of blood.  They would bring Pharaoh a present.  Each one would receive a kilogram of sugar.  For every Jewish baby, a kilogram of sugar.  Two babies, two kilograms of sugar.  They would also receive a red rooster on a stick, for every [instance of] Jewish blood.

And the young girls suddenly see Batiya.  She’s simply a very bad girl.  She’s not at all fitting to be the daughter of her father.  Such a bad girl – she doesn’t want to suffocate the child.  They tell her that this is a Jewish child.  “So suffocate him already.”  She says, “No.  Maybe this is an Arab.  Also Arabs are circumcised already.”  This is eighty years before the exodus from Egypt.  This is 320 years from when Yitzchak was born.  And another year [that Yishmael was circumcised] – 321 years.  Already all two billion people are circumcising themselves.  Who says that he’s a Jew anyways.  Maybe he’s an Arab.  Also Arabs threw their children into the river.  Someone who didn’t have food [to feed it].  Someone who was a poor girl – suddenly she had a child.  They would throw it into the river.  What is there to do?

So she says: “Maybe this is an Arab child.  Who says?”  Then she brought him to Pharaoh.  Pharaoh wanted to kill her!  “Wayward and rebellious daughter – such an evil girl.  Why didn’t you suffocate it immediately?”  She says, “No Father, this is an Arab.”  Fine.  Suddenly he sees that he takes his crown off of him.  “He took off my crown?  Ha!  This is the child!  This is the child that all the astrologists prophesized about, all the star-gazers, that he would take off my crown.  See, he took off my crown.”  She says, “No, no.  This is no proof.  Perhaps he covets the gold.  Who says that he wants the crown?  We’ll bring a plate of coals and plate of cold coins.  Then Moshe reached out his hand for the coins.  Whoever would reach for the coins, they would hang immediately; they would suffocate him, take his blood.  However, the angel Gavriel came and moved his hand to the coals.  He put the coals in his mouth, and all his lips were burned.

He couldn’t say the letter “Bet.”  Instead of saying Police, he would say Bolice.  Instead of Banias – Panias [like in Arabic].  Every word he would turn upside down.  He couldn’t talk at all.  Hashem said to him, “Now you can go on a mission!  If you can’t speak, this is the moment that is most right.”

And so in the merit of Serach bat Asher, that she said, “I am the loyal, faithful people of Israel” (II Shmuel 20:19).  No one wanted to believe him [Moshe].  They said, “This is the dreamer, and we have [the accounting of ‘They will oppress and enslave them] for 400 years’ (Bereshit 15:13), [so it is unlikely that this is the redeemer].  Go back to the desert.  Why did you come?”  Serach said: “No!  This is the emissary, this is the faithful one, listen only to him.”  In the merit of this, she entered the Garden of Eden with her body, and everyone merits to enter with their bodies to the Garden of Eden.

Before entering his home, the Rav shlit”a spoke about the level of 1 Shevat:

Today is 1 Shevat – “In the fortieth year, in the eleventh [month, on the first] of the month” (Devarim 1:3).  Today, all the gates of wisdom, all the gates of Torah, all 50 gates of all 70 “Moshe began [HOEIL] [explaining this Torah]” are opened up – these are [the letters of] ELIYAHU HaNavi.  Today is the revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi.  Today all the gates of Torah are opened up.

The shiur begins at timecode 50:23

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