Two profound prayers to say before lighting the Ner Tamid

Ner Tamid prayers
Two prayers to say before lighting the Ner Tamid

Two Amazing Prayers to be Said Before Lighting the Ner Tamid by Rav Eliezer Berland, Shlita

The first prayer:

Master of the Universe, when I raise the eternal Ner Tamid flame before you with tremors of holiness, with fear and mighty trembling and awe, please connect me to the Or Haganuz, (the hidden light), the light of which it is said, “Is seven times that of the sun.”

And may I merit the 370 lights of which Chava merited during her creation and it may it be rectified by means of the Ner Tamid of all the blemishes that arose (as a result) of my faults from (the time which was) even before I came about until this very day.

And shall it, (the Ner Tamid) illuminate upon me all of the lights that I have blemished since the day I was born until now.  And may it be returned to me all of the lights which I have darkened.

And by means of me lighting this Ner Tamid, shall the light of our holy Rabbeinu go out and illuminate the whole entire world, and the whole world shall go towards his light.  And may the light of our holy Rabbeinu be revealed; the light of the seven days.

And with the merit of the holy Ner Tamid shall all the evil in the world be burnt up and then shall everyone see Hashem’s light as it is written, “Towards the House of Yaakov, we will walk and go towards it in the light of Hashem.”

And (then) we will merit hearing by means of the virtues of the Ner Tamid the Asseret Hadibrot anew and to see the lights and flames of Matan Torah.  And just like you entitled Devorah Hanevia, who is called Eshet Lapidot, (a valiant woman), by means of the candles she made, since they saw flames above her tent, so too entitle me to see of the miracles and wonders the myriads of lights.

And may all of my life be only full of the light of Hashem, and the light of our holy Rabbeinu.

The second prayer:

Master of the Universe, standing before me now, as I commence the lighting of the Ner Tamid with dread, and awe, and great consternation, in fear and in trembling, and (with) my kneeling down (to show you my weakness in the knees) in order to continue on in the world (as a conduit) for the soul of our Rabbeinu by means of lighting the Ner Tamid.

Please, All Merciful and Gracious One, Omniscient One, please perform greatly with the infinite wonders (that will allow)  the soul of our holy Rabbeinu to be reflected within me during the moment of the lighting of the Ner Tamid – in me, and my wife, and my entire household.  And by this shall all of the cures and salvations be taken out (from this place) and furthermore shall we not know (any more) from any (bad) sensations and pain.

And return to me, and my wife, and my entire household, all of the Mochin by means of the pure olive oil which is the Mochin D’Aba that is brought down from the ancient (and) holy Arich Anpin and Adam Kadmon.

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