Uncovering Moshiach ben David

Our Job Is To Uncover Moshiach Ben David

Holy words from Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, during the festival meal celebrating the brit of the Rav’s new great-grandson, grandson of Rav Stern, shlita.


Yesterday was the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Natan, who was Moshiach ben Yosef, and Rabbenu was the Moshiach ben David.

The whole matter is to continue Moshiach ben David.

Rachel, even though she was the ‘mainstay of the home’, she didn’t merit to bring Moshiach ben David, only Moshiach ben Yosef. Only Leah, who was the ‘hated’ one, could bring Moshiach ben David, as Rabbenu says, that only those who have haters below have no judgment above, and whoever proves this is automatically hated by everyone.

The dream of Yosef – “And behold, the sun and the moon and 11 stars bowed down to me,” was fulfilled by Yehoshua, who stopped the sun and the moon. He said: “Sun in the Gibeon stand, and the moon in Emek Ayalon.”

All the work of a person is to stop the sun and moon.


In the city of Ekron, there was avoda zara (idol workship) in the form of a giant zvuv (fly). And when Achzariah, King of Judah, sent someone to enquire of the zvuv if he would live or die, Eliyahu HaNavi stopped them. He said to them, “How can the zvuv help you?!” He wasn’t afraid of the king. He killed two battalions of 50 soldiers each, plus their captain.

He wasn’t afraid of any one of them.

Together, this comes to 102 people, and he got 102 life sentences, and so he lives until even today, in order to serve the years of the life sentences that were decreed upon him.

So, why didn’t he kill Jezebel?

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Only because Jezebel used to dance and click her heels together.


Yaakov was hated by Esav.

It’s written: Esav hated. What was Esav jealous of?! Esav, you got all of the most expansive countries! At the end of the day, Yaakov got Eretz Yisrael. Most of Eretz Yisrael is sand dunes. Most of Eretz Yisrael is sand dunes, and the fruit only grows here thanks to artificial means.

And now it was raining, and people were swept away. There were people who wanted to go to the sea on Shabbat, so the sea came to them.

Because [even the Zionist leaders said we had to keep Shabbat]. Ahad Ha’Am said “More than the people keep the Shabbat, the Shabbat keeps them! Here, we don’t desecrate the Shabbat!” And in Tel Aviv from the 1930s, there was a whole chapter about how one of the foundations of the city is observing the Shabbat.


In the beginning, Tel Aviv was just a few neighborhoods.

There was the Ahuza neighborhood, and only after that they joined together to become a single city. Now, we are already at Wednesday night, and coming closer to Shabbat. Another 48 hours, and we will be lighting the Shabbat candles.

Shabbat candles and Shabbat zemirot (melodies) is Moshiach ben David. A person needs to be a spark of Moshiach ben David….

Because David was the soul of Moshiach ben David, he was covered over by the externalities, and he was chased all the time, and he would move from cave to cave….in the South Hebron hills.

There are two Carmels. There is one Carmel in the South Hebron hills, and there is the Carmel next to Haifa, where the event with Eliyahu occurred, where they cried out: “Hashem, He is the God! Hashem, He is the God!”[1]

King David received 70 years three times over. 70 years from Adam HaRishon, 70 years from Avraham, Yitzhak and Yosef, and another 70 years from Metushelach. But he only studied Torah and in 70 years, he completed as much as you’d complete in 210 years.

David could have conquered the whole world, but they told him not to conquer it, for it would be returned [in teshuva?] King David wrote 2,500 verses of Tehillim.

All of our work is to uncover the soul of Moshiach ben David. This was Rabbenu HaKadosh v’hanorah (our great and awesome Rabbenu.)


[1] See Kings I 18:39.


We’re pleased to share some pictures of the brit with you, below:

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  1. Bs”d
    Ha Mateh Mateh. 113
    How to make it and from what wood?
    We are busy to make the DREIDEL OF BAAL SHEM TOV. Work in progress…
    Mazel tov l RABEINU.
    May he bless us today with TSCHUVA SHLEMA, may he live and see KOHANIM and hear Leviim and may we all serve HASHEM AGAIN AS ONE on Har Moriah. Ha MATEH MATEH.
    May we together win under the leed the war against ‘pharao’.
    And may we all understand 3.142


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