Update on Rav Berland’s health

Rav Berland at the brit of the miracle baby
Rav Berland with his community


Many readers emailed us asking us if we could give them an update on what happened with Rav Berland’s infected leg. If you recall shortly before our websites were maliciously hacked last month, we launched a campaign to try to raise the millions of shekels required to fly in a the top specialist doctor from the US, in an effort to prevent the Rav’s leg from being amputated, G-d forbid.

So many people responded with prayers for the Rav’s health and with donations to help cover the enormous costs of getting the Rav specialist treatment, and in their merit we were able to pay for the specialists to come and see the Rav in Hadassah Ein Kerem, and to devise a special program of treatment to try to save his leg.

We’re very pleased to share that with the help of Heaven, Rav Berland is now out of danger, and is no longer at serious risk of losing his leg.

However, he’s still going for almost daily treatments at Hadassah, but his treatments are being scheduled around the three daily prayers the Rav is committed to saying with the kehilla (community) every day at the temporary shul on Ido HaNavi.

Again, this is tremendous mesirut Nefesh (self-sacrifice) on behalf of the Rav, as most people with his leg condition would be on uninterrupted bed rest for three months, to enable their leg to fully heal. However, the Rav values his prayers with the community so highly, he’s willing to push himself with the last drop of his strength to stand in prayer with the kehilla.

But the leg is on the mend, baruch Hashem, and so much of that is in the merit of our readers and the other members of Klal Yisrael who prayed for the Rav, and contributed to the cost of bringing in the specialists to treat him.

May Hashem bless you for all of your kindness and generosity, and may we all only hear good tidings.

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