Visiting the sick, at Ichilov Hospital

Ichilov bikur holim

Rav Berland visits the sick, at Ichilov Hospital

As we’ve mentioned previously here, while most people are tucked up at home during the night, the elderly Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, is often to be found visiting Jews all over the country, trying to share more of Rebbe Nachman’s light, and the light of emuna.

Despite the fact that his own health is still precarious, and despite the fact that the Rav’s own doctor comes to his home almost every single day to check the state of his own illnesses and health issues, Rav Berland continues to go out almost every night to do the mitzvah of kiruv rechokim (bringing Jews back to Hashem).

And one of his most treasured mitzvot in this regard are his regular, unscheduled visits to hospitals up and down the country. This week, on Sunday night after chatzot, (midnight) Rav Berland visited the Ichilov Hospital, to come and give some chizzuk and spiritual first-aid to a patient there who was suffering with heart problems.

Together with some of his students, the Rav read the tikkun haklali next to the patient’s bed, and bezrat Hashem we will hear good news soon.

During the visit, the Rav also met the famous chassidishe singer, Yoeli Klein, who was also engaged in the mitzvah of visiting the sick. Below, you can see a clip of the two meeting:



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