Watch: Testimony of the Steipler Gaon ztz”l about Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a heard from Rav Dovid Chaim Stern shlit”a


Rav Dovid Chaim Stern shlit”a August 11th 2016 Bnei Brak


I was approached with regards to the great Gaon and holy Tzaddik, R Eliezer ben Etya Berland shlit”a. I know this Tzaddik for more than 50 years. We speak with each other and we’ve spoken a lot in the past.  He was the chavrusa of the Steipler for many years. He was then a young man, so I asked the Steipler what he says about him – I wanted to know.

So he said to me,  “You should know, he is an expert in the entire Torah, a holy man and Tzaddik!”

This is the testimony from the mouth of the Gadol Hador, and it is clear as day that the Steipler had true Ruach Hakodesh (a sort of prophecy), there is no one who argues about this.

I knew Rav Berland, we had a strong connection, he is an exalted Jew who stands above all others. There is no man who is completely kindness and mercy, whenever he had money he immediately distributed everything to charity. It is clear to us that person who distributes so much charity and kindness, Hashem imbues his Shechina on him, “He who has mercy on creation, they have mercy on him from Heaven”.

And therefore Hashem imbues his Shechina onto him and Hashem will guide him as He sees fit.

And it is clear to all of us, we are hoping and praying, that the Good Name will do miracles and wonders.

Other people don’t know Rav Berland like I know him, and they didn’t ask the Steipler what I asked about him. He was a young man while the Steipler was the Gadol Hador and much older than him. They were study partners learning many hours together each day, so I was interested in finding out what he says about him.

He’s holy and pure – that’s it!

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They want to make a mass rally

That’s obvious! We need to wake up the masses!

Everyone must come!

A holy Tzaddik who is suffering in prison

I’m willing to participate to the rally, because I believe that every single action is the greatest mitzvah, to save this Tzaddik as quickly as possible.

He’s not guilty – He didn’t do anything!

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