WATCH: How the Tzaddikim help us to stop fooling ourselves

WATCH: How the Tzaddikim helps us to stop fooling ourselves

Rav Eliyahu Meirav, shlita, is one of Rav Eliezer Berland’s most well-known students in the English speaking world.

We’re very pleased to share this shiur from Rav Meirav with you, where he explains:

  • How Leah could come to believe that Yaacov wanted to marry her, and not Rachel;
  • How she could accuse Rachel of stealing her husband;
  • How the brothers could believe that Yosef HaTzaddik was ‘bad’, and want to do away with him; and
  • The deeper connection between Esav and Am Yisrael
  • How deferring to the true tzaddikim can help help us to stop fooling ourselves
  • The importance of doing hitbodedut (personal prayer) every day

And much more besides.

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