We Are Once Again in a Holocaust — The Tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Now a missile fell in Netivot — one seriously wounded; tens killed at the northern border, all the communities have been evacuated — Hanita, Sasa, Shlomi.  In a little while, they will evacuate Nahariya and Acre, perhaps also Haifa.

The holy words Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a said last week about the war in Israel:

It could be that everyone will need to live in the Sahara Desert, maybe in some island in the Pacific Ocean.  We’ll see what the plans of the Chief of Staff and the Defense Minister are, where they want to move us, maybe to the moon — that’s the safest.  In the meantime, they’re already evacuating fourteen communities in the north — they already evacuated them.  People have been left without a house, go to live in schools and all types of clubhouses, without bathroom facilities, without showers, without clothes.

They left without clothes.  They evacuated Be’eri, Kfar Aza, Nahal Oz, evacuated them in the midst of gunfire.  For four days there was gunfire, terrorists controlled the entire south.  They evacuated them under gunfire, all of them with only nightgowns; they took the women out of bed with only nightgowns.  They were left without shoes, without clothes, without anything.  They’re requesting donations of clothes, mattresses, covers.

Because everything is because of the girls who shorten their dress a bit, open up a button; for every button that a girl opens, a soldier is killed.  They still haven’t entered Gaza [at the time of the shiur, which was around two weeks ago], because they wanted to enter on Shabbat night, Motza’ei Shabbat, but in the end, it’s impossible, because there are maybe a million terrorists there.  They already evacuated a million, but a million remain, and all of them are terrorists, all of them Hamas.  All the girls are covered in Hamas — they say there that they are the tzaddikim.  They don’t smoke.  It’s forbidden to smoke in Hamas.  They all go with giant kipas of ten, twenty centimeters.  Therefore, they claim that they will succeed and conquer the entire south; for four days they conquered the whole south.

Because the Chief of Staff and Defense Ministry went to drink, it seems, to fulfill, “Rejoice in your holiday.”  Because they called them and said, “There are five terrorists here — they already infiltrated” — they didn’t even hear; their ears are blocked.  They don’t pray, don’t say, “You graciously give to man knowledge [the blessing in the Amidah prayer for wisdom].”  There’s no army, they took the weapons from the soldiers.  They disarmed all of them.  This is the Jewish intellect that doesn’t learn Torah — then it will be an upside-down intellect.  Instead of learning Gemara, where everything is turned upside down, they turn the soldiers into cannon fodder, into sacrifices.  250 captives, 1,500 killed, 4,000 injured — already there isn’t room in the hospitals.

It’s all because the country is run by Hilonim (secular Jews) who don’t pray.  They don’t say the Amidah, don’t say “You graciously give man knowledge” — they don’t have knowledge.  As it is said in Yeshayahu: You are all blind, you are all deaf.  So in the time of Yeshayahu, the army was still the strongest in the world.  Chezkiyahu said, “I only teach Torah, I do not know anything.”

Armies came from the whole world.  Sanheriv said, “For this I conquered the whole world [so that he could fight Israel].”  He said, “Bring me mattresses, bring me covers, brings me pillows.”  The war [?] was 30 meters high, he was 40 meters high.  Then he saw all of Jerusalem, such a small city I have never seen.  It is written that Ninveh was a three-day walking distance [in length].  Antioch was a three-day walking distance.  Rome is a three-day walking distance.  Here, it is ten minutes.  You walk from Damascus Gate to Dung Gate in ten minutes.  We made it from the Kotel to Damascus Gate on the night of Simchat Torah — during the Hakafot.  They made Hakafot [at the nature party in Re’im] with vodka and whiskey.  Now, they are all in the Garden of Eden; they are the purest and holiest souls, but Hashem wanted to take them instead of them drinking, and a moment of enjoying the radiance of the Shechinah [Divine Presence] is more important.

So all of them are now in the Garden of Eden, but we are left here, and now this is totally dependent on us that there will not be a war at all.  On Tuesday already, the French President Macron arrives.  Therefore, it is impossible to start the war.  Because every time another head of state arrives, and another head of state — Britain, Italy.  From all the places, they have already come.  They all want to share in the grief of the Jewish people.  2,000 soldiers are already ready.  Commandos of the United States are ready.

In the meantime, Hezbollah is finishing off the whole north.  In a little bit, they will evacuate Acre, evacuate Nahariya, and where will they take them?  Either to the moon or to Mars — we’ll see.  [Qatar is ready to take everyone to Mars.]  Qatar promised that the first spaceships to arrive on Mars [will be] of Qatar.  They promised that within a hundred years there will be communities there; Jews especially will build the communities.  Then there won’t be a problem, missiles won’t fly.  It could be that we will need to live on Mars another hundred years.  Whoever today is one-year-old, will be 101 then.  People who were in the Holocaust the age of fifteen are today — have already passed — eighty years; today they the age of 95.

People still remember the whole Holocaust, all of this.  Now we are once again in a holocaust.  There’s no army.  The moment that this is controlled by Hilonim, then there are no weapons, no army, nothing.  America wants to help.  Everyone wants to help, but there’s no brains.  If there’s no brains, what help are all the weapons?  They have brought all the Jewish people to a new holocaust.  Now it is all dependent on the girls who go with long dresses and also socks under the dresses.

It is forbidden for a girl to go without socks, and it is forbidden for a man or young man to go with tight-fitting pants, because it is forbidden to make the body stand out, because the body is the body of the serpent.  The one who whispers to a girl in the ears, “Shorten the dress, lift up a sleeve,” this is the serpent that is whispering to her.  Our body is the body of the serpent.  Now we have read parashat Bereishit “Kotnot Or — garments of skin” — this is the skin of the serpent, says the Midrash.  The serpent shed its skin.  Hashem cut off its hands, cut off its feet: What did you do?  You have brought death to the world.  If there had not been the serpent, people would live forever, would finish all Shas, finish Kitzot HaChoshen, finish Netivot HaMishpat.  Without Kitzot HaChoshen, it is impossible to understand Shas, impossible to understand any Sugya in the world, without Avnei Miluim [on Shulchan Aruch – Even HaEzer].

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Everyone needs to see to learning with his sister a page of Gemara until the war finishes — the stories, Agadot.  Every brother has brothers and sisters.  The girls already go to seminaries.  At eight and a half, they must be in seminary, must be teachers.  Even a girl who does not understand anything in the end will be a teacher.  In the end, she will understand; at the age of eighteen, she will be a teacher.  Every girl needs to bring ten sons and ten daughters, and needs to sustain them; it’s impossible to live only off of donations.  Every girl needs to be a seminary principal.  There are a thousand girls here — there will be a thousand seminaries.  Each one needs to be a principal and a teacher, as it is written, “A house and wealth are an inheritance from fathers, but an intelligent woman comes from Hashem.”

So the Rebbe brings in [Likutey Moharan] Tinyana, Lesson 2, that a woman needs to be intelligent, sharp.  If the woman will be stupid, then the children will also turn out stupid.  If the woman will be smart, then the children will turn out smart.  Everything is dependent on the woman.  Ninety percent is the woman.  Ninety percent of the child is from the woman.  For nine months, he’s by her in the body.  After this, for two years, she nurses him.  Everything is from the woman.  Everything that the child has, the intelligence, it is only through nursing that he has intelligence.  If he only drinks baby formula, then his intellect will be weak; he will go to Aley Siach, Limud Hashem, Sulam [places for the mentally disabled].  Because he didn’t nurse mother’s milk, he nursed baby formula.  So his brain is a brain of baby formula.  A child needs to nurse specifically from the mother two years, two and a half years even, and then his brain will develop.  This is all verified from a scientific standpoint, that children who nurse from their mother are smarter, brighter, sharper than children that only nursed from formula.  By the Hilonim, the mothers don’t have the strength to nurse, so the children come out autists.  Every third child is autistic or a Mongol [a person with Down’s syndrome], because they don’t nurse them, and also they don’t have holiness; they are like beasts, like animals.

Now in Colombia, 15,000 children were born without a brain, only the skull.  There’s no brain at all, nothing.  Everything is dependent on holiness, like we learned in Pele Yoetz.  The Pele Yoetz says that if we do not act with holiness, the children come out stupid and foolish, but this is all dependent on holiness.  Everything is dependent on “You are holy, and Your Name is holy, and the holy ones will praise You every day, Sela.  Blessed are You Hashem, the Holy God [the third blessing of the Amidah].”  We bless, “And you will be holy to your God, I am Hashem your God Who brought you out from the land of Egypt” — they came out through holiness, because everyone remained holy.  It is written, “Each man and his house came” (Shemot 1:1), that they would marry at the age of zero.  When a child would be born, they would already marry him off.  “Each man and his house came” — each one came with his house.  A person gets married in order to build a house.  He doesn’t get married for the evil inclination.  If he marries for the evil inclination, the children will turn out Mongols, idiots, and thieves.  The Rebbe says that if they marry for the sake of the evil inclination, it’s forbidden to even call it a wedding.  We get married to build a house, “Each man and his house came.”

It is written in the Midrash HaGadol that Chetzron and Chamul — one was the age of a year and one was the age of two — were married.  Once, they would already marry their children off at the age of a year.  Like Lavan would write letters to Rivka, “Know, that two sons were born to you, and two daughters were born to me, so know that the older daughter is for the older son and the younger daughter is for the younger son.”  Leah was three-years-old and they tell her, “Leah, Mazal Tov!  A letter arrived — behold, you will receive the oldest son.”  Leah began to cry.  Leah knew who this little devil was [Esav], what a little devil she would have.  So every day, she would go out to the crossroads [to pray].  At the age of three, “Leah’s eyes were weak” (Bereishit 29: 17), from all the weeping, that she cried that she wouldn’t fall into the portion of Esav.

So it is by the Arabs to this day — there are clans, and when the child is born, they already marry him off to his cousin.  So Leah knew that now she was going to marry the biggest devil on all planet earth, that he is the Samech-Mem himself.  So she shed tears like water, cried twenty-four hours: “Master of the Universe, rescue me, You can turn my destiny upside down.  My destiny is to marry such a little devil.  I want to turn the destiny around.”  So with the crying, with the tears that a girl cries, that a girl says Tehilim.  We said that those who learn in seminary should only say one book out of the five, but whoever doesn’t learn in seminary can say three books of Tehilim, because then she turns around all the decrees.

Because there is a terrible decree to enter Gaza.  This is a terrible decree, because who knows who will come out of there alive even?  Hamas is waiting.  They say, “Yalla, come!  Prepare for yourselves lollipops, popsicles, ice cream bars — prepare for yourselves everything…ice cream.”  Hamas is waiting with longing.  They already pray in mosques that the Jews will come in already, so they’ll come and will be wiped out, 10,000 in one blow.  If a girl goes exposed, 10,000 soldiers die.  If a girl bares a knee, you need to know that the whole body is seen, not just the knee.  Then at that moment, another 10,000 soldiers die.  So Hamas is already waiting with longing, “Nu, come in already!”

In the meantime, this has already been put off for another two weeks [at the time of the shiur], because there’s no reason to enter.  Hamas is waiting with missiles, grenades, munitions charges.  They have the most up-to-date explosives.

Everyone [at the nature party] got drunk.  It was Simchat Torah night.  Instead of going to Hakafot, everyone fulfilled, “Rejoice in your holiday.”  Everyone got drunk.  There were only a few from Shuvu Banim at the party, so they didn’t get drunk.  So they saw that terrorists had arrived.  Whoever got drunk didn’t even understand what was happening here.  300 were killed in one blow, within five minutes.  The terrorists also already didn’t even want to go to kibbutzim.  They said, “We have here 5,000.  Let’s go and finish off all 5,000.”  Whoever fled was caught outside, they caught him at the intersection, because they got lost on the way, because there are no roads there.  Re’im is in the heart of the Negev [desert].  There are no roads there, there’s nothing.  They became confused on the way.

The terrorists already were waiting on the all the roads, all the intersections.  Wiped out another 300, another 300, it reached 1,500.

So the girls need to know that everything is dependent only on them.  The Rebbe says that if the girls are careful [about not transgressing the prohibition of] adultery, the Rebbe says that it is only dependent on the girls.  If they take onto themselves to burn all their immodest clothes, tight-fitting shirts — it is forbidden to make the body stand out, it is forbidden to make the chest stand out; this is a Torah prohibition.  This is mamash a prohibition, this transgresses a Torah prohibition every second, every moment; the children come out autists, come out Mongols.

Everything is dependent on holiness, that a girl takes onto herself to subdue the serpent that is within her.  This is all the serpent within her which talks to her.  Everyone has a serpent within.  When a boy looks at a girl with a forbidden gaze, then this is the serpent which is looking.  And when a girl looks at a boy with a forbidden gaze, then two serpents are united.

The Megaleh Amukot 191 says that the moment that two serpents are joined together, then at that moment, people are killed.  He explains that the moment that a boy looks at a girl, chas v’shalom, with a forbidden gaze, a gaze of the evil inclination, or a girl at a boy, then at that moment, the serpent within him and the serpent within her join together.  This is the serpent with seven heads, with a million heads, and this serpent swallows more soldiers and more soldiers and more soldiers — a thousand soldiers, 10,000 soldiers.

So now everything is dependent only on the girls.  It’s even possible to cancel this decree to enter Gaza, to cancel the decree.  Even if no soldier dies, but this is only dependent on holiness, on purity, that the girls will burn tonight all their dresses, and all their shirts, and all their sweaters which are tight-fitting.

And bezrat Hashem, each one will receive a new dress and a new sweater.

Bezrat Hashem, may we merit to a complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen.

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