We Get Married to Bring the King Messiah — Daily Chizzuk by R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk by our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a — For years we are waiting for Gog and Magog, and there isn’t Gog and Magog

Thursday, 2 Av 5783 — “The evil inclination is the same inclination before the wedding and after the wedding”

These are his holy words:

“Rabbi Natan says that the whole wedding is only to bring Mashiach.

“Rabbi Natan only spoke about the Mashiach.  All Likutey Halachot speaks about Mashiach.  Wherever you open Likutey Halachot, it speaks about Mashiach.

“On page 52 [Likutey Halachot — Orach Chaim], Rabbi Natan explains why we get married — to bring the Mashiach!  Only Mashiach, only in order to bring down the soul of Mashiach.  We only want Mashiach.

“Rabbi Natan would scream all day: Mashiach, Mashiach, Mashiach!”

The Rav shlit”a turns to a groom who participated in the shiur, saying: “You are getting married to your wife.  Tell her, we are going to bring the Mashiach.  Not for desires, not for the evil inclination.  The evil inclination is forbidden.  The evil inclination is the same inclination before the wedding and after the wedding — it remains forbidden.

“Even though this is the highest unification.  Groom and bride are higher than all intellect, [higher than] any idea, higher than Atzilut [the World of Emanation].  Groom and bride reach until Ain Sof [the Infinite].  Because the unification shines until Ain Sof, all the time to receive the unification which shines until Ain Sof.  Through the wedding, we receive the unification which shines until Ain Sof, ascend to a unification which shines until Ain Sof.

“On Page 52, Rabbi Natan says that every wedding is only to bring the Mashiach — ‘We want Mashiach now’ — we want Mashiach immediately.

And this is the matter of Gog and Magog, that there was supposed to be Gog and Magog immediately.  From Eldad and Medad until today, 3,334 years passed.  Eldad and Medad was the year after the exodus from Egypt — then 3,334 [years passed].  3,334 years we are waiting for Gog and Magog and there’s no Gog and Magog.

“Gog and Magog: Gog is [the numerical value of] 12.  Vav is 6 and Magog is 52 [together = 70].  All the 70 nations want to destroy us.  It was revealed that they give money to terrorists, everything.  They give endlessly to families of terrorists.  They receive money now from Germany, England, France.

“‘Behold, an olive leaf it plucked with its bill’ (Bereishit 8:11).  This is the Mashiach.  The whole task is to bring the Mashiach.  ‘And I am like an ever-fresh olive tree in the House of God’ (Tehilim 52:10).  The dove brought the leaf of an olive tree — this is the soul of Mashiach.

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“‘And it came to pass after the seven-day period’ (Bereishit 7:10), for Noach had said that 10 Cheshan will be the flood, but 10 Cheshvan arrived and they saw that there was no flood.  The sun is shining; there was no flood.  Then they said that Noach is a liar, understood that Noach is a liar.  But really, there wasn’t a flood, because Hashem pushed it off from 10 Cheshvan to 17 Cheshvan.

“After this, on the 27th the flood ceased — so someone who is born on 27 Cheshvan can stop the flood.”

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