We were redeemed in the merit of our saintly women

Egyptian Man, Parshat Emor

We were redeemed from Egypt in the merit of our holy women

In the run-up to Pesach 5779, we continue to share some translated excerpts of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s comments on the Haggadah. 

It’s written that in the merit of our saintly women, the Nation of Israel was redeemed from Egypt – and that in the merit of our saintly women, we will be redeemed again in the future.

This is because women have emuna, pure and simple, they have innocent emuna.

Rebbe Nachman used to say, I want you to have emuna the same way the women do. The same way the women open up their siddur and immediately start to cry, even if they don’t know how to read aleph or bet, and they have no idea what’s even written there, in the siddur.

Yet immediately, rivers of tears start flowing from their eyes.

So, Rabbenu said, I want that you should have the simple emuna of women, the simple faith of children. The sort of simple, pure and refined emuna that is above any ‘cleverness’.

This simple emuna will bring the geula, it will bring Am Yisrael our salvation.

In the merit of the holy women, Am Yisrael left Egypt, because emuna is to be found by the women.

A woman possesses emuna, she always has emuna. She walks everywhere with her emuna, she believes in miracles, she believes in wonders.

And so the women brought out their drums and danced.

Where did they get these drums from?! They are heading into the desert, and they brought drums along with them?! They did this because they knew there would be miracles, here, that there would be wonders. There would be things going on here that were above the laws of nature, so they got their drums ready.

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