WEBINAR 24 – Connecting to The Tzaddik From Outside of Ayalon Prison


PART 24 – Connecting to The Tzaddik From Outside of Ayalon Prison


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Broadcasting from the Aylon prison in Ramle…….in Central Israel

R. Yissachar is sitting in a tent in the encampment outside the prison.

Ayalon (pronounced : eye-yah-lone)
Rav Yoshiyahu Pinto also spent time here in an adjoining prison called Matisyahu,
Recently Rav Kook said that Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto is the Moshiach ben Yosef (there may be several Mashiach ben Yosefs)
Tzaddikim are connected in high places, even if they have never met in person.
He says that he can feel the strong kedusha (holiness) in this place. Klipot also, you can feel the WAR here between good and evil. Very intense feeling. Light and darkness at the same time.
The Rav has been in prison now for 6 months, without any conviction, no judgment, no trial.
They are still trying to get the Rav out of prison because of his bad health conditions. The Rav has holy work to do here, he wants to be here.
Before Rebbe Nachman passed away he said to come to him on Rosh Hashanah.
There was a law now recently passed to close the border of Ukraine. Worries of Covid19. Bibi contacted the president of Ukraine and encouraged him to close the border. It will be a law in a few days.
The Rav said it will all be OK. Say Tikkun haKlali 7 times and keep your current tickets, don’t try to make your flight earlier. He then said Ayalon is Uman.
Many people who were trying to get there and made their flights earlier, were stuck over Shabbat in different countries.
Ayalon has the same gematria as Uman = 97
When the Rav was in Morocco on Rosh Hashana, it was like Gan Eden. Praying and dancing. The entire time there, the Rav was saying that THIS is Uman.
BTW: The Rav was the one who opened the way to Uman in Ukraine.
The Rav promises that we will all be in Uman this year.
Maybe he means Ayalon prison, since he said that this is also Uman??   But he said to buy your tickets. You will get to Uman. 97
Reference: Sichos Haran 96
Every Tzaddik will get 310 spiritual worlds in the next world.
There will be a lot of space there, think of the whole world, stars, galaxies, etc……all of this is in one world. Now imagine all this times 310 on spiritual dimensions. Enormous!
The greatest of the reward that the Tzaddik gets, is beyond comprehension. Every Tzaddik gets 310 worlds.
Where did these worlds come from? Rebbe Nachman says, they are built from machlochet, through stones, the letters are stones.  Every word spoken are stones which builds. Stones are letters of words spoken against the Tzaddik. The Tzaddik takes those stones and builds houses of Shalom Bayit. When he gets enough stones, builds houses and cities, countries and whole worlds.  310 worlds. All from words spoken against him.
Naval spoke against King David. And Avigail told him that NOW she understands and knows that Hashem is going to build him a house.
Quick Commercial:  R.Yissachar is showing a pamphlet of prayers for the health and release of the Rav from prison. Just published (in Hebrew)
Rav Berland is talking a lot about immersing oneself in the kinneret, because the well of Miriam is there. It’s mentioned in halacha that a person should drink tap water on Motzei Shabbat and have in mind to drink from the well of Miriam, because the well of Miriam flows through all the waters in the world on Motzei Shabbat. The Well of Miriam which is IN the Kinneret goes through all the waters of the world. When someone immerses in the well of Miriam they can reach very lofty spiritual levels. Like the Arizal one time told his student Rabbi Chaim Vital which spot to go to in the kinneret to find the well of Miriam to drink from that spot. It is from that point on that R Chaim Vital received Ruach Hakodesh and was able to understand the teachings of his Rebbe in depth.
The Tzaddik comes to the world ONLY to fix the world. He doesn’t come for himself, he has no “self”, for him it’s like he doesn’t exist. He doesn’t think about himself. He feels he is nothing, he doesn’t think about himself.  His reward is to receive the 310 worlds in the next world and it’s built through all the words spoken against him.
The Tzaddik is always thinking GOOD about others, when someone speaks against him he judges them favorably.  The world can not understand the LIGHT of the Tzaddik. They can’t handle the Light of the Tzaddik, it is too much for them. If they could taste the light, their souls would leave their bodies.
The Tzaddik takes on the evil words against him, and still wants to bring the Redemption. There are judgments against him constantly. When someone speaks against him, then there are no judgments against the Tzaddik. This is what keeps him alive.
Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhyn was also in prison. The prison guard would not find him, because he went to toivel and would come back through the wall. The guard asked why do you come back if you can leave through the wall?  He said it is not the police who put him in prison it is Hashem who put him in prison because he needs to be in prison to help with the judgments against him.
The Judgments against him disappear when someone spoke against him.
When there are judgement in this world there are no judgments in the next. When a person enclothes themselves in judgement and wants to harm a person, take revenge, or speak bad, so the spiritual forces that are against the person under judgement leave him. Because they say if there is someone down there doing our job we have nothing to do with this person. That is best for the person because a human being has compassion or limited strength.
The story of Zimri, Pinchas…..   The judgment against the Jewish people was wiped away by the actions of Pinchas. Every generation there is a Tzaddik like Pinchas that takes on all the judgments.  Every DAY there would be huge judgments against us because of all the sinning we are doing, if not for the tzaddik who is taking it on himself.
Rebbe Nachman says that he HAS to go up to higher and higher levels every moment. There is an Angel at each level. He has to be tested by the angel at each level to see if he can pass.  Queen Esther had people pray and fast for 3 days straight so she could pass the next level and cancel the judgement on the Jewish People.  The courtyard of the King is the mouthpiece of the Tzaddik. Same gematria. Not only does the tzaddik need evil people to go against him, but he needs other true Tzaddikim to go against him. . . so that he can REACH even higher and higher levels.
But we simple people shouldn’t get involved in the machlokes between tzaddikim.
Like Rabbi Levy Yitzchak Bender said: Do not get involved in fights between Tzaddikim… …you do NOT KNOW what they are doing !!!   YOU will be punished by getting involved. You do not understand what they are doing between each other.
Uman: Lag b’Omer.  The Rav was speaking alot about getting to Meron, to Shimon bar Yochai, who is the same as Rebbe Nachman. Same neshama.  The government was saying that anyone convicted of a crime can not go to Meron and light for Shimon bar Yochai.  The Rav was the one who started the lighting at Meron….!!!   Shimon bar Yochai is saying that if the Tzaddik can not come to me, then NO ONE can come to me!
The Rav says back then that whatever happens with Meron on Lag B’omer will happen with Uman on Rosh Hashana.
And it looks like the thing may be going on with Uman this year.
If the Tzaddik who opened up the PATH to Uman is in lockdown and can not come to Rebbe Nachman, then everyone will be in lockdown and NO ONE could come to Rebbe Nachman.
Bibi is just a messenger. The Tzaddik himself is deciding about Rosh Hashanah in Uman.
Reference: Chayei Moharan 401-402
When Tzaddkim in the past reach a certain high level, they stay there.
The Tzaddik is called a TREE…..with branches, etc.   There will be controversy against him as he reaches higher levels.
Maklochet is compared to water. The TREE can not survive withOUT WATER.  So the Tree = the Tzaddik, needs water to survive = maklochet.
Every Tzaddik deserves his level that he reached by going through Maklochet.
Many people can not handle being a Breslover anymore, because of the maklochet. They leave.
Moshe Rabaniu was spoken against like he was the greatest criminal in the world.
There are levels that the Tzaddik can not reach unless people speak against him.
Reference: Likutei Moharan chapter 181
There is machlochet around the Tzaddik and all the people around him, who are connected to him.
There is all kinds of benefit both physically and spiritually to those connected to the Rav.
All these curses are keeping one strong!!  So handle it!
The Redemption will be pushed off for 6 months, with many difficulties, so that more people will do Teshuvah. We are in the 6 months. Some say 9 months.
All the dates are being said now, we don’t know for sure where we are at.
The AriZal said that Korach was the no. 1 against the Tzaddik. When the Tzaddik comes then Korach will do Teshuvah and BE the Kohain HaGadol.
One last thing….before ending….
Tzaddikim are always traveling from place to place in the exile, because he is always fixing.  We have to have Merit to be with the Tzaddik in Exile.
Chazal teach that when a Rebbe is in Exile, the Yeshiva needs to follow him wherever he is.
Right now… Ayalon is Uman.
Reference : Chayei Moharan 394:
Rebbe says:  There are people in the world that do not even KNOW him…and are against him.
Pharaoh in Egypt said to the entire Nation: Let’s outsmart these Jewish people. How did Pharaoh speak to the entire nation? There was no satellite broadcasts back then. Rather there was an evil spirit that went into their hearts.
Can it be that the Breslevers who lied about the Rav to put him in prison were “in on it” with the Rav, because they know that coming against him and persecuting him will help him bring Moshiach?
Subconsciously……maybe yes……..
See Rav Ofer’s sefer –  Into The Depths  where he talks about the idea that Kayin via accepting the fact that Hashem at that time didn’t accept his korban it would be higher than Hashem accepting the Korban of Hevel. Therefore, via Korach accepting what Moshe said and not getting what he “wants” he would really have reached levels much higher as you said.
What’s that Midrash about the tzaddik’s followers would go with him into the Midbar for 3 months ???   That parking lot looks a lot like a Midbar … What do you think?
It actually says 9 months. And in Chesvan, the Beit Hamikdash will come down……..
bs”d   A son that we made a big Pidyon for him from last year showed some interest in going to Uman but we are upset because he is driving on Shabbat, this is very recent, and worse things. He is already 21 BH and feel we are doing wrong by letting him stay here because then he has money for the car and other not good things. What should we do?   (We are living in Israel in the Negev) …… is it wrong for us to continue helping him since he does these things?
Do more for him, help him.  He has spiritual cancer.  Help him even more. He needs the connection to you.
Remember that the Rav promised that anyone who connects to him EVEN ONCE, then the Rav will take on everything about that person and his entire life!
In the next world there are souls without clothing, etc.  They have nothing. When someone helps this person, in the next world you can not help him with clothing, etc. He needs spiritual clothing, he needs the Torah, he needs the Mitzvot that he did. In this world he needs to make Mitzvot and learn Torah. Later it will do no good.
But if he had a connection to the Tzaddik in this world, he can run to him in the next world and have merit because of the connection he made. The next world is eternity. This world is but a fleeting moment.
The Rav took it on himself, he OWNS him in a sense, he will take care of him always. The Tzaddik gets him out of gehinom. The Rav HELPS HIM to want to keep the mitzvot.
( In Xianity, this was changed to:  “you do not have to do anything, just “believe” that the Tzaddik takes care of everything and you are “off the hook” for taking any responsibility.” )
The Tzaddik  – you look for him in the darkness places.  The Tzaddik can not sin, he is completely connected to Hashem.  People connected to the Tzaddik can sin and they can fall, so the Tzaddik is going to the lowest places to bring out the worst of the worst and get them out so they can do Teshuvah.  You are in the Rav’s hands, you are connected now when the Tzaddik drags you out of the darkest places.
In Egypt we reached the 49th lowest level. When we came out of Egypt, we came out with tons of higher levels…even of highest levels of prophecy for the lowliest person.  We do not know what is going on with a person.  When we fall, we need to judge favorably as there is a process going on of climbing up out of low levels.  The plumber has to go into the dirtiest and darkest places to clean things out.
Rebbe Nachman finishes….by saying that you shouldn’t just rest on the knowledge that you connected with the Tzaddik in this world, but learn Torah, do Mitzvot, etc.
Now a short tour of the encampment in Ayalon prison area where people are camped out to be near the Rav who was moved to this prison.
Ayalon Prison Encampment Ramla
Billboard showing that the government is holding a very sick rabbi as prisoner.
Ayalon Prison Encampment Ramla
Ayalon Prison Encampment Ramla
Showing tents, etc The police told him to stay in the area. (He is walking around with his computer showing the encampment near the Ayalon prison in Ramle.)  Someone called it: The Desert.
Ayalon Prison Encampment Ramla
A guard tower, and some tents…..
Ayalon Prison Encampment Ramla
At the bus stop in Ramle, near the Ayalon prison, with the Rav’s prayer against the virus!!!
Ayalon Prison Encampment Ramla
“Stopping the sun and the moon”   Which is a reference from the Torah, perhaps near this place, Ayalon or Central Israel where it happened ages ago in the Torah.
It’s from
שמש בגעון דום וירח בעמק אילון
Yehoshua when they stopped the moon and the sun, the prison is called Ayalon.  The Rav mentions it all the time since moving to this prison.
“the Sun (640) in Giveon (133) was Still (50), and the Moon (214) in the Valley (211) of Ayalon (97), and the Sun (645) and the Moon (214) were Still (66) until (74) he took revenge (156) on the nation (19) of his enemy (35)”.
שֶׁמֶשׁ 640 בְּגִבְעוֹן 133 דּוֹם 50 וְיָרֵחַ 214 בְּעֵמֶק 211 אַיָּלוֹן 97 , וַיִּדּוֹם 66 הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ 645 וְיָרֵחַ 214 עָמָד 114 עַד 74 יִקּוֹם 156 גּוֹי 19 אוֹיְבָיו”
Ayalon Prison Encampment Ramla
They need food….please deliver food! Conditions are not good.
You can donate at *RavBerland.com* even if you are in the States.
Ayalon Prison Encampment Ramla
Eating corn out of the can. Flies everywhere, very hot out.
A tzedakah box even here!
Encampment Ayalon Prison Ramla
A tzedakah box….even here!
Encampment Ayalon Prison Ramla
Here someone brought a small refrigerator but they need electricity.
They are hoping someone can donate a generator.
The promise they made to you was on your account, this phone is on my account
Another large sign that doesn’t mention the Rav, but they are surprised that it hasn’t been taken down….
encampment Ayalon Prison Ramla
encampment Ayalon Prison Ramla
encampment Ayalon Prison Ramla
encampment Ayalon Prison Ramla
Poster demonstrating the imprisonment of Rabbi Berland
Poster demonstrating the imprisonment of Rabbi Berland


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  1. In Mispar Katan אילון is gematria 16. Similar to איה, as in the verse: ואיה השה לעלה (Bereishis 22:7). Also: איה דבר-ה׳ etc. (Yirmiyahu 17:15). Similarly, the Zohar reads איכה as אי כה (Bereishis 3:9; Zohar 1:29b). See also the well known lesson in Likutei Moharan 2:12. And Mispar Katan connotes concealment, as is known.

    The word אילון expanded has the gematria of 318, when the letter vav is spelled with two vav’s. Corresponding to the word חיש, as in the verse: אני ה׳ בעתה אחישנה (Yeshayahu 60:22). Similarly, when the vav is spelled with an aleph it has the gematria of 319, as the word חושה. With the kollel added 320, as the word ישי.

    And now the Rav shlita apparently has been moved to Tzalmon. And צלמין has the gematria of 220, corresponding to בחיר.

    • Edit: The calculation of the above expansion is defective. Rather: The word אילון is gematria 317 expanded when the letter nun is spelled without a vav, and the letter vav with two vav’s. When the letter vav is then spelled with an aleph it has the gematria of 318 and with the kollel 319, as above.

      Also: When the nun is spelled with a vav, and the vav with an aleph the expansion has the gematria 324, as the word מרדף. With the kollel 325, as the word מרפה.

  2. In Mispar Katan אילון is gematria 16. Similar to איה, as in the verse: ואיה השה לעלה (Bereishis 22:7). Also: איה דבר-ה׳ etc. (Yirmiyahu 17:15). Similarly, the Zohar reads איכה as אי כה (Bereishis 3:9; Zohar 1:29b). See also the well known lesson in Likutei Moharan 2:12. And Mispar Katan connotes concealment, as is known.

    The word אילון expanded has the gematria of 318, when the letter vav is spelled with an aleph and the letter nun without a vav. Corresponding to the word חיש, as in the verse: אני ה׳ בעתה אחישנה (Yeshayahu 60:22). Similarly, with the kollel it is 319, as the word חושה. Also: When the letter nun is spelled with a vav and the letter vav with an aleph the expansion has the gematria 324, as the word מרדף. And with the kollel 325, corresponding to מרפה.

    And now the Rav shlita apparently has been moved to Tzalmon. And Tzalmon has the gematria of 220, corresponding to בחיר.


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