WATCH: The weight-less wheelchair

Rav Berland and the weight-less wheelchair
Rav Berland welcoming the weight-less wheelchair on stage


Anyone who’s ever had any experience of manoeuvring wheelchairs around can tell you that they are really, really heavy – and that’s often the case even when no-one is sitting in them!

The combined weight of a wheelchair, plus the full-grown adult who’s sitting in it, often requires  3-4 very strong men to lift it off the ground and carry it for any distance, or any length of time.

So, the accompanying clip is a small ‘peek’ into the many hidden miracles that are occurring around Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita.

In this short clip, taken when the Rav was praying together with the kehilla (community) in the small hall at the bottom of his apartment building that’s been turned into a temporary shul, you can see an amazing thing: A full-grown man in a wheelchair is being passed over the heads of the crowd around the Rav’s small podium.

Think how many people it takes to raise a chassan (bridegroom) or kallah (bride) on a chair at the wedding reception. Think how much effort’s required, and how there normally has to be at least 2-3 strong people continually bearing the majority of the weight.

Then, take a look at this clip and see how the wheelchair is being effortlessly passed over the heads of the young boys standing close to the Rav, and pulled up onto the podium apparently effortlessly by the Rav, shlita, himself.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest ‘invisible’ miracles that tell the biggest stories.

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