What Did Rav Berland Here on the way to Kerestir?  How Can We Bring the Redemption Closer with Mercy?

How can we be saved from perplexities about Hashem’s governance of the world?

Why does Avraham send Eliezer to bring a match from the most contaminated place in the world?

How will Eliezer find a kosher girl for Yitzchak amongst all the impurity of Haran?

These are the holy words of Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a:

Rabbeinu says that “KuShiYA” (difficulty/perplexity) is the initial letters of “Shema Hashem Koli Ekra – Hashem, hear my voice when I call” (Tehilim 27:7).

Eliezer (Avraham’s servant) had kushiyot about Avraham Avinu – You are sending me to bring a match for Yitzchak from Saddam Hussein, where are you sending me?  To take a bride from Saddam Hussein, the daughter of Betuel?  Because Betuel was [like] Saddam Hussein of our days.  Betuel was the king of Haran.  Therefore, Eliezer had tremendous kushiyot – how can you send me to a place where everyone has a Xiaomi [a non-kosher device].

Rashi says that in Haran, there were no kosher girls.  They were all improper, flawed, wicked, and corrupt.  But about Rivka, it says, “No man had known her” (Bereishit 24:16).

Eliezer asked Avraham: How will I find the kosher girl?  How will I check her?  What will I do?

Avraham answered him: No, you will go, and “My angel will go before you” (Shemot 32:34), because wherever a person goes, angels go before him.

Betuel wanted to poison Eliezer, but the plates were switched, and they did not see that the plates had been switched.  They thought that Eliezer ate the poison.

They thought to themselves:  If Eliezer ate the poison, then how did Betuel die?  This they already did not understand!   They knew that there is sorcery — Bilam was a sorcerer, but one person eats poison and the other would die…  They said to him, “Take the girl and go away from here.  Flee from here.  We don’t want to see you in Haran anymore.”  They simply kicked him out in shame.  He had ten camels, and he put Rivka on the camels.

So they took me to Kerestir (northeast Hungary), and from then on, everything here is really working out.  It has become a new world here.

We continued from there to the Yismach Moshe.  After this, we travelled for twenty minutes on the musical road.  There is a road there where the car travels and [the road] plays music on the tires of the car.  The Rebbe says that the main thing is niggunim (holy melodies) – “Then Moshe and the Children of Israel sang” (Shemot 15:1).

The entire matter of Rabbeinu is only niggunim.  Rabbeinu says, “Then Moshe and the Children of Israel sang” – everything is only through niggunim.

The niggunim raise up the prayer.  You need to sing niggunim before the prayer and also after the prayer.  “Then Moshe and the Children of Israel sang.”  “Come and sing from the peak of Amanah” (Shir HaShirim 4:8).  Then we remove the entire world from heresy.

Through niggunim, it is possible to remove the entire planet earth from heresy.  The more that we sing niggunim and songs, so there will be the complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen.

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