What Should a Bachur Do During Bein HaZmanin – The Daily Chizzuk with Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk of Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a – “Dancing and Niggunim bring close the far away”

Monday, 21 Sivan 5782

These are his holy words:

You can speak with secular [Jews] to explain to them that there is Hashem in the world, to show to the most secular [Jew] Hashem.  A person needs to show to the most secular [Jew] that there is Hashem in the world.

The Rebbe says in [Likutey Moharan] Torah 64 – “Then Moshe will sing” (Shemot 6:1), through niggunim (holy melodies) we bring [people] back in teshuva (repentance).

Therefore, Iyov says, “My harp has turned for mourning, my flute to the sound of weepers” (Iyov 30:31), because the entire mistake of Noach was “a torch of scorn to the one who is complacent in his thoughts!  He is destined to be among those whose feet slip” (ibid. 12:5) – he would scorn them [instead of drawing them close with niggunim and dancing], he would come with torches.

Breishit (In the beginning) – [the same letters as] BRA TaYiSh (created the goat)

What is Breishit?  Breishit is BRA TaYiSh!  Like the Rebbe says, that a person needs to know that the first thing is dancing.

Before everything is dancing.  The first thing is dancing.  Bara Tayish – like a tayish/goat leaps.

It’s written in Iyov that the generation of the flood, that when they were born they began to dance.  The first thing is to make a dance.  Once, everyone were Breslovers.  Then, when the baby was born, he was still attached to the umbilical cord and already was dancing.

During Bein HaZmanim (the break period), we learn twice as much

The Rebbe said that during bein hazmanim, we learn twice as much.

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Now there will be bein hazmanim for an entire month – learn twice as much.  There’s no pressure.  The bachur (young yeshiva student) is without pressure.

If he goes during the time [that the yeshiva is in session] to Meron, the Mashgiach (educational mentor of the yeshiva) asks him if the trip was easy…  “Then why did you travel to Meron?  Now you’re tired!  You fall asleep during the learning schedule!”

But in bein hazmanim, there’s no one to scream at him.  In bein hazmanim, no one screams at him.  His mother doesn’t scream.  [She] places for him a slice of cake with a cup of tea, a slice of cake with a cup of coffee.

You get a boiling hot cup of coffee and a slice of cake – sit at home, open the Gemara.  Read about Yosef HaTzaddik, read about the goblet, read about how Serach revealed to Yaakov that Yosef was alive.

The Baal HaTurim says that they put Serach in excommunication.  This isn’t for no reason: she revealed to Yaakov that Yosef was alive.  Then they put her in excommunication.  How [could] you reveal such a thing?

You reveal that Yosef is alive – Aba will put all of us to death [for selling him]!

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