When David Rose at Chatzos, All Jerusalem Rose with Him — R’ Berland to Famous Doctor

Rabbi Eliezer Berland's recent letter to a famous doctor who treated him

King David
King David's tomb

A new letter from our Rebbe, Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a to the famous doctor who treated him.

To…who is famous all over the world, peace and blessings.

To…dear and adored.  In this parasha [at the time, Shelach], we learn, “If Hashem desires us, and brought us to this land, and gave to us the land which is flowing with milk and honey” (Bamidbar 14:8).  In any case, you merited, because there is no one like you in the entire land, and in all the things that you do, you should always see blessing in all the work of your hands.

They ask about the gatherer [of wood]: Where in the desert was there vegetation and grasses from which to gather wood?

Rather, it’s written in the Midrash (Shir HaShirim 4:13) that Miriam’s well would grow for them gardens and orchards, and in parashas Chukas, the well disappeared; immediately all the gardens and orchards dried up.

And you, your name… merited to gardens and orchards, and phenomenal wealth.

And this is what’s written in Targum Yehonatan (Ki Tavo 28), that even when our merit ends, the merit of our forefathers never ends.  Because Rav Safra, who spoke truth in his heart, the lion couldn’t eat his donkey, and he also didn’t want to eat from the tongue, and Rava ate (Chulin 133a).

Rav Berland in house visit
Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a

Because Rava is the initial letters of — “Lot and his property, the son of Avram’s brother” (Breisheis 14:12).  Therefore, Rava was in Bavel, and there he opened a yeshiva for all residents of Bavel, because by Raba there were sixty calamities and by Rav Chisda they would give fine flour [even] to the dogs (Moed Katan 28a).

Because Eliyahu HaNavi, numerical value Kelev (dog) (Etz Chaim Shaar 48, ch. 4), came to rectify the klipah of the dog.  Therefore, when Eliyahu HaNavi comes to town, dogs laugh (Baba Kama 60b).  Therefore, Rav Nachman said that [if the buyer] seized the fruit and consumed it, we do not take its value from him (Baba Metzia 66b), because stam “Rav Nachman” is the son-on-law of the house of the Nasi, who was the wealthiest person in the city.

Because a person comes to the world to unite the sun and the moon, like King Chezekiah did, and all night everyone would learn Torah, like King David did when he would rise at Chatzos, and because of this, all Jerusalem would rise at Chatzos, because they heard that David rose — immediately everyone rose.

The Chazon Ish writes the the blessing of the sabbatical year continues also after the destruction [of the Temple].  The blessing which Hashem promises of three years is also after the destruction, when the Temple doesn’t exist, when we fulfill the mitzvah of the sabbatical year, “And it will be on that day, every place where there was a thousand vines for a thousand silver pieces, will be thorns and weeds.  With arrows and bow, one will go there, because the entire land will be thorns and weeds (Yeshayahu 7:23-4).

With love and the blessing of the Torah

Eliezer Berland

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