Who Didn’t Give Up on the Trip to Hevron Even at the Price of His Life – Daily Shiur

The Daily Shiur by Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, from Thursday, the night of 9 Shevat, Parshat Bo, after Maariv:

The Torah says, “Who and who are going.”  [The Ba’al HaTurim says this is the numerical value of] “bin Nun and Kalev” ben Yefuneh, because Kalev ben Yefuneh merited to more than anyone, because he went to prostrate himself on the graves of the Patriarchs, and every day he travelled to Hevron.  He never missed prostrating himself in Hevron in his life.  Every day, he travelled to Hevron.  Therefore, he received the city of Hevron; he received it as a gift.  And therefore, the exile continues for 1,900 years, because Hashem shortened it by 190.  “The end of all flesh has come before Me” – “the end (קץ)” of all flesh is 190.  Hashem shortened it by 190.  And now, because of this, we are paying ten times this, over 1,900.

Now, all of us are in exile.  Every day, ten Jews are killed, all because all the smartphones have not yet been smashed.  We need to smash the smartphone and the Xiaomi now.  Every girl should go with a dress which extends to the ankles.  If not, every day another hundred Jews will be killed and another hundred Jews.  Now, they want to continue the war in the north.  Every day in the north, another hundred Jews are killed, and they don’t know when this will end.  They are saying perhaps on Passover this will end.  200,000 people thrown out of their houses.  They are without clothes, without night clothes, without shoes, go about in rooms two meters by two meters, with ten kids.  All because the girls do not lengthen their dresses until the ankles, because it is forbidden to see the leg.

Because Michal screamed at David, “How did this happen, that they saw your leg?”  She screamed at him, insulted him, screamed at him with such screams that David was completely crushed.  She said to him, “By my father, I never saw his legs in my life.”  Legs are not supposed to be seen – there is no such thing as seeing legs; this is the foundation of Judaism.  This is the foundation which everyone knows, the whole world knows this.  Even the gentiles know this, that it is forbidden to see the legs, neither of a woman nor of a man.

As long as a person goes with short pants, or a dress not [reaching] to the ankles, another hundred Jews are killed, and another hundred Jews.  Bezrat Hashem, in the merit of the girls lengthening their dresses, the war will end, and the complete redemption will come speedily in our days, Amen!

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