Who Merits to See the Temple Today? – Daily Shiur with Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlita

The Daily Shiur with our Rebbe Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlita, from Monday night, 26 Tammuz 5782, parashat Masa’ey, after Ma’ariv – “If a person merits to be ain (nothingness), he can eliminate the entire sitra achra (evil forces)!”

How to leave the Land of Canaan and to enter the Land of Israel?

Jerusalem and the Temple were not burned!

These are his holy words:

Buki ben Yagli, because everything was revealed (galui) before him, all the secrets, the upper springs and the lower springs.

Because Achsa [the daughter of Calev ben Yefuneh, the tribal prince of Yehuda and one of the spies who didn’t slander the Land of Israel; married Otniel ben Kenaz — see Yehoshua 15; Shoftim 1] asked her father for water.  In the Negev there isn’t water.  From Beer Sheva and southwards, there’s no water.  So he made for her upper springs and lower springs.  He said:  He whom what is above and below is revealed before him, and he sees from one end of the world to the other, he conquered Kiryat Sefer, he was king for forty years – prince.  He’s buried in Ma’arat HaMachpelah, which reaches until Otniel ben Kenaz.

You all need to travel tonight to Otniel ben Kenaz.  This is connected to Ma’arat HaMachpelah.

Avner ben Ner is found inside the cave mamash, and he is the one who freed Yoav after Yoav took him in the fifth rib [e.g. he stabbed him in the fifth rib].  Then he lived another five minutes.  He grabbed Yoav, and then everyone cried before him, “Let him go,” and he released him.

Therefore, he is buried mamash next to Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, because he is on the level of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, like Yael (Shoftim 5:24) – “Yael is blessed by women…by women in the tent will she be blessed” = gemartia 1100.  Because Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah (gematria 1100) came in ibur [lit. pregnancy – a sort of spiritual channeling/incarnation] in Yael.  That Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah, and also David, because also David came in ibur in her.

A person needs to pray that David will come in ibur into him.  Then he can say Tehilim all day.  If David came in ibur in him, he can pray all day like David.

Yael, who merited that David came in ibur in her, and through this she stabbed Sisra – because it’s possible that a person doesn’t wake up.  They’re stabbing a person, and he must wake up.

Yael stabbed Sisra only in his temple and there was a miracle – “At her feet, he knelt, he fell, he lay.  At her feet he knelt, he fell; where he knelt, there he fell, vanquished (shadud)” (ibid 5:27).  Shadud is the angel Mem-Tet.  He sent the angel Mem-Tet, and this is “Sisra’s mother sobbed” (ibid 28), when a mother cries, even an Arab woman, even a terrorist woman like Sisra’s mother who was from Hamas, but she cried.  That she cried, that she managed to cry, they’re crying for 3,000 years for the cries that she put out.

“Sisra’s mother sobbed (vateyabev)” – “vateyabev” – it’s written in Sefer Karnayim that this is the peg, that she saw her [Yael] walking with the peg.  They had screens then.  They weren’t retards like today.  They had screens with satellites.  They would see everything that happens in the battlefield – who’s firing an arrow, who’s throwing a spear, who’s throwing a sword.  Sisra’s mother knows that Yael is walking with a peg. Then she prayed; she intended [in her prayer] for the peg to be thrust into her heart, into her head, but instead of it being thrust into her, she saw that Sisra wasn’t returning.

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“And if not [ain]” (Shemot 32:32).  Moshe said, someone will come and say “ain,” because she merited to be ain/nothingness, because if a person merits to be nothingness, he can eliminate the entire sitra achra (evil forces).

And this is the entire spiritual service of the Three Weeks, to turn the Land of Canaan into the Land of Israel.

“Moshe sent them to spy out the Land of Canaan” (Bamidbar 13:17).  This is still the Land of Canaan.  What is the Land of Canaan?

The Land of Canaan is the time that the Erev Rav (mixed multitude) rule over it.  And before the year 6,000, for 28 years, there will be here their kingdom.  Edom will come and rule for nine months, and [people] will need to flee to the deserts, they’ll kill everyone here.  This will be in another 190 years.

Now this was the Erev Rav, that we need to eliminate their rule.  This is only through the Three Weeks, that we rise at Chatzot [to say Tikkun Chatzot], both during the day and night.  Then we eliminate them, then we see the Temple mamash, because the Temple wasn’t burned, and Jerusalem wasn’t burned.  All the houses that they built now are on the houses of David and Shlomo.  We are living now in the houses of David and Shlomo.

Whoever says Tikkun Chatzot – “If you paint your eyes with mascara” (Yirmiyahu 4:30), will see the Temple built, the Temple built on its foundations.

That we should merit to a complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen.

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