Why Do You Need to Get Married? – The Daily Chizzuk with Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Daily Chizzuk with our Rebbe, the Gaon and Tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a – “You receive the mochin by way of your wife.”

Tuesday, 8 Sivan 5782

These are his holy words:

Why does a person have to get married?

A person receives the mochin [supernal mentalities/mind] only by way of his wife – “with this, Aharon may enter the sanctuary” (Vayikra 16:3).  “This” is one’s wife – if he’s not married, it’s forbidden for him to enter the sanctuary.

A person receives all the mochin by way of the mochin of his wife.  Then he receives the mochin.  If not, he doesn’t receive any mind.  He doesn’t develop.

Channah’s prayer to merit to the light of Mashiach

The light of Mashiach, because now we’re bringing in the light of Mashiach, “May He give power to His king and raise the pride of His anointed one (Mashiach) (II Shmuel 2:10) – the light of Mashiach which was through Channah.

Channah wanted to draw the light of Mashiach.  Channah prays for the light of Mashiach.  “May He give power to His king and raise the pride of His anointed one” — everything that Channah prayed was for the light of Mashiach.

“May [Hashem] judge to the ends of the earth; may He give power to His king and raise the pride of His anointed one” – that the entire prayer of Channah was to merit to the light of Mashiach.

Why there isn’t a fifth cup on Seder night?

So why don’t we make a fifth cup [on Seder night] opposite “I will bring”?  [Since there are five languages of redemption and only four cups, and “I will bring” is the fifth language of redemption.]  Because “I will bring” is only Mashiach.

“I will take” is possible, but the language of “I will bring” we don’t drink.  This is the cup of Eliyahu HaNavi.

“I will bring” is parashat V’Era, “with drums and with dances.”  There is “I will take out; I will rescue; I will redeem; I will take.”  However, “I will bring” has no cup.  “I will take” is Eliyahu HaNavi – this is only in the coming future.

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Even though we came and there was an exile – this was canceled out – the question was canceled out.  After this, we came a second time – another time this was canceled out.

“I will bring” is only in the coming future.  Therefore, the cup of Eliyahu HaNavi will only be drunk in the coming future.  Now, it’s still not possible to drink it, but “I took” is possible.

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