Old recording of Rav Berland teaching Rebbe Nachman about accepting insult:

“The Rebbe says that in the merit of those who accept upon themselves disgrace, in their merit people are saved from getting killed. It says in Likutei Moharan that when a person accepts an insult lovingly, he saves tens and hundreds of Jews from getting killed. To accept an insult lovingly is the same thing as a person protecting a thousand Jews. It says in Likutei Moharan torah 260, that when a person lovingly accepts on himself insult and disgrace it is the exact same thing as a person going to die for the sanctification of Hashems name, it’s the exact same thing, when a person lovingly accepts on himself insult he can save the entire Jewish People. The Rebbe says, that these are the tzaddikim that willingly and lovingly accept insult that come their way, and there are those who are insulted against their will, they also sweeten the judgements, they also save tens of people. But those who accept it with LOVE, those that [go even further and] at every moment are looking for insult and disgrace, they are saving ALL OF AM YISRAEL, not hundreds and thousands, they are saving ALL OF AM YISRAEL. A regular person is afraid of getting insulted, because he doesn’t know that through every single insult which he is insulted he merits rising up ten levels. The Rebbe brings here in torah 260, that the greatest yichud is when a person accepts insult with love, it is the same yichud that is done though getting killed, but every time a person is insulted it happens again [so it’s even greater than getting killed once and it’s over]. There are many different levels, the Rebbe says, some people don’t want to be insulted but when they are, they don’t answer back, that is also a level. But there are those who do all different kinds of tricks in order that they should be insulted. The students want an explanation! They ask ‘why are you causing all this machlokes on yourself!?’ ‘It’s hard for us!’ so he says ‘It’s your life insurance, it would be harder for you to be blown up in a terrorist attack or end up missing an eye, who knows what would happen to you.’ The big tzaddim would seek all different ways in order that people should insult them, any possible way that people should persecute them, that is how they save thousands and thousands, and they cancel all of the decrees, they save the entire nation. This is what the Zohar says that the greatest thing is to die for the sanctification of Hashems name, and the Rebbe adds that this is what happens when a person takes all of the insult on himself, he does things in order that the disgrace should only continue, even if they are saying about him things which he never did, they are spreading a terrible blood libel against him, so he accepts it even more joyfully, the Zohar says that the tzaddikim that accept on themselves to die for the sanctification of Hashems name, they feel tremendous pleasure in it, as Rabi Akivah who’s flesh was combed with iron combs, Hashem says [to Moshe when asked about it] “Silence! This is what entered into the primordial mind”, meaning these are the souls of Silence the tzaddikim that entered into the mind of Hashem before the world was created [as is taught that the souls of the greatest tzaddikim were created before the world in order for the world to have a chance to survive].  “

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