Why has Rabbi Berland Disappeared?

Rabbi Berland on the dais at the Beit HaRav

Why Rabbi Berland Disappeared

A few days’ ago, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, left his home in Jerusalem in the middle of the night, to go to an unknown destination. He was brought into a car together with a number of suitcases that were full of holy seforim.

In the meantime, the Rav’s many students and followers were left in a state of suspense, wondering why Rabbi Berland had suddenly disappeared, and what it all portended.

Yesterday evening, the mystery was cleared up: Rabbi Berland recorded a very moving message for his followers, where he explained that his health is extremely frail at the moment, and that he needed to have a few days of totally uninterrupted rest.

Rabbi Berland explained:

“You will be by yourselves for a few days, because the Rav can’t get around on leg, which has simply moved out of its place. The Rav also can’t breathe as he should, and requires a few days of recuperation.

‘Those whose hope is in Hashem, their strength will be renewed, and they will rise up like eagles, they will run and they won’t tire, they will continue and not get exhausted.’

“There are doctors and nurses in this place with me who are taking care of me.”

In the recording, Rabbi Berland, shlita, told us that we should strengthen ourselves over the coming days, and be strict about coming to all the tefillot (prayers), and also to say the Shmona Esrei prayers slowly for a minimum of 20 minutes, and to recite them carefully, word by word.

He continued:

“In the prayer rofeh holim (to heal the sick), people should have the maximum intention to focus on the healing of the Rav, so that he can continue for another 70 years from this days, and so that the Rav will recover as quickly as possible.

“The legs are emuna (faith). The Rav already had one leg in the next world, and he got to the hospital at the last possible moment. The Rav’s kidney had stopped working, and it was only with great difficulty that his heart was working,” explained Rabbi Berland.

In conclusion, Rabbi Berland, shlita, spoke about the enormous pain he’s experiencing from the enormous debts that the Yeshiva was forced to undertake throughout the last few years.

The repayments for the creditors are now falling due, and they are demanding their repayments.

In light of this, Rabbi Berland made a plea for his followers to help pay off the debt, by signing up to do a monthly horaat kever for Shuvu Banim or 148 shekels a month, per person – the gematria of ‘Nachman’.

The Rav also requested for his followers to try to encourage at least 10 more people to also agree to support the yeshiva at this time.

You can hear the recording for yourself in the original Hebrew, below:

      תרומות לבית הרב ברלנד


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