Why the Road to Uman Closed

Rabbi Mota Frank relates what Rabbi Moshe Brandsdorfer told him in the name of the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe. Uman is closed because of the machkoles against Rabbi Berland. A Message to Breslov Chassidim.

Rabbi Mota Frank in Uman

Rabbi Mota Frank Shlit”a, one of the greatest mashpiim of Breslov, comes out in a sharp message from the holy Admor of Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Shlit”a and from Rabbi Moshe Brandsdorfer Shlit”a, Av Beis Din of Heichel Hora’a Yerushalayim – Why the Corona in Israel Began and Why the road to Uman got closed, “I was not in heaven. I speak from the feelings of my heart. They took an 83-year-old Jew who opened the path to Uman and put him in jail.”

“The barriers to Uman started happening two years ago [before covid19 began], then already problems at the borders started, but we did not realize that it was a hint from Shomayim and Hashem is trying to wake us up. The Machlokes that took an 83-year-old Jew, Rabbi Berland, who opened the Tzion of Rebbe Nachman and put him in jail maybe that is what caused that Shomayim is not allowing us into Uman”.


The full translation of his fiery words:

“The barriers to Uman started happening two years ago, then already problems at the borders started. Everyone who came to the borders would get sent back, but they didn’t realize that it was a hint from shomayim; “Guys! We are trying to wake you up!”

“Then problems began happening at the tzion of Rebbe Nachman in middle of the year, people were concerned what will be by Rosh Hashana, and they did all different kinds of actions and preparations in order that the road will remain open.

“Last year, they gave us another year, but all the controversy and talk continued – I was not in heaven, I’m not going to say clear things, but Breslov is facing a difficult reality today, everything has to be taken with a cheshbon nefesh. I am not coming to give musar to anyone “I came to talk about myself, what I did not do right over the past year, what wrong thoughts have I had.”

“You told an 83-year-old Jew to be in prison, to be locked up – so you are also locked up.”

“You locked him up, you caused that he, Rabbi Berland, a man who did a lot for the Zion of Rebbe Nachman. Those ungrateful ones will answer me now: ‘What? Rav Berland didn’t do anything’. There are those who actually say that. They are like the deniers of the holocaust. They say, ‘The opposite, he just messed things up’. But from Shomayim they are saying, ‘What you don’t want to be grateful? The person did so much for so many years!’

“You have arguments against him, you have complaints with him, that’s your business, but even in dispute there is a way to disagree.”

“I met Rabbi Moshe Brandsopher on Friday, he told me, what is happening to you Breslovers? Are you all so blind? There was a mess with Corona. They said: ‘It has nothing to do with us, it is a mess all over the world’. But Corona came exactly when you caused R’ Laizer Berland to go to jail. ‘It has nothing to do with us!’ Hashem comes and tells you: ‘Now I will show it to you even closer’. ”

“Not only did He take some souls from you, some important people, Rabbi Carmel and other Breslov mashpiim passed away suddenly …, He tried to arouse you; ‘You do not understand? Ok, so I will close Uman. Now do you understand?! Now do you realize that it is all happening for you?!’

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He asked me, “What do they not understand?”

“He told me that he spoke with the Rebbe of Toldos Avraham Yitzchak. He asked the Rebbe what was going on in the world? The Rebbe of Avraham Yitzchak replied: “The time of redemption is awakening, and just as exile was due to sinas chinam, the Sitra Achra now arouses sinas chinam in order to spoil the geula.”

“Rabbi Brandsdorfer asked the Rebbe if there is more sinas chinam today than ever before?”

“The Rebbe from Toldos Avraham Yitzchak answered: Yes, and I will give you 2 examples, the story of Rabbi Steinman, and the story of Rabbi Berland. There was controversy in all of Israel, but there is a way to make a machlokes. “You are allowed to go your own way, and strengthen the one who goes your own way, but to take mochlokes against the other in the most severe languages that can be, and humiliate him at the most severe level, that does not strengthen your path.”

Rav Mota continues; “’You humiliate the other, it is sinas chinam’, says Rabbi Brandsdorfer, a well-respected Rabbi and posek. But in fact there is a good hint here from our holy Rebbe Reb Nachman. Rabeinu has high teachings, he brings the Gemara with Rabbi Eliezer who was asked if he likes the suffering. There is already anguish and suffering, and Hashem says to him: If you find that the suffering is not likeable to you then I will take them away from you. ”

“Our Rebbe here implies: First thing, do not speak any words against anyone. If you have already failed? They already closed Uman on you? You cannot go out now? Accept on yourself a thought of teshuva, regret, each person about his affairs, ‘why did I think badly of the other? Why did I speak badly of the other? Why did I do bad things for the other?”

“This matter of injustice …, it is one of the greatest injustices there is, we need ahavas chinam instead of sinas chinam, especially when it comes to Kibbutz in Uman.”

“Our Rebbe calls it a kibbutz, a kibbutz from the term ‘gathering’, it is not just a gathering of people, it is not a reunion of friends, it is a gathering of dispersed of Israel. To gather with all the outcasts, with all the broken, with all the distant ones. ”

“This year you wanted to be alone in Uman, now you are alone. Everyone with their own minyan and no one wants to be included with the other, if it’s for convenience then fine, but if it involves a feeling of separation, it is the opposite of all essence of ‘kibbutz’.”

“Rebbe Nachman brings in Likutei Moharan., the idea of the spice called Chelbona. While everyone can say that every chassidus or group has its own Chelbona, okay, but let there be no hatred, let there not be separation of hearts, because it is the opposite of all the Rosh Hashanah tikkunim. ”

“The Rebbe is saying: ‘What do you want from me? Why are you coming to me?’ It’s true, I do not know what Rabeinu is saying, but I’m speaking in the way Rabeinu speaks, I’m saying what is written in Likutei Moharan. Learn Torah 13 “The Kibbutz of Rosh Hashanah”, all these Torahs and more, it is clear that the matter of Rosh Hashanah is inclusion and coming together in union, love, affection, and peace and harmony. That through these ingredients the Tzaddik has power to raise us up and do tikkunim.

“But, if God forbid you do not want to be included, and vice versa, you make machlokes, you cause separations, Rabeinu asks ‘What do you want? You do not give me an opportunity to deal with the tikkunim of Rosh Hashanah! I asked you to come to make a dispute here?!’ This is the most serious crime! That is why Ana”sh always said, that there was a tradition in Breslov that whoever makes machlokes in Breslov passes away, rachmana litzlan. ”

“They saw this in all kinds of situations, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak said. Certainly if it came down from shomayim on Tuesday parshas ki savo, ki savo l’Uman, that we are already half a month into Elul. Half a month from when we need to be in Uman, with all the inyanim of Rosh Hashana and Erev Rosh Hashana, the desire to meditate on teshuva and say I do not desire these things, I regret the thoughts and words and deeds I have done…, give me strength not to repeat it. ”

“God examines the kidneys and the heart, and with these thoughts of repentance, let us hope that they will cause all the ways to open, b’ezras Hashem.”

listen to the original message in Hebrew:

“We need to learn Rav Berland’s Torah” – Amshinover Rebbe

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