With a Letter of the Torah, It’s Possible to Get the Whole World to do Teshuva — Daily Chizzuk

Rav Berland

The Daily Chizzuk of our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a — All the criminal are doing teshuva

Tuesday, 17 Sivan 5783 — A great miracle, the missiles were supposed to kill masses of people, has v’shalom

These are his holy words:

During the First Temple period, they didn’t use letters in the form that we use today.  The letters of a Torah scroll are in Ashuri script.  This is a clear and square script.  Rather, they used cuneiform, [or] a script like Rashi, but not this script.  This was still forbidden, because anyone who would write with this script would be burned on the spot.  A fire would come out and burn him.

All of this is written in tractate Megilah, that the infants would be involved in the chashmal [electrum, or the “speaking silence”] and a fire came out and burned them.  Chashmal comes out from the letters; therefore, we only say the letters.

With one letter of the Torah, it’s possible to return the whole world in teshuva (repentance) — all the criminals are doing teshuva.

Out of 1,200 missiles, two people were killed — there’s no such thing as this in the world.  At least 1,200 people were supposed to be killed.  Every missile is supposed to kill at least 10 people.  There’s no such thing as this in the whole world.

In the Gulf War, they launched 100 missiles — 50 fell in the sea, the remainder caused houses to collapse, but no one was killed.  In the end, everyone said, these missiles are faulty, no-good, therefore, no one was killed.  Just as they said that these missiles were no-good, a missile fell on Saudi Arabia, on the American headquarters, and killed 300 people.

Everyone remembers this.  It was in 5751 (1991), exactly 32 years ago.  Someone who today is the age of 40, was then an 8-year-old child.  They launch 1234 missiles at the the Jewish people, and no missile kills a person.

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