#1367 Chanuka: A new start and defeating the yetzer hara

Rabbi Berland’s Chanuka Prayer #1367 For A New Start And Defeating The Yetzer Hara

‘A prayer before lighting the Hanukah candles and before we receive the new lights of Rosh Chodesh’

Master of the world who can do anything, may I merit before lighting the Hanukah candles, to have intention to light the light of the soul, and to ignite the soul with precious lights, from the ten Sefirot from Keter to Malchut, because the Hanukah candles include the three unifications of ner (250), havaya (26) and ekieh (21), havaya elokim (112), havaya adni (91) = ner (250).

And like the Ramchal writes, that Moshe prayed 515 prayers, because within the 515 prayers are included all of the unifications which are written in the Siddur of the Arizal.

Because in each and every Hanukah in each and every year, there begins a completely new beginning, a beginning that there never was before, which can’t even be found in the three Festivals, because there is nothing like the festival of Hanukah in the rest of the Festivals.

Because the three Festivals are on account of us leaving Egypt, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are days of forgiveness and repentance, and fixing our traits and actions.

Whereas the days of Hanukah are days of victory of the Yetzer Tov over the Yetzer Hara, because two times Hanukah = 178, Gan Eden +1 = 178 because then we enter with our bodies into Gan Eden +1 = 178.

And therefore we have the intention in lighting the candles to ignite the light of the soul until it completely nullifies its reality and remains just a soul alone.


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  1. I said this prayer (appropriately modified for Noahides) before lighting the candles tonight. My 7-year-old daughter immediately piped up and asked if she could light the candles, which she had not been interested in doing before.

    When she lit the candles, they each flared twice as tall and bright as they normally do.


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