Rabbi Mizrachi: My son’s recovery was in the merit of Rav Berland

Rav Berland's blessing heals a deaf boy
Rav Mizrachi explains how a blessing from Rav Berland healed his son

Rav Natan Mizrachi explains how Rav Berland’s bracha helped his son

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“I didn’t understand that my son’s recovery was really only in the merit of the Gaon and the Tzaddik, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita,” begins Rav Natan Mizrachi. “And so we had to go around in a lot of different circles until he was properly healed. Because of what happened to us, I decided to publicize the medical miracle that happened to my family.

“When he was three years old, we started to realize that our son, Nachman, wasn’t speaking the way he should have been, at that age, and that’s how we realized that he didn’t seem to be hearing properly.

‘Your son needs an operation’

“Before we got to that stage, Nachman always used to suffer from a lot of mucus, which used to cause a lot of painful ear infections. We took him to a doctor who told us that we needed to do an operation to give him grommets. This was happening exactly around the time that the Rav returned to Israel.

“I wrote the Rav a note, and he immediately sent me some drops. The Rav told me to drip them into my son’s ears every hour, and then the infection would disappear. I really did exactly what the Rav, shlita, told me, and Nachman was healed.

Sadly, I didn’t realize at that time that we’d just had a big miracle.

We attributed the improvement to the ‘magic drops’

“Instead, we started attributing my son’s recovery to all sorts of different things, and I even contacted the Rav’s gabbai, without the Rav knowing, to ask him to give us more drops. We thought that it was those important, ‘natural’ drops that were responsible for Nachman’s healing.

“But in practice, when we started to put these new drops that I’d got without the Rav’s knowledge in his ears, the infection immediately came back, and was even worse than before.

“At this stage, we took Nachman to a naturopathic doctor who charged us a lot of money for his initial examination, and also for all the medicine he said was required to treat the problem. We continued with his approach for a number of months – but it didn’t help.

Let’s just do the operation…

“After another conversation with the doctor, he suggested that we should try a different medicine, but by this point I was so despairing I said to my wife: ‘I don’t think it’s going to work. Let’s just go and do the operation that they told us to do at the beginning.’

The whole time, I was praying for my son to be healed. Before we actually agreed to the operation, I went back to the Rav to ask him what was the right thing to do. It’s important to mention here, again, that at the start the child had been healed by the Rav’s drops, and that we hadn’t understood that this was a miracle.

“The whole time, I’d still been sending the Rav one note after another, but he didn’t respond. But as soon as I came to ask him about the operation, the Rav immediately replied. I asked him about what we should do. I told him that we were giving the child medical drops as per the advice of this particular doctor, but that they weren’t working. Should we continue with this doctor, or go and have the operation?

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The mucous simply disappeared

Moranu the Rav, shlita, simply gave us more drops, and I was really happy about this, because I already knew that from here, our salvation would come. As soon as I got home, I started to do the treatment that the Rav had told us to do. Already by the morning, there wasn’t even a trace of mucous.

“The first time, it had come and gone, and then got even worse, but now, it totally disappeared. My son woke up in the morning very happy, and he told my wife: ‘Ima, I can hear the kettle making a loud noise.” His ears had simply healed and opened up. By the time I finished the bottle of drops, the infections were completely a thing of the past.

“This strengthened my emuna tremendously,” continues Rav Mizrachi. “This was an open miracle that was contrary to the laws of nature. I went to my son’s Rebbe in the Talmud Torah and I told him that after all the other things we’d tried, only the Rav’s drops had really helped.

“The Rebbe was very happy, because he’d been responsible for dealing with all of Nachman’s mucous during the school day.” Rabbi Mizrachi concludes:

“You see that the rules of nature really change when you come to the Tzaddik, and this strengthens your belief in your prayers a great deal.”

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