A new message from Rabbi Berland

A new message from Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita.

Shortly before this past Shabbat (March 20, 2020), Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, spoke with one of the senior rabbis at Shuvu Banim, and asked him to give over the following important message to Am Yisrael, in order to sweeten the decree of the Coronavirus, bezrat Hashem.

“In the holy land there are already 700 people who are sick with Coronavirus, and by Shabbat kodesh, there will already be 1,000, Hashem should have mercy,”

Said Rabbi Berland, before Shabbat.

To our sorrow, the numbers continue to rise.

Rabbi Berland then continued:

“The Rav is obligated to go to war against the Coronavirus with all of his strength, and he needs the help of ANSH (the wider community).”

In order to help Rabbi Berland, we need to strengthen ourselves in the following two matters:

  • To recite the Tikkun HaKlali 7 times a day.
  • To recite the ‘song’ of the stones on the choshen every day.

אֹדֶם פִּטְדָה וּבָרֶקֶת נֹפֶךְ סַפִּיר, וְיָהֲלֹם לֶשֶׁם שְׁבוֹ, וְאַחְלָמָה תַּרְשִׁישׁ וְשֹׁהַם, וְיָשְׁפֵה

Odem, pitdah, baraket, nofech, sapir, yahalom, leshem, shvo, achlamah, tarshish, shoham and yashpeh.

The Rav also requested that the daughters of Israel, and especially the women who are part of the kehilla, should strengthen themselves in the matter of tzniut (modesty), with all of their strength.

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  1. HI,

    I wrote a melody to the SONG of the stones; anybody interested? It is really easy to remember this way, you can sing it any time of day, even your kids can remember the words and the tune. I am not sure there is another song out there with the names of the stones. You want, ask for it.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t know that the Rav also has a tune, just found out from True Tzaddikim website. If you want mine too, please say so; I think it’s easier to remember because of the tune ( good for kids), and besides, it’s sort of nice. Anybody interested?


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