A prayer in every home

Rabbi Berland sitting with other rabbis

Put a prayer in every home

In recent months, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, has spoken a great deal about the importance of distributing the prayers that he writes himself, as segulot to bring down miracles and salvations, to as many people as possible.

Last week, the week of Parshat Behar 5779, Rabbi Berland wrote a short note where he underlined the importance of more people getting access to these prayers. The Rav explained that he had founded the “Shuvu Banim Nechamat Zion” yeshiva for this purpose, which includes the “Tiferet Zion” organization which is specifically devoted to printing the Rav’s prayers and distributing them.

Rabbi Berland wrote:

Be strong and strengthen other

Distribute all of the prayers from Tiferet Zion, until there won’t be a house in all of the nation of Israel that won’t have a prayer from the Rav.

In the merit of Rabbenu HaKadosh, the holy and awesome Rebbe, and in the merit of the holy, pure Torah.

Your faithful servant,

Eliezer Berland

[Rabbi Eliezer ben Etia]

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