The ‘aura’ around Rav Berland is captured on film

Rav Berland's aura is captured on video
The aura around Rav Berland is captured on film.


A remarkable video has recently been made public, showing a highly unusual white light surrounding Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, as he gave over his Torah lesson on L’ag B’omer, 5777 (Sunday, May 14th, 2017).

The video was filmed using a top-quality video camera and equipment, and filmed Rav Berland giving over a 20 minute class from his hotel room at the Hadassah hospital hotel on motzae Shabbat, to thousands of his followers who had gathered at the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai at Meron, to celebrate L’ag B’omer.

At approximately the 17 minute mark, the room is suddenly flooded by a brilliant, blinding light, which then lasts for around three minutes, until the end of the recording.

A powerful white light envelops the Rav, as he gave over his shiur on L’ag B’Omer, from the Hadassah hotel.

The light had a number of unusual features, including the fact that it suddenly appeared at nighttime, only illuminated the upper section of the room where the Rav was standing, and didn’t also appear on the cameraman (who can be seen on film checking the equipment at the very end of the clip.)

This is not the first time that the unusual aura surrounding the Rav has been captured on film. A little while ago, Attorney Ephraim Dimri, who was one of the lawyers who arranged the Rav’s recent plea bargain, shared a number of the miracles he’d witnessed while visiting Rav Berland, shlita, in prison.

Attorney Dimri recounted:

One day, the prison commandant asked me to view some of the footage from the prison CCTV with him. He showed me how the Rav, shlita, is always surrounded by a hila, or aura or light. This is all true! The commandant thought that maybe the CCTV was malfunctioning, because it’s a very advanced piece of equipment, and he couldn’t understand what that aura of light surrounding the Rav really was.

“The prison commandant told me: ‘Do you see that?’ I told him: ‘This is a holy Jew, a Tzaddik who learns Torah and prays all day long. What you’re looking at is his halo, or aura.’ After that, the prison commandant – who happens to be Druze – started coming to the Rav and kissing his hand. The prison wardens are worshipping him there now, this is what the Rav does to people.”

You can view the light surrounding the Rav for yourself, by viewing the video. The light suddenly appears around the 17 minute mark, and lasts until the end of the recording.

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