A Woman’s Prayer for Shalom Bayit (Marital Peace)

Rabbi Berland’s Prayer for a Women to Recite, for Shalom Bayit



Master of the world, who can do anything, grant me true marital peace with my husband, and he should always be calm and smile, and have tons of patience.

And fulfill in him the verse “The one who spreads (591) a Sukkah (486) of peace (376) = 1453 on us and on all of Israel and on Yerushalayim” “Save (381) (401) Your nation (130) Israel (541)” = 1453 and fulfill in me the prayer, “And (407) the sprout (138) of David (14) Your servant (96) sprout out (548) quickly (250)” = 1453.

And I should merit to bring to the world the King Mashiach, and King David, peace be unto him.

And through this we should merit: “To the land (50) that (501) was sworn (422) to your fathers (469)” = 1442.

And through this, One G-d = 1, “From His place (232) He (12) turns (140) in His compassion (266) to His Nation (146) and He graces (80) the nation (110) that unifies (117) His Name (346)” = 1450.

One G-d = 1, and through this: “Send (338) Tishbi (712) to the groaning (144), sadness (69) and groaning (70) shall flee (116)” = 1450.

And I should merit to see Eliyahu Hanavi, zachor latov, face to face, because:

“I (81) rejoice (600) over (100) your words (661) = 1442 like one who discovers great treasures”.

And, my entire life, I should sing the songs (520) of David (14) Your servant (96) that are heard (510) in Your city (302), = 1442 that are said before Your alter.

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And I should sing the entire Shabbos holy songs, day (96) and night (81) = 177.

And through this, “They should rest (80) in it (7) all of Israel (541) who sanctify (454) Your Name (360)”. And through this grant me the merit to enter with my body into Gan (53) Eden (124) = 177.


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