The autistics’ change course

Photo montage of Rabbi Berland in Hevron and autistic Binyamin Goldin

The autistics change course, after 26 years of predicting the world’s destruction

Last week, the facilitators who have been working with the autistics for well over 20 years came to Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, with a question. During their last facilitated communication session with Binyamin Golden, Binyamin had said that he didn’t want to continue until Rabbi Berland was asked if they should continue or stop giving over any more messages.

The facilitators came to check with Rabbi Berland. Rabbi Berland explained that at least for now, the facilitated communication with the autistics should stop.

He explained that some of the information they give across, particularly concerning disasters and destruction, is not accurate, and re-iterated the message that we published here on the site a couple of months ago, namely:

The calamities and disasters will only occur in another 200 years.

While this perhaps sound surprising, we only need to look at what happened last week, when connecting to the Tzaddik HaDor and following his directive to pay a pidyon caused the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian to totally change its course away from the State of Florida.


Baruch Hashem, more and more people throughout the world are starting to hear about Rabbi Berland, and to connect to the Tzaddik.

We now have 200 translated prayers in English on the site, with more in the pipeline, and the prayers are also now being translated into French.

(Rabbi Berland has requested that the prayers should also be translated into Spanish, please get in touch if you can help us to do that.)

As the Tzaddik’s light grows stronger, the calamities and disasters will continue to reduce, and the dinim, or judgments, will increasingly be sweetened.


So in the meantime, it seems that the autistics have fulfilled their mission in the world.

Over the last two decades, they have raised spiritual awareness about the geula and about the prophecies about the end of days throughout large swathes of the Jewish community.

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Then in recent months, they were the first totally independent group to publically state that Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, is the hezkat (presumed) Moshiach ben David. It seems that at least for now, their job is done, and their mission of helping Am Yisrael to prepare for the next stage of the geula process has been completed.

In one of the first public messages from the autistics announcing that Rabbi Berland, shlita, is the hezkat Moshiach ben David, back in May 2019, the autistic young man Menachem said the following:

For the last 26 years, we’ve been writing essays all the time, in order to strengthen Am Yisrael, and to demonstrate where the sheker, all the lies are to be found, and where the truth is to be found.

But now, there is no more need for our talents. We are now obligated to leave this work, because the King Moshiach has come. And he will provide the answers to all the questions everybody has, and he will direct Am Yisrael towards the complete redemption, and we are going into retirement.

We haven’t heard from Menachem since.


Apparently, that is the stage that we have now reached, and the autistics are changing course.

In the meantime, anyone with a question is encouraged to connect to the Tzaddik HaDor, and get in touch. You can join our WhatsApp group, get in touch via the website, or call the hotline.

We will give the last word, for now, to Binyamin Golden, also taken from the first message announcing Rabbi Berland, shlita, as Moshiach ben David, back in May 2019:

Don’t despair, just stay with the Tzaddik. Hashem loves the Tzaddik, and the Tzaddik loves Am Yisrael no less than Moshe Rabbenu did. The Tzaddik is not going to give up on us, and he’s not going to abandon us. He cries over every single Jewish man, and over every single Jewish woman, and these tears have a very great influence in shemayim.

The Tzaddik is not going to leave us.


The calamities will only occur in 200 years




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