Behind the Chaos – Redemption is Rising (notes from webinar)

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Notes on Webinar 27 – delivered on October 18, 2020

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“Behind the Chaos”

Notes by Devorah Chana


This is the first Webinar after the High Holidays.


  1. This is a very special year.

We have been talking about and waiting consciously for this year to come for the past 5 years, and collectively, subconsciously, the Jewish people have been waiting over 2000 years for THIS year. And the world itself has been waiting 5,781 years for this year to come!


This is a very special year. There is a lot happening and with the help of Hashem and in the merit of Rav Berland and Rav Nachman and all the Tzaddikim, may Hashem allow the right words to come and the correct understanding to be received. Unveil our eyes to see wonders in Your Torah. Open my lips so that my mouth shall sing forth Your praise.

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There are a lot of powerful and interesting things happening throughout the world.  In general, when things are quiet, the Spiritual Seeker – someone who is constantly awaiting Mashiach and spiritual redemption – starts to get worried and wonders why things are not moving, for the good or for the bad. In Parshas Breishis, this last week, we see the chaos and darkness that preceded Creation. Before any new creation, there must be chaos. When the Spirit of Hashem, which is the Spirit of Mashiach is hovering above the waters. Everything that we knew is being destroyed and we will see a lot of darkness and chaos before a new creation comes forth. This has already begun.


Our job is to connect to and hang on tight to the Spirit of Mashiach. As the world goes down to the “place of no return” as it seems, there is a Spirit of Redemption that is obtainable rising and coming up from the ground. When the good gets stronger, the bad goes down and vis versa. This is a general rule, that Chazal (the Sages) teach us what when one side goes up, the other side goes down. When Yaakov gets stronger, Eisav gets weaker. They are fighting for their last breath, which is a sign that their “time is up”.




Update on the Rav: He is in hospital and going through a lot of tests and procedures. He is being taken care of very well. Over 8 months ago, when they first arrested him, they took him to the hospital for surgery on his heart and kidneys and other vital organs, and was given no recovery time, but took him straight to prison. He was handcuffed to the bed the entire time while in the hospital. This is EVIL. This over 80 year old man, old, weak and sick, who did nothing but good in his entire life, to have to go through all this pain and evil treatment, being locked up in these conditions is the epitome of evil! Nothing is more evil than this.




Rabbi Nachman talks about the idea of giving up one’s life for Hashem, to sweeten the judgments and cancel decrees, and when he dies he goes straight to a very high place in heaven and doesn’t have any judgments in the next world.


Though not every Rabbi agrees with this, but Chazal and the Rav teach that anyone who died just because he was a Jew (religious or not), that death cancels bad decrees.  This is called dying Al Kiddish Hashem – the Sanctification of Hashem’s Name. Those deaths rectify many decrees. When a person dies, he dies once, it’s over, but to go through such pain over and over, non-stop, this is unimaginable. When someone who is constantly disgraced and tortured, that is ongoing rectification.


Yet, there is only One Tzaddik in a Generation that goes through this and is doing this for the good of the people. He goes through more suffering than we can possibly imagine. This is in the personality of Mashiach, someone who constantly gives himself over for the people. And yet, he himself is disgraced and despised by the people; going through tremendous pain and suffering. This is the exact description of Mashiach.


Chazal tell us that the entire existence of the sufferings of the world are divided into three portions and they are divided amongst all the generations as follows:


  1. The first portion is divided throughout all the generations, to all people, from the beginning of creation to the end of time.


  1. Another portion is given to the generations of shmad (destruction), like the holocaust, etc.


  1. The third is the portion that Mashiach takes on himself. He takes on himself 1/3rd of the suffering of the entire existence. The reason he does this is to rectify sins and to sweeten the judgments against the people.


We see in many sources, that these are foundational ideas in Judaism. Other religions such as Christianity, have tried to steal some of these ideas; but these ideas are basics in Judaism.


But there is another aspect of the Tzaddik of Mashiach where he takes on himself such suffering; that is he is connecting to the suffering of the Shechina. The Shechina (the Divine Presence of GD) is also in exile and suffers as well.


The way to get the Shechina out of exile, which is to bring the Redemption; is to connect yourself to the Shechina, to bind yourself to the Shechina.  The Shechina is going through so much more suffering than we can imagine. The Tzaddik wants to take on all the suffering of Hashem.


What is the worse thing that can happen to a person? Sickness, arrests, being in prison, physical pain, disgraced, etc  – this is the pain of the Shechina.


Yosef haTzaddik, was also disgraced. Sold by his brothers, was in prison and suffered. Yet he became the king. The day of the ushpizin of Yosef during Succot was the day the Rav was taken to hospital.  The Rav has a heart condition, has only one kidney due to cancer, with many other organs failing as well. All this time during these 8 months while he was in prison, he has NOT had any proper health care. It is a death sentence even before he had a trial.


But Hashem is with the Tzaddikim and He prevents the evildoers from succeeding in what they are trying to do. There were other big rabbis that had the aspect of Yosef HaTzaddik that they tried to do this to as well: Rabbi Yaakov Yosef ztz”l, Rabbi Yoam Avergel ztz”l, Rabbi Uzi Meshulam ztz”l, and others were arrested and died shortly after spending time in prison, though it can’t be proven that they were murdered, what is clear is that they were all perfectly healthy when they went in and yet they left prison with a deadly illness.


Hashem is holding on to the Rav and not letting this happen to him, this seems like the time, the letters of the year 5781, spell out  אשפות, as in the verse מאשפות ירים אביון: meaning that from the lowest garbage dumps Hashem will raise up the poor one.


This verse is talking about Yosef HaTzaddik, about King David, and about the Mashiach.


Hashem will raise up the one in the garbage dump to come to sit on the King’s Throne.….THIS YEAR!  This is the year of the Redemption.  Other years were mentioned for a possible time for the Redemption, but didn’t happen. But why should that ruin our faith? We believe with complete faith that it will happen and this is the year that it will be. All the signs say so.


The Police are trying nonstop to get the Rav out of hospital and back in prison, which is a death sentence. We pray that Hashem will stop it and keep him in the hospital until his release. The highest officials are trying very hard to get him back in prison. There are a lot of evil things happening that Rabbi Yissachar can not say publicly. We need to keep praying for them to fail in their evil plans.


The hospital officials also have to stay on the “good side” of their bosses and report that the Rav is ready to go back to prison, and say that he is healthy enough, even when he clearly is not. There are some good people there who are fighting for the truth. This is a War. Constantly there has always been a war going on around the Rav. There are people who have known the Rav for 50-60 years and they have noted that there is always those around him that want to harm him. His purpose in this world is to accept all the harm with love and bring about Atonement and the Redemption.


Continue to pray that the Rav will not be put back in prison, which is a death sentence to him.  When the Rav was released to hospital, there were police guarding him 24/7, they were leaving him handcuffed to the bed at all times. The court finally, for the first time recognized this inhuman treatment and the judge ordered that they release the handcuffs. When the Tzaddik is bound in chains — it is Am Israel and the Shechina that are bound in chains; it is the Shechina that is in pain and it is time now for the Shechina is to be released from bondage in exile. The handcuffs getting opened is the beginning of the release of the Shechina from her bondage in exile. It’s the Heavenly Court that decided this, not the courts here in this world. Everything that happens to the Tzaddik is happening to the Shechina, they are one. It is time for the Shechina to be released from the bondage in exile. This is an amazing thing!


The handcuffs are off, and the Rav is free to walk around the room. This is a small amount of Redemption and there is no turning back.


When Hamans decree that sealed by the King’s seal, which cannot be undone, once signed and sealed, it can never be uprooted. Then, suddenly, there was a turn of events, and Haman started to fall as Mordechai started to rise up.  Haman’s wife Zerach, who was an evil witch, told Haman that he will continue to fall, and Mordechai will continue to be raised up. “If Mordechai, who you have begun to fall before him is of Jewish descent, then you will certainly continue to fall to oblivion.”


This is where we are at now. This is the beginning of the release of the Shechina from exile. The Supreme Court saw the evil of the Lower Court and said he should stay there. They gave the other side until October 25 — the date where if they cannot come up with a reason that justifies the Rav being held in prison, then he is to be freed.




Everything that is happening to the Tzaddik, is directly related and happening to the rest of the world. The world is in total chaos. Like the time of the Mabul, the flood during the time of Noach.


How is this relating directly to what is happening to the Tzaddik?  Whenever we see a new creation, there is chaos first; the creation comes out of the chaos.  The chaos comes before the Redemption. This is mentioned in several sources. The War of Gog uMagog, is what we must go through before the Redemption.


Rebbe Nachman brings two examples of those who will be able to HOLD ON in these difficult times…….those who do regular hitbodedut and then those who are connected and bonded to the Tzaddik of the Generation. Hashem is shaking the world, and only those who are strong and holding on to the Tzaddik will merit to see it through and not be affected by all this.  Those who are holding on tight will not be affected by all of this chaos in the world.


There is a new reality of the Redemption rising up from the dust. Someone who is occupied with the chaos all day; they cannot SEE the spirit of the Redemption hovering before our very eyes. Those who are connected to the Tzaddik and do one hour of hitbodedut….will be centered and will be able to trust and see what lies behind this total chaos; a world which is completely good and holy.


Like Yosef ordering the brothers to go back and forth, complete chaos….and two words stopped all the chaos… “Ani Yosef” (217) The chaos itself was needed to bring everything to that point.


The Rav in the hospital, with no visitors, no phone calls, no prayers with him everyday, nothing, no contact. But the lawyers say that he is doing good and in high spirits.


The Crowning of Mashiach happens after the first day of Succot. The Zohar said that the dove of Noach, had an olive branch in his mouth and that is the Crown of Mashiach. Then the dove flew off and never came back. The dove will come back to crown Mashiach.


Just because we didn’t see the crowning, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. But what was — will be.  What happened to our forefathers will happen to us.


King David was crowned/anointed before a very small group of people. He was despised by his own father and his brothers.  There was already another King — King Shaul. This event was top-secret, to a small group of people. Shmuel haNavi kept looking for the right one to anoint. The brothers were each brought in, but none of them were it.


Yishai, the father, said these are all my sons. Shmuel said there must be another son, think harder. Yishai wasn’t even sure David was his son. They sent for David (son #7) in the fields and cleaned him up, and he was anointed King. The anointing oil was poured on its own. The Shechina is the One that caused the anointing oil to flow over David’s head. All of the brothers and the father were shocked.


After they witnessed this, they said “the stone that the builders despised, became the corner stone.”  This is the idea, that from the dumps, he will be raised up. This meeting was kept quiet, as it was not the time for everyone to know about the crowning/anointing. This is what will happen with Mashiach.


Who were the other brothers of David?  Maybe other tzaddikim? Other souls in the world? —  we will not know. Maybe this is all happening in the spiritual world.


Rabbi Amos Gwetta – הרב עמוס גווטה – who lives in Netanya, one of the highest of the 36 tzaddikim. On Rosh Hashanah, this year, he wore a BLACK kippah, not a white kippah.  He said that this kippah belonged to Rav Berland and as long as Rav Berland is suffering in prison, he wanted to connect to his suffering by wearing his black kippah. He won’t allow himself to wear a white kippah as long as the tzaddik is suffering in prison.  On Hoshana Rabba, Rabbi Gwetta wore a WHITE kippah.  What happened?  Something changed?  We are not on the level of these tzaddikim, but something amazing happened right then.


These 36 hidden tzaddikim are not physically in touch with each other, but they know what is going with each other due to a strong spiritual connection. A lot of people are feeling that something good and positive happened.  One small thing happened.  (Like when Haman was parading around with Mordechai on the Kings horse, though externally the decree still existed).  The Tzaddikim see what is happening. Rav Gwetta saw clearly that this is the time, that the Redemption has begun.


We see and believe the new creation, the Redemption has begun. The Tzaddikim are saying this. Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto said this recently that this is the year of the Redemption.


The Chasam Sofer writes that there is a tradition that (like King David was brought out from the dumps, and like Yosef was brought out of prison)… ‘from prison he will come out to reign’. Straight from prison the Tzaddik/Mashiach will be brought out to become King. From Prison to King — this is the tradition. It was very difficult to be there outside the prison (the encampment near the Rav) during Rosh Hashana. We were discussing that Yosef got out of prison ON Rosh Hashana, but how does it suddenly happen?


He was there for 12 years. Yosef could interpret dreams. Pharoah had a dream, and there was the messenger /baker or wine butler said Yosef can interpret dreams. They brought him out.


If Rabbi Berland is Yosef of this generation what is ‘Pharoah’s dream’?


The Rebbe of Krechnif, of Kiyat Gat, a city in Israel, who passed away several years ago,  wrote about Pharoah’s dream. He wrote in Parasha Mikeitz…(see the article on the website), what does it mean that Pharoah had a dream?  Hashem is going to bring a small disease to the world, a microscopic virus will come to the world….. and it will disrupt nations and turn around and confuse the entire world. This is the war of Gog uMagog, this is what happens before the revelation of Moshiach.


It’s so small it’s like a dream. Also people will be confused is it real or not? Like dreamers, they will try many things to solve the dream. Pharoah had his scientists, interpreters, doctors and wise men to help, but no one was able to come up with a solution to the dream. Everything that we are going through now is like Pharoah’s dream. All the nations are like in a dream, no one can solve it. Yosef is in prison, maybe if we take him out, a solution will come. Taking him out is the solution to the ‘dream’.


The Rebbe of Krechnif writes that with all of our technological advances, nothing can control this tiny virus. The only solution is the get Yosef out of prison.



Like the days when we left Mitzraim — We know the story of Yosef will repeat itself again today.  The dream of Pharoah is the Covid disease.


The day the Rav was arrested, the virus arrived here. The Rav spoke about it a month before it happened. At Pesach, he said it will stop. And it did. People were doing teshuvah, the numbers went down to almost zero. But then some Rabbis put out a judgment letter, against the Rav — the numbers of covid cases went up on that very day. They opened everything up and people spoke against the Rav again, and so the number of people getting the virus and dying started going back up again.


Rav Yeshoyahu Pinto also said this would happen. Before Rosh Hashana he said he need to pray to cancel the decree, then after the high holidays he said to put on sackcloth maybe it will arouse heavenly compassion (even if the decree has already been passed).


When the Tzaddik speaks, he is fixing things, he is cancelling decrees. The story of Yosef, he interpreted Pharoah’s dream.  He did NOT go back to prison, he told him to find a person to organize the famine. Pharoah appoints Yosef.


The Rav asks, who asked Yosef for advice? Is someone allowed to give advice to the king without being asked? Ok, so you interpreted the dream, thank you. Now get lost until we need you again. But the point is that making Yosef the king is the solution to the dream.


The interpretation of the dream was the solution of the dream.  When you get the Tzaddik out of prison the solution comes. The virus IS because the Tzaddik is in prison.  When he is out of prison, the solution will come.  Covid was the dream. The solution is to get the Tzaddik out of prison. The virus is because the Tzaddik is in prison. We do not know how long it will take, but that is the solution. He is getting “cleaned up from being in prison”.  We saw it with Yosef and with David (who was cleaned up from the field after being with the sheep).


This month of Cheshvan, is the month (according to the Holy Zohar) of the war of Gog uMagog — the chaos now in the world is the war of Gog uMagog.


Some source says that Gog uMagog is before Mashiach, some sources say Mashiach will fight the war of Gog uMagog, so he must come before. At the same time, the heavenly Beit Hamikdash is being built, it is coming down from a spiritual place, the temple falls down from our sub-consciousness into our consciousness.  The Reality of Redemption is happening behind the scenes in our sub-consciousness. The Zohar says that the Tzaddikim see that the Temple is always standing. There are layers and layers that are covering it so most people can’t see it. During this chaos, behind the scenes the Redemption has been happening. The Tzaddikim have already been living in the Redemption, they are conscious of it, for them it is already here.


The reality of Mashiach is already here, but where are you?  Are you living it already? We small people don’t see it, what stage are we at?  Like a woman giving birth, there is blood and screaming and it is chaos, but there is a new birth happening before our eyes.


We don’t know how long it will last. We don’t know what stage we are at on a global level.  There is a lot of suffering in the world.


Many Tzaddikim have seen that terrible things will happen soon in the world, then when time goes by and nothing happens they say that there is a Tzaddik that is pushing it off. In order to give a chance for more people to do teshuva and be saved.


(We are listening now to an audio recording). The daughter of Rav Dovid Chaim Stern, one of the biggest Kabbalists living now, Rabbanit Stern who is a very big Tzaddaiket.  On October 14, this came out from a person who spoke to her, he was by her for an hour and a half. She has clear vision and told him many things about his own personal life, and told him where he was in his previous gilgul/reincarnation about what things that he had to fix.


Then she said: Listen well – the Mashiach is very close and will be revealed soon. In the month of Adar, there is going to be a lot of chaos in the world, in Israel and all over the world, there will be tremendous confusion, many people will die. Many well respected rabbis are also not going to merit receiving Mashiach, they will not survive, because they are not really tzaddikim.


Why? She said that for them the main thing is learning Torah and they disregard all the requirements of bein adaim l’chaveiro, how a person is supposed to treat others. Love of your fellow man.  Not to listen or speak lashon hara. All those people defile the mitzvah of doing chessed/kindness to others, will not be around when Mashiach is revealed. Ba’alai Machloket, those who stir up strife, will not be around. Also, those who are not tzinut/modest, they will also not be around when Mashiach comes.  Everyone now has time to fix the sin of lashon hara/speaking or thinking badly about others. We have until around the month of Adar (the month when Purim falls), which is around March.  It is 4 months from now.


Everyone needs to fix everything in the next 4 months. She continued and said that those who remain will merit to greet Mashiach in the month of Nissan (the month when Pesach falls).


Rabbanit Stern herself said in a recording that there will be tremendous fear, in the world, in the month of Adar.  Everyone in the world will be scared, more than right now. Also stronger fear will abound. And much trembling.  Another tzaddik said it could be around Chanukkah time, but she saw it happening in Adar….the stronger part of it. There could be two levels or stages.  One level starting in Chanukkah time. A stronger stage in Adar.


She said, the main thing to work on is Interpersonal Relationships. The Redemption already has begun, but it is hidden.


There are a lot of people who will not merit to be around. She said by Pesach there will be a beautiful Redemption.


Here is the hebrew link for the recording:



Sharing now an audio of Rav Yoshiyahu Pinto: he said recently that what happened by the holocaust is happening again now — a German spit in the face of a Jew, they said it is nothing, let it pass.  Then a slap, it’s nothing, then synagogue windows breaking, Kristallnacht, it’s nothing. Then all of a sudden 7 million Jews are murdered. When are we going to stop saying ‘it’s nothing’ and begin fixing our ways?


What is he saying? So what? They spit and slap and prevent weddings, minyanim, and yeshivas.  Now we see the police preventing weddings, and etc. SO WE SAY….ok, they are just trying to enforce the rules – the covid rules.  Then the bride is arrested, the mother pushed down to the ground. The son comes to rescue his mother, and he is beaten up by police. The police are sent to enforce the mask wearing. The tzaddikim are telling us to WAKE UP, the governors are making rules, the Yeshivot are told not to do this and that. This is HOW IT BEGINS… will continue!  We make excuses and say that things will eventually go back to normal. Forget about things getting back to normal.  If we do not WAKE UP, it will keep happening and become worse and worse to complete destruction G-d forbid.  But, if we do wake up and do teshuva we will witness the redemption. In any case, there is no going back to ‘normal’.



In Poland, the Jewish people were put in the Warsaw Ghetto to PROTECT them from some virus/sickness that was going around and to prevent the spread!  The authorities said they needed to quarantine and this was to protect them. We trusted them. Who says that now is any different. Also then, we would have never imagined it would lead to such disaster. Families entered the Ghettos willingly like sheep being led to slaughter. They could have relocated and moved out of town. But then it was too late. Now they are saying to us: no minyanim to pray and no gatherings, no weddings, etc. because it is to protect you!


Turn your eyes to Hashem!!!




Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi (a “seir”, he is someone who has visions that he shares weekly.) He said recently: Yosef haTzaddik saved all of Am Israel. Yet, Hashem put him in prison for doing nothing wrong, only to prepare him for the day that Hashem would release him to become king. The same thing happened to Moshe, who was raised in Pharaoh’s house, yet he also went to prison for 10 years in Midyan. Why does the Tzaddik have to go to prison?  (NBA has no connection to Shuvu Banim or the Rav.)




Rav YY Pinto:


Rav NBA:




The world was coming to an end, but there is one Tzaddik who cancels the decree.


QUESTIONS that are answered by listening to the end of the Webinar:


  1. Question: from Daisy:

One thing I can’t understand: Hashem is Hakol Yachol. Why is Hashem not acting the same way He acted at the time of Noach, by simply destroying the evil ones? Why does He let the Tzaddikim go through such suffering? Sorry if it sounds like Kefirah, but I am seriously asking myself. We need to stop bowing down to this modern-day Haman. I guess I was on the right track: these reshaim are Amalek personified. And not only here, but specially here in Eretz Israel.


  1. Question: from Alizah:

WHEN YOU SAY the Rav is free if…do you mean completely, or just to stay in hospital?


  1. Question: from Hoshea:  The 25th of this month is when we start praying for rain. Oct 25 is also the day we start praying for rain in Shemonesh Esrei/Amidah


  1. Question: from Alex:  Is the chaos part of the Ruach Elokim?


  1. Question: from Miriam:  What the answer to the family members who decided that because after Succot 1st day passed and there was no sign of Mashiach  then he will only come in 200 years. It very hard financially and some other serious reasons, its better to return back to the USA. Only if we see the real War of Gog uMagog in Cheshvan he might be revealed now.


  1. Question: Is there a phone number for Rebbetzin Stern?


  1. Question: from Anonymous: Could you please share some of the experiences people had during the week of Sukkot?


  1. Question: from Daisy:  So what is Rav Pinto’s solution, for people “waking up”? What does he recommend we do?

BTW there is an amazing video by a woman called Vera Sharav, which I posted last night on my blog, will be happy to share it. She is also a survivor of the holocaust, and she goes in great detail showing how what is going on is so similar to what the Nazis did.

       A Conversation with Vera Sharav – Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine: An interview with Vera Sharav, Part One


  1. Question: from Yaakov Eliezer: The degree of darkness is the degree of clarification


  1. Question: from Devorah: Some religious people are saying that now is the time for us to “take on” the Erev Rav. Do you see any groups starting to challenge the government in Israel?  Or individual situations that have started?


  1. Question: from Daisy: There are lots of goyim who are evil. What about them?


  1. Question: from Nehama: There are a number of people in my area too (Southern California) who are taking on Shabbat because of the difficult days we are in. Baruch Hashem!


  1. Question: from Hoshea;    From an article just posted online  –  Prof Gabi Barbash, a former director-general of the Health Minister, said that in his opinion, haredi cities and neighborhoods should be cut off from the outside world and “only ambulances should be permitted to leave.”  When asked what he thought should be done, Barbash said, “Cut them off. Give them supplies, and isolate them. Don’t let them leave [their neighborhoods] to go to their jobs – or for any other reason. Otherwise the virus will spread from them to us.”   This sounds like what you were just talking about from the words of Rav Pinto regarding the Warsaw Ghetto.



       A blessing to see Hashem in everything. Hashem is working behind the scenes. Do not get down, the only way to fight darkness is with Light. So connect and bind yourself to the Light.  Feel the Light. There is something more powerful than fighting with weapons, fight with the Light.  Tap into the Light and realize that this is the only reality. Ein Od Milvado.  There is only Hashem. Try to limit the time you spend on looking at the chaos. All of history is boiling down to this moment. Turn to Hashem, ONLY Hashem. You will see everything will be great. Hold on to Hashem, bind yourself to Hashem.  The true Light, the true Spirit. Only Hashem. The whole world is in chaos. The solution is in Hashem. The Tzaddik is sent by Hashem to redeem us. Believe in the Tzaddik being sent by Hashem. Hitbodedut. Talk to Hashem. Connect to the Tzaddik. Cut yourself off from the chaos. There is a lot of confusion, so focus ONLY on Hashem.  Don’t look at the evil in the world, ignore it. Hashem is running the world. Ein Od Milvado. There is only Hashem. Believe in Hashem, then you’re good. Hashem is a LIGHT, a fire, and a fire spreads. The community of Light, spreads. Being a light bulb, just simple belief in Hashem. The spirit of Hashem. We are on the front lines. Walk in the truth.  Hashem wants you to be a light bulb….just connect to the Light and automatically the Light will spread.  The Light of emunah is much more effective in spreading than this virus.  There is a veil covering the Light. Release Yosef. It’s so simple, just do it.


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