The complete redemption is only going to come through singing

The complete redemption will happen through singing

How singing will help to bring the geula

An excerpt of a recent shiur given by Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, on Shabbat Shira

Everything is done by way of Eliyahu HaNavi. Everything in the world, Eliyahu does them, he leads them. And techiyat hameitim (the revival of the dead) will also be done by way of Eliyahu… This will be by the hand of Eliyahu, Eliyahu will announce techiyat hameitim, Eliyahu HaNavi will fetch Moshiach Ben David – everything is Eliyahu HaNavi.

Because Eliyahu [who was Pinchas] killed Zimri, he went to kill Zimri, and he wasn’t afraid of Zimri. He picked Zimri up, to a height of 10 metres, he was many tens of metres tall.

Rabbi Akiva was a soul spark of Zimri.

If he would have attended all of the shiurim (Torah classes) of Rabbi Eliezer HaGadol, he wouldn’t have had to experience all his trials, because every shiur sweetens. Every shiur that a person listens to sweetens all the judgments for him, from the sin of Adam HaRishon [the first man].

As we said previously, let’s say together ‘shloshim ve’meyer mishkala’ (‘130 its weight’ – Bamidbar 7).

On the 1st of Nissan, we’re going to read again ‘130 its weight’, in another month and a half, we’re going to read this again over 12 days….Because all of our suffering, it all comes from the 130[1].

Every difficulty that we have, whether it’s from ISIS, or Nazis, or terrorists, or Hamas – all this is from these soul sparks…

[We need to] rectify these sparks, so then everyone should say together ‘130 its weight’. This is the work we are doing with the shiurim, with the niggunim (melodies)…

The complete redemption is only going to come with singing.

When are we going to have the complete redemption? Only when we start lifting our legs[2] off the floor. Only if we lift our legs off the floor!…

This was the error that Chava made, who crushed grapes [with her heels]. She didn’t know the secret of dancing, that it was possible to jump back on the heels [in order to jump and dance].

If she’d have jumped back on her heels, the redemption [of the world] would have happened immediately.

So, a man marries a wife in order to raise up the heels. Raising up the heels is the wife’s mission… because the wife herself is the heels.


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[1] This is a reference to the 130 years that Adam HaRishon separated from his wife, Chava, and sired demons, as brought down in the Zohar and the Gemara.

[2] The Rav is referring to a deep kabbalistic concept connected to something called the ‘rectification of the legs’, which will be the main work to be done of the last generation before Moshiach. Rebbe Nachman alluded to this in his story The Cripple.

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