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I was doing some research a couple of weeks ago, which brought up an article from a now defunct blogger from 2010, who was kind of complaining about what he termed the ‘scaremongering’ coming out of Breslov chassidut at that time.

What was the complaint?

That many Breslov rabbonim, notably, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, were sounding the alarm about Iran, and it’s nuclear weapons programme. In this blogger’s eyes, this was totally unnecessary and unfortunate.

But…what happened since then?

Around 4-5 years ago, the Israeli papers were full of openly hysterical warnings about Iran’s growing ability to create – and drop – a nuclear bomb on Israel. The PM, Bibi Netanyahu, spent months shouting himself hoarse to the international community about the need to head off Iran’s nuclear weapons program, because the writing was increasingly on the wall, that Iran was very close to actually making good on their threat to nuke Israel, God forbid.

Shortly before then, Rav Berland had already gone into exile, first to Morocco, and then to Zimbabwe. At the same time that he was pictured under arrest in Zimbabwe – a stunt arranged by his persecutors back in Israel – the Iranian’s nuclear bomb was being temporarily defused.

The P5+1 had a falling out in Geneva, and France’s President Hollande stormed out of the meeting with Obama and his other European cronies, and lifted the lid to the public that Iran was about to be handed the nuclear bomb on a silver platter. As a result, the approval was watered-down, and Israel was bought a bit more time.

The Iranian bomb was temporarily defused.

Fast forward 5 years, and now what’s going on with Iran and their nukes?

Trump is now president of the US, and like or loathe him, he has a completely different attitude to Iranian nukes than his predecessor. The Mullahs have much less wiggle room under Trump’s administration than they did under Obama.

So politically, the game has completely changed, and with harsh US sanctions now re-imposed, we’re all just waiting to see how long it will take the citizens of Iran to finally rise up, and overthrow the ayatollahs.

But even if they don’t, God has got our back covered in other more direct ways, too.

Reports are coming out of Iran that Tehran is sinking and subsiding, and that huge sink holes and cracks in the earth are now being seen across the country. The Iranian government is blaming America for messing with its weather to cause a serious drought, which is depleting the underground aquifers.

I know there are people out there who like to attribute all sorts of things to mankind, and for sure weather manipulation is something that the scientific community is trying to figure out with all its effort.

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But God is the one controlling the weather, no-one else.

(If you need proof, just take a look at the beginnings of the new ice age that are taking hold across the planet, but particularly in the US. Believe me, the US government doesn’t want -67 degree temperatures closing down Chicago for a week.)

And God is the one controlling the world. Iran is located in a very seismically-active part of the world. The cracks and sink holes are appearing all over the place because magma is on the move.

And what that means, is that sooner or later, if the Iranians don’t make some serious teshuva, God is going to take out all the underground nuclear facilities and bunkers with some massive quakes, and who knows what else. And the same goes for Hezbollah – the Golan heights is also a live volcanic area – and Israel’s other enemies.

God has our back – but this scenario is conditional on the Jewish people making some sincere teshuva, too.

Rav Berland has said on innumerable occasions that terrorists are created, spiritually, from Jewish sins. Jews think they can marry out, act promiscuously, indulge their bad middot and lusts anyway they like, hurt other people, completely ignore God, and God’s Torah and commandments – and it doesn’t affect anything or anyone.

Rav Berland – and other tzaddikim – come along and tell us:

Every time we go against what God wants for us, as Jews, we are giving the ‘dark side’ more power to create terrorists and nuclear bombs.

But until these decrees materialize before our eyes – in the shape of rockets from Gaza, and tunnels from Lebanon, and stabbers on the streets of Jerusalem, and who knows what else from Syria and Iran – even religious Jews scoff at the idea, and complain about ‘scaremongering’.

That’s such a shame.

It’s such a shame that more religious Jews aren’t reading Rebbe Nachman’s works, like Chayei Moharan (translated as ‘Tzaddik’, by the Breslov Research Institute), where we find the following (#277):

[T]he Rebbe strongly disagreed with the leaders who did not wish to take the rumors of impending decrees against the Jews seriously. People said that God would never do such a thing. But the Rebbe said they were sadly mistaken. Had there not already been many troubles and decrees against the Jews in previous eras?…

“The Rebbe himself was very worried about these decrees. He spoke about them a great deal and threw himself wholeheartedly into trying to sweeten and annul them. He wanted every Jew, and especially the leaders, to pray to God profusely about these decrees, as our forefathers always did, and as Mordechai did when Haman rose up against the Jewish people.

“In each generation, it is our duty to cry out to God against all the decrees which are threatened. God, in His goodness, will hear our cries and nullify the decrees and turn them to good.”


There are so many mockers out there, so many heretics, so many people with little emuna and even less emunat tzaddikim.

For people who have eyes to see, it’s obvious that since Rav Berland made his spiritual deal, together with Rav Dov Kook of Tiveria and the late Baba Elazar, z”tl, the Iranian’s nuclear bomb has been miraculously defused – for now.

The harsh decree that our leading rabbis could see on the horizon a decade ago has been sweetened, and much of the credit for that goes to the Rav, and his enormous and on-going self-sacrifice.

But there is still so much more work to do, because every time someone opens their mouth to speak yet more lashon hara or words of mockery, heresy and arrogance; and every time a Jew makes a choice that brings more spiritual darkness into the world, instead of more light – new harsh judgements are created.

I know, it’s so hard to keep it together at the moment.

We’re all feeling the strain. But what I can tell you is this: The Rav was the only one really talking about Iran’s nuclear bomb when no-one else was taking it seriously; and he explained years ago that he’d have to take a lot of suffering and exile upon himself to rectify the problem at its root.

He’s way ahead of us, and he was encouraging us to do what Rabbenu advises, and to cry out to Hashem and sweeten the decree, while the mockers and scoffers all still had their head in the sand.

Our part is just to keep working on strengthening our emuna, and especially, strengthening our emunat tzaddikim.

The mockers and scoffers know that if they can take the Rav out, the path is clear to the spiritual destruction of the Jewish people, God forbid. That’s why every couple of weeks they run more smear stories, more lies, in a way that is frankly fantastic to behold.

Don’t these people have anyone else to write about, anything else to do?

Apparently not.

Why are they continuing to focus their efforts so much against the Rav?

Rav Natan once said that you could tell something of the greatness of Rebbe Nachman by the strength of the opposition against him. How it was then, is how it still is today.

But the clock is continuing to tick down towards geula, and truth is becoming more and more revealed in the world. One by one, the lies are starting to unravel. Just ask people in America’s Mid-West if they still think ‘man-made global warming’ is a problem.

And sooner or later, the truth about the Rav is going to start shining out unmistakably, too.

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  1. We are starting to see if I am correct and not mistaken the more of the geula unfolding with the European countries side stepping the US Sanctions
    Not sure if I heard from here or Rav Brody but I remember something about an alliance between Isreal Saudia Arabia and the US vs Russia Iran and the European countries

    Tehran – Iran Says US-sanctions Workaround By EU Soon To Be Announced


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