Emunah and Bitachon – Hashem already prepared everything for you — Rabbi Berland’s strong words!

We always have to take encouragement from the holy words of Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a.  His words are carved from their holy source on high and touch souls thirsty for emunah (faith) and bitachon (trust).  Especially in this period when many of our people are looking with perplexity at the confusing reality — confusing, though, only to a person who doesn’t put on the right set of glasses — through the holy words of the Tzaddik.

In light of the situation, we have translated a short clip taken from the classes of the holy words of Rabbi Berland shlit”a which deal with emunah and bitachon.  These words were publicized previously, but it’s necessary to go back and take encouragement from them again and again.

These are his holy words:

“Every person, before he came to the world, Hashem already prepared for him each person who would provide for him and help him.  Wherever he goes, every single step, a person stands [there] to help him.”

“You should learn Torah like King David — a person needs a drop of trust, a drop of faith, a drop of singing, a drop of praying with kavana.

“Don’t be afraid of from where the money will come, from where will I have this.  He Who created you, created the money, created everything.  He created you even before the money.

“If a person goes with faith, with trust, he can see from every direction that Hashem rains down on him abundance.

“What is livelihood (PaRNaSaH)?  You run after a cow, and the cow (PaR is a cow in Hebrew) travels (NaSA), the cow flees.  Livelihood (PaRNaSaH) travels (NaSA) (with [the letter] Ayin).  That is, if you run after livelihood then the livelihood flees from you.  If people think about money, then the money flees.  The money only comes when people don’t think about it.

“The Gemara says that if a person sees that his means are limited, he should give charity — give even more charity.  The less money you have, the more charity you should give.  If a person sees that he doesn’t have a livelihood, he should give charity.

“The opposite [of what one might think]

“A person shouldn’t have any question or doubts.  Hashem will give you everything that you need.  What do you need? [If] it’s a million dollars, you’ll have a million dollars.  They’ll give you what you need.  What’s delaying it?  These are your sins that are delaying it, but Hashem wants to give you everything.

“Hashem only wants to show rachmanus (mercy) — just do teshuva.”

Hear these words of Rabbi Berland shlit”a below (in Hebrew):

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