FC Message from autistic boy Binyamin Goldin

Photo montage of Rabbi Berland in Hevron and autistic Binyamin Goldin

Facilitated Communication with autist Ben Goldin 2 Tamuz 5779 (July 5, 2019)

We were asked to publicize the following message from Binyamin Goldin.

Please read the haskamot on facilitated communication from Rav Shteinman, z’tl, before continuing, particularly in relation to the part where it says it is forbidden to rely on the words of the autistics for anything to do with predictions about the future.


We are receiving these message from the autistics and their families and their facilitators, who have been putting out messages for 27 years. They had no prior connection with Rabbi Eliezer Berland, or with Breslov, until very recently when the autistics began speaking about the Rav.
Shuvu Banim does not necessarily stand behind all the words of the autistics, though we did verify its authenticity before publishing this.
We continue to believe and pray that the Geula will come with complete compassion.


FC Message to Anglo-Saxon Jews “Moshiach is here – time is running out”.

I want very much to speak to the so-called “Jewish Anglo-Saxon world”.

Dear American Jews, English Jews, Australian Jews, and wherever Jews speak English or at least read English. We are living in very very difficult times and it’s going to get more difficult. Don’t in your wildest dreams think that it’s not going to be more difficult, it’s going to be excruciatingly difficult, and you’re going to have to drop all the avoda zaras (idolatry), all the egel hazahavs (golden calves), all the ‘things’, the idols that you worship.

Yes, I know you want to tell me that a lot of you are frum, but even the frum today are worshiping idols it doesn’t make Hashem very happy all of your gashmius that’s your idol worship.

You believe that if you go to a Dr “he is” going to cure you, you believe that if you go to court “they are” going to be honest with you, that you’re going to see justice there, you believe all the lies the politicians are telling you and you believe in the egel hazahav more than anything.

You wear your yarmulkes, you wear your tzitzis, you wear your beards, your streimels etc. but your wives look like barbie dolls and you like vacations you like vacation cruises for Pesach or going to Switzerland for Pesach or who knows where. What does Switzerland or a cruise have to with Pesach?? What in the world are you thinking is happening in this world??

I’ll tell you very clearly – this world is very soon going to be very different than we know it.

I know you’re trying to ignore what’s happening but you can’t, soon everyone will be suffering from what is going on and it’s getting worse and worse. We shut our eyes and don’t want to know we continue our playing, our movies, our iPhones, just to forget everything.

I want to tell you that very soon there’s going to be an upheaval in the world, a natural upheaval and an unnatural upheaval. Very soon we’re going to see a very ugly war but this time all of the satisfied people of America, England, all the Europeans, will feel it very strong.

Besides all that, the Kochav, the star, or the mini solar system, we call Nibiru, will pass the earth and cause the earth to change completely, its already effecting the earth in the most difficult way and of you people that have internet at least use it for finding out what the truth is that’s happening to this world.

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This world is being destroyed, it’s being destroyed by our aveiros.

And I’m now talking to the yidden only, because WE’RE the chosen people, WE’VE been chosen not the goyim, WE and when we’re not OK no one’s ok, but we’re not ok. Yes we have many yeshivas, big yeshivas, with big budgets we have many Batei Yaakov, also with big budgets, but we’re losing our yiddishkeit, we’re losing our connection, our true connection with Hakadosh Boruch Hu, everything has become superficial, everything has its gashmiusdik base and that’s all were really interested in, the gashmiusdik base.

Very soon there will be a financial crisis in the whole world in will be terrible, food will be at a shortage because of all the natural or unnatural disasters that are happening in the world, from this mini solar system and all the asteroids and other rocks, space-rocks that are hitting the earth, that tail after this solar system, this solar system is very magnetic and not only does it pull with it millions of asteroids and other space garbage, but it also pulls at the earth, at planet earth, and planet earth has already changed since its come closer and closer.

We have here chemtrails.

Don’t you ever look up at the sky and wonder what are all those white streaks? Yes I know once upon a time jetfighters used to make streaks similar but not the same not so big, not so long, and they didn’t open up into clouds when everything was done, and they didn’t cover the whole sky. And you know that it’s all poison, they don’t want us to see something in the sky, whole flocks of birds just fall from the sky dead because of that poison.

You don’t realize what’s happening, the north pole is melting at a scary rate, why is it melting? Well if you want to listen to the stupidity of the newspapers and the movies they’ll say it’s because of the pollution from the cars and from all the coal that’s being burned and so forth but in reality it’s from the fact that the earth is warming up from the inside, the inside of the earth is iron, it’s metal.

And this mini solar system which is a sun the tenth of size of our sun, with seven planets circling it in orbit, is very magnetic and causing the inner earth to heat up, thereby heating up all the water and melting all the ice in the north and south pole.

Huge chunks of ice are falling into the water, penguins and polar bears have nowhere to go, fish are washing up on the sea shores by the millions, sometimes 2-3 feet deep and miles long, but no one is paying attention, yes there is such a thing as a kill-off of animals but this is more than a kill-off, it’s a slaughter, so many are dying, millions are dying.

Besides that, volcanos are blowing up, blowing their tops all over the world, and if you haven’t heard already, “Old Faithful” [geyser] is about to blow, “Old Faithful” in [Wyoming] United States and never ever as far as anybody knows ever exploded, now its shaking and it could choke three quarters of the entire United States, that people won’t be able to breathe because of all the smoke that will come out of it.

Besides for all of that I think even a little child can see that we are about to go into World War III, and you know what?

It all seems like a play, like playing chess, this one moves here that one move there the other one moves here that one moves here and they challenge each other, it’s like a waltz like two partners have to dance a waltz, so one leads and one follows and they know the steps.

And you know what, that’s because this whole world in being run by a group of atheists, a group of people that worship idols, that worship avoda zara. There are Jews among them, so-called Jews, and they have everything planned, the whole war is planned, there are no leaders of great countries that are not part of this and they know what they’re doing and they’re waiting for something, every time it seems a like something is going to explode, suddenly it cools down because it’s just not the time.

And I only want to tell you, I can go on and on about this, and you can look it up in the internet if you’re interested.

And there is false news in the internet but it’s the lies that they’re telling you that everything is hunky dory everything is perfect there’s nothing to worry about, that the economy is booming, its booming alright, BOOM BOOM, its booming and it’s going to knock us all over when we realize that we’re going to get into big trouble very soon, financially, and in every way.

There’s going to be a war and this mini solar system is going to arrive and it’s going to cause much damage, it won’t hit the earth but it’s going to cause much damage, and this is all foretold, this nibiru is called in the Zohar “hashavit”, look it up if you don’t believe me and I’m telling you that all of this is clearly written in the nevuos (prophets), it says that one-third of the earth will be completely devastated, nothing will be able to grow, nothing will be able to exist, it will be totally destroyed. And one-third will be partially destroyed, and another third will not be touched, and that is the part that Eretz Yisrael is in.

And therefore I am only telling you to realize what you’re up against.

And I’m telling you that every Jew, every true Jew, every Jewish neshama is going to be saved I don’t know if everyone is physically going to live through this all, but if we do teshuva, even those that leave the world after they’ve done teshuva will return, because Hashem wants his people.

The Chesed L’avraham says that only 7000 Jews will greet Mashiach, that’s pretty scary, 7000, from the 15,000,000 that say they are Jews, of course from the 15 million, I’m sure that a great part of them aren’t even Jews, either they are Erev Rav or they are goyim that somehow mingled. However, we are all in a situation that the goyim, and some of them are Jews, from the New World Order, who are trying to control the world completely, are trying to destroy yiddishkeit.

It’s very clear that this is happening in Israel, it’s clear that it’s happening in England and its clear that it’s happening in the United States, this is all clear.

I imagine, and I happen to know that it’s also happening in other countries in Europe. They are forcing the Jews if they want money from the government to put into their schools treif, not food, treif ideas, they’re supposed to learn things that we don’t allow our children to learn, but now we’re going to have to raise our hands and allow it, we’re going to have to give up and allow it.

And that’s the end. Hashem is not going to let this happen, its already starting to happen, but till the end it won’t happen. There will be those that will go against, and they already are. For example, they want to take all the boys to the army they want to empty out the yeshivas. Only let the top top ones stay in the yeshivas and go to kollels. However, there’s one catch to it, that they decide who’s the Talmid Chacham, they decide. That means the goyim decide who’s a Talmid Chacham and who isn’t, and its very terrible, just very terrible.

And the funny thing is that they don’t really need any more people in the army.

They have enough people in the army, because they are more high-tech than they were, so they don’t really need so many people in the army especially frum Jews that demand kashrus and all kind of things like that, they need to daven three times a day and so on and so forth.

The radio announcers speak about the frum in such a disgraceful way, but let me tell you, you non-frum Jews in Israel, the only claim that you have to the land of Israel is from Hashem, He gave it to us and not your chalutzim, HE gave it to us, and He let you come in, but it’s not going to help, you’re not going to continue ruling here, you’re not going to continue.

You’re going to run away when it gets really bad.

You’re going to run away and leave here the real Jews. And don’t worry, Hashem will protect us because we have Moshiach, we will have Moshiach, and I will suggest that all real Jews do teshuva fast.

And I agree with many of you, many of our Rabbanim are not the way they are supposed to be, but you’re not the way you’re supposed to be either. And if those rabbis are trying to please you than what do you got against them? They are trying to be like you, so what do you got against them?

But now let me get to the main point.

The main point is this – Moshiach is here already and we can’t deny it.

You can deny it if you want but it’s not going to help you, the earth is a in a very bad situation and the people on the earth are in even a worse situation. You think that the earth itself, your cities, your so-called cultures, that that’s the essence of life, but it’s all lies, lies. The only things in this world that is not a lie is the Torah and all the seforim that the tzaddikim have written like the Gemara, all the seforim that the greatest scholars in Yiddishkeit have written throughout the generations – that’s the truth. The rest is lies.

And I’m forewarning you, and I’m talking only now to Am Yisrael – you better do teshuva fast.

But fast! It’s true, the Moshiach is here, and he lives in Yerushalayim and he’s a great person, and people talk bad things about him, dirty things about him and it’s not true. But boruch Hashem that they speak dirty things about him because it only proves that he’s Moshiach.


Not chas v’shalom because Moshiach does bad things, chas v’shalom, chas v’shalom, no, that’s not the reason. But because every huge tzaddik was slandered in the worse way because of jealous people that wanted to take over their positions. Well, it’s happening again and this is one of the greatest signs that he is Moshiach because the dirtier they make the stories, the more we know that it’s all lies, and he is Moshiach.

And this great person already has a very large following all over the world, he has worked wonders and he also is the exact description of what Moshich is going to be like from all the seforim.

So, I will only tell you his name and you can check it out for yourselves. And I bless you that you use your sechel, you use your intellect, and your Jewish heart to realize that the people that speak the most dirt about him are the dirty people.

They’re the ones that speak the dirt about him, they’re the ones that can’t stand purity, they’re the ones that can’t stand anything that’s close to Hakadosh Boruch Hu, they’re the Erev Rav or worse.

His name is Harav Eliezer ben Etia.

And I tell you, you better daven for him because he’s sometimes very sick and he’s sick because of us, because of our sickness. And he takes it upon himself, but we don’t have to worry about him. When we are praying for him, we are really praying for ourselves because he is above everyone, and he is sacrificing himself for Am Yisrael, he’s taking the suffering on himself so that we can be saved.

However, we have to still do teshuva because Hashem loves us very much and he loves Eliezer ben Etia even more and he wants us to do teshuva and it’s not enough that he suffers for us, Eliezer ben Etia, it’s not enough.

We have to ourselves do teshuva and we have many people that are sure they’re tzaddikim. And they’re not. Not at all. Only כאילו, just as if, they are tzaddikim.

So, my dear fellow Jews, you haven’t got much time you better get your act together because time is running out.

Finished. And we’re almost at the end, and we’ve better get it straight. If you have the desire, the need, to actually do complete teshuva, to get rid of all your silly toys and come back to Hashem completely, then don’t tell me it’s boring to learn, and don’t tell me it’s boring to daven, because you’re not davening as you should if it’s boring.

The most interesting thing in life is Torah, Torah and mitzvos, and living the life of a true Jew.

The best upbringing that you can have for your children is to teach them how to love Hashem, how to make contact with Hashem. How to grow and come closer to Hashem.

This is the only life that’s worth living and if you deny it, then Hashem will deny your survival. I bless all Am Yisrael that you wake up from your drunk stupor and that you come back to the truth, which is ‘ain od milvado’, Hashem is the Creator of all, and the earth itself is only a speck in creation.

And if you want to survive and achieve eternity/netzach then you better change your ways, and fast, because what’s going to happen in the future is going to go very fast. So, I bless all of us, every Jew, every Jew that’s alive today, and every Jewish neshama that we come back to Hakadosh Boruch Hu who’s name is Truth/Emes and we will achieve netzach/eternity.


NB: When Rabbi Eliezer Berland was asked whether we should publicize this message, he gave permission to publish it, but he said: “Some of this information is not correct. The wars will only be in 200 years’ time.”

See the previous message HERE.

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  1. By all the prophets like Yirmiyahu who were speaking predictions of destruction, the nation was not prepared to accept it, they even mocked them especially after years went by and the predictions “were proven false” nothing came true. But what the nation didn’t realize is that Hashem kept pushing it off in order to gather the merit of the nation and give them time to do teshuva. However, eventually the prophecies came true word for word.
    This is what the Gemara said חכם עדיף מנביא a tzaddik is better than a prophet. Because 1) a tzaddik knows how to speak the words in a way that the people can digest and can be influenced by like Rebbe Nachman says when one chastises another its like mixing the dried up defecation and will only cause it to smell more, but when someone speaks out of love the words can have an effect. And 2) more importantly, “a tzaddik is better than a prophet” because a prophet sees what’s going to happen but can do nothing more then warn about it, the tzaddik on the other hand not only sees the future but is able to change the future at it says “a bad prophecy can be turned for the good” and “Hashem decrees and the tzaddik cancels the decrees”. The suffering of the Tzaddik is not for nothing he is changing the future at every second and every moment, everything he does comes from his infinite compassion and self sacrifice for every human being, jew, non-jew, religious, non-religious, athiest or idol worshiper.
    We must pray that he will succeed and win this war…

    These FC messages are important for us to know the reality as spoken by the prophets in order for us to better appreciate what the tzaddik is doing in the world and that the Geula is being prosponed only for our benefit.

  2. Wars and rumors of wars. Events happening in far away places. Some say the events of these days have
    been present since time immemorial. Hashem allows these things to transpire to warn and arouse the world
    to try repentance.
    However, today we have war technology that can destroy entire countries and kill millions of people.
    The survivors from such a war would be envious of those who died from the actual attack. The times maybe
    scary but with faith in Hashem and cleaving to the true tzadik, all this is for the Israel and the entire world

  3. I reviewed the article. Binyamin Goldin does not say about Nochide people. Can anyone ask Binyamin what he thinks of Nochide laws? Is Being Nochide worthless? Best is convert Jew? Does Rav Berland approve Nochide people to follow 7 laws? Thank you

    • Noachides are certainly NOT worthless – Rabbi Berland has emphasized on many different occasions the importance of every human being to Hashem. In terms of what that means in relation to the world-to-come and the time of Moshiach, it’s unclear, and we will need to wait for more clarity and halachic input from our Sages.

      But in the meantime, non-Jews should certainly continue to follow the 7 Noahide laws, and to try to internalize that they are bringing Hashem a lot of nachas by doing so.

  4. How does this comment : “NB: When Rabbi Eliezer Berland was asked whether we should publicize this message, he gave permission to publish it, but he said: “Some of this information is not correct. The wars will only be in 200 years’ time.”
    fit in with what Rabbi Berland said of the 7 year redemption process from years 5775 -5781? Which Rabbi Glazersons code also corroborates?

    • The redemption can come now while the wars can come in a much later time. There are opinions in Chazal that the wars come only after Moshiach is here. This is clear since Moshiach will need to fight those wars himself. How much after Moshiach is not mentioned anywhere. Here, the Rav hinting that the tzaddikim have the power to postpone the wars for another 200 years. Deadline is year 6000.


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