A frightening message from a ‘Lamed Vav’ tzaddik

The 'Lamed Vav' Tzaddik, Rav Elazar Mordechai Menzer, shlita


“A person isn’t punished unless they’ve first been warned, and therefore I’m now warning you.”

“From now on, anyone who opens their mouth to talk against the Gaon and Tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, he’s considered to be a deliberate transgressor, and he should know that he’s playing with fire.”

A little while ago, we received a terrifying message from Rav Elazar Mordechai Menser, a miracle worker and author of holy works, who the late Rav Avraham Chai, ztl, (the famous kabbalist from Pardes Katz) and many other Tzaddikim testified is one of the leading lamed vav Tzaddikim of our generation.

Over a year ago, Rav Menser wrote a very strongly-worded letter which was published in the book Birchat Avraham, section 52, in response to the situation surrounding Rav Berland.


Rav Chaim Cohen, shlita, is a famous kabbalist better known by his nickname ‘the Milkman’. His father, Rav Ezra Eliyahu Prachia Cohen, ztl, passed away on the 17th Tevet 5775. Rav Eliyahu was a hidden Tzaddik, and on the first anniversary of his yahrtzeit (December 29, 2015), his son’s health started to deteriorate rapidly, until the Milkman was in critical condition and had to be admitted to the Emergency Room at Tel Shomer hospital.

When Rav Mordechai Menser, shlita, heard what had happened, he decided to go straight to the hospital, even though it was the middle of the night, in order to try to help Rav Chaim Cohen.

Very surprisingly, the hospital staff admitted Rav Menser to the ward, where he entered, prayed by the bedside of the Milkman, and performed whatever mystical work he performed, until the Milkman opened his eyes and began to look around.

That morning, the hospital staff registered a big improvement in his condition, and a short while later, the Milkman was miraculously allowed to return home. Rav Menser than told an alarming story that, in truth, the time had come for the Milkman to leave the world, and when Rav Menser, shlita, entered the Milkman’s room, he saw that he was already speaking with his father, Rav Ezra’s, soul, and his father was telling him:

“Come with me to the world where it’s only good!” But, thanks to Rav Menser’s prayers, the decree was rescinded. Afterwards, the Tzaddik Rav Menser wrote down the words that he’d heard at that time, from the soul of the Milkman’s father, Rav Ezra.


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Here’s what Rav Menser wrote in the letter:

“On Thursday night, before dawn, at 4.29am, after I’d finished davening ma’ariv, with the niggunim and the nusach of the holy days, I received permission from Heaven to reveal what I’m about to tell you.

“On the eve of the 17th Tevet, the yahrtzeit of the famous Tzaddik of the previous generation, who would be visited by many of the Tzaddikim of the previous generation at his home, the Rav Ezra Prachia Cohen, ztl, the father of Rabbenu, the Rav Chaim Cohen, shlita, the Milkman, the Tzaddik foundation of the world…

“Rav Ezra, ztl, came down on the day of his yahrtzeit and told his son, the Tzaddik, foundation of the world, shlita, ‘My son! My son! My son! Who is so dear to me and to the Creator of the worlds. I request from you very much, come with me Upstairs to Gan Eden. They have prepared a place for you there which is very good. Why stay here? [I.e., in this world.] Now that the holy Shechina and all of the Tzaddikim together with her are crying, when they see the lowliness of this generation?’”

Rav Menser continues: “After he said this, he then went on to speak at length about the zealots in the community, whose ‘loftiness in their mouths, and who hold a double-edged sword in their hands.’ [Rav Ezra] then continued and said the following to his son:

“You are also being slandered, and also the other true Tzaddikim of the generation [are being slandered], and also the Tzaddik, foundation of the world, Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, who fled into exile [is being slandered], and no-one paid any attention.

“I request from you [my son], that you have mercy on me. From above, I’m unable to continue watching your suffering, and the suffering of the rest of the persecuted Tzaddikim, who are being trampled on. And the Gedolei Yisrael who don’t follow in the path of these persecutors, they are also being persecuted.

“The Shechina and the Tzaddikim above, in Heaven, are crying and are suffering [from this]. Only the Satan and the accusors are happy and dancing about the fact that they’re besting the Shechina and the Tzaddikim above, whilst also lengthening this terrible, bitter exile.”

Rav Menser continues: “[Rav Ezra] then continued to speak about different matters, and in the end he concluded by saying: ‘More than this, I don’t have permission to reveal to you now.’”


A little while after this occurred, Nachman Salmonovitch from Shuvu Banim was visiting the Tzaddik Rav Menser, shlita, who permitted him to publicize the content of this letter, and also added the following astounding message:

“You should know, that all of this persecution [of Rav Berland] is born out of jealousy. I have no doubt that if these persecutors would have been living in the generation of Rabbenu HaKadosh, Rebbe Nachman, that they would have also been persecuting him.

“The Yismach Moshe, ztl, Rav Teitelbaum the admor of Satmar teaches us that the tree hints to the Tzaddik, and that water hints to machloket (contention and strife)….Just like it’s impossible for a tree to grow without water, so too it’s impossible for a Tzaddik to grow without machloket.

R’ Salmonovitch explains: “It’s known that Rav Menser, shlita, only says the words that Hashem puts into his mouth, when people ask him questions. At 2am that morning, he told me that he’d just received another message from Heaven, and that I should give it over in his name. The message from Rav Menser was as follows:

‘They don’t punish a person unless he’s first been warned, therefore I’m now warning you. Tosfot in Masechet Sotah [which quotes Rabbi Yochanon, who brings the words from Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai] says that: ‘It’s better for a person to throw himself into a fiery furnace, than to embarrass his friend in public.’ And also Rabbenu Yonah [writing in Shaarei Teshuva, the Third Gate, 139, where he explains that we’re speaking about the ‘dust’ of murder, because the person who shames another causes the red blood to drain from the face of the person he embarrassed] – explains that one who embarrasses another in public, it’s like one of the three cardinal sins that a person should rather die than transgress.

(The three cardinal sins are murder, sexual profanity and idol worship.)

From now on, anyone who opens his mouth against Rav Berland, shlita, he’s considered to be a deliberate transgressor, and he should know that he’s playing with fire. And he fulfills the words of the following verse in Pirkei Avot that states:

Warm yourself beside the fire of the Sages, but beware of their glowing coals, lest you be burnt. For their bite is the bite of a fox, their sting is the sting of a scorpion, their hiss is the hiss of a serpent, and all their words are like coals of fire.

‘Also, a person who only thinks bad thoughts against Rav Berland, shlita, should know that these thoughts are considered to be idol worship, and that he needs to use all of his strength to expel these thoughts [from his mind].

‘Whoever has already spoken against Rav Berland, shlita, has no remedy, except to go to two trustworthy Jews, and to tell them that he takes it upon himself that when the Rav, shlita, is released, BH, he will go to him to appease him, until he hears from him [Rav Berland] that he’s been forgiven.’

R’ Salmonovitch concludes: “This is what the holy Tzaddik Rav Elazar Mordechai Menser, shlita, told me.”

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