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Notes of shiur: (thanks to DC from Chicago)

This is the month of Iyaar….a month of healing, also the dying of 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva during a plaque. 12,000 partners. Killed because of one sin only: they did not give Respect to each other. Even though they were all holy and kept the 613 mitzvot.

Lashon Hara is evil speech and originates in not giving respect to other Torah scholars. We learn Lashon Hara from Miriam the prophetess who spoke disrespectfully about Moshe.

In this week’s Parsha of Tazria-Mitzora, we learn that he who speaks lashon hara needs to be quarantined for two weeks. Rashi explains the reason is that the person separated others from each other by evil speech, so he must also be separated from people. Miriam was sent outside the encampment.

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We learn tzaraat from the tzaddikim. Miriam spoke badly about Moshe Rabbainu. She was at the highest levels of prophecy yet….. she got tzaras….

R Levy Yitzchak Bender explains people hear Rabbi’s speaking badly about other Rabbi’s so the think it’s permissible, they even think it’s a Mitzvah, but by continuing to spread the lashon hara they are killing themselves and the world spiritually. We have no comprehension of the arguments between tzaddikim. Don’t get involved.

In these days of the Omer, the month of Iyaar, what we are reading in the Parsha, and the virus that we are experiencing. These are all interplaying.

It is also THINKING bad about others, or being silent when you HEAR, even reading/listening to FAKE NEWS…..you need to CUT YOURSELF OFF from listening to lashon hara, which is what Fake News IS. Don’t believe everything you are hearing. It is recommended to isolate yourself from the media, keep social distancing also in the internet, so you don’t catch the true pandemic, the pandemic of lashon hara, the root cause of the plague.

Many more rabbis are coming out and admitting that they listened to false reports. Admitting to the sins against Rabbi Berland.

The basic things now: The Tzaddik of the Generation takes on the sins of the generation to atone.

(Hebrew sources: showing on Zoom screen.)

He will be concealed, then revealed, then concealed again.
We HAVE to get out of our immature ideas of how Mashiach will come.
When we were little children, we were taught that Mashiach will come in a miraculous way and he will solve all problems.
THIS IS A FALSE way to think about Mashiach.

Redemption – what does it actually mean?
The Redemption is happening right now..and we don’t see it because we are hanging on to our childish concepts. Open your eyes and listen!!

The idea of Mashiach being concealed, revealed, then concealed.
(opening Pirkei Avot on the screen….proof sources…..in Hebrew.
19 pages…)

The only one who will get Mashiach out of jail is Hashem himself.
The police system, etc, will fall apart, the system will collapse. We are seeing it now, the courts have stopped, the jails are a mess…..the virus has everything in lockdown.

Everyone of us needs to have a part in helping. Give charity for pidyon shvuyim, pray, saying tikkun haklali etc. Hashem is giving us an opportunity to be a part of this amazing thing.

But it is ultimately Hashem alone who will get him out.

He will go out from prison to become king. Like Yosef. Also King David, they got him out of the field, cleaned him up, then anointed him king. Even though he wasn’t the revealed king immediately, but at first after being anointed he remained hidden and was the “king in hiding” and instead was working behind the scenes until the time came to reveal himself. Same is with Moshiach Ben Dovid.

The midrash says that Mashiach himself though all his pureness and holiness, will be frightened when he is released from prison and see’s all the people standing up against him.

He will gather his soldiers (us – who are helping) and go to fight against the evil soldiers. These enemies will continue to be against Mashiach even after Mashiach is anointed !!! WE should be a PART of him, help him. People will continue to disgrace him. People will have a lot of questions about Mashiach.

Chazal teach that even religious people will go against Moshiach and say ‘THIS is Mashiach???? -…..someone who sat in prison?! We want the miraculous ENTRANCE of Mashiach. Rebbe Nachman says that the people who will take the longest to receive Mashiach, are the Chassidim. The simple people will be the first to accept the Mashiach. WHY does Mashiach NEED US? to HELP HIM??? Shouldn’t he be able on his own? There are a lot of misconceptions about Mashiach. They will say he is crazy, doesn’t fit our perceptions of Moshiach, not mainstream enough to be “our” Mashiach!

Again, the only one who will get him out of prison, is Hashem Himself.

In the Medrash Raba…Moshe spent 10 years in Midian prison before he redeemed the nation. “Like the first redeemer, will be the last redeemer.” REVEAL, CONCEAL, then REVEAL again.

The gemara says that the revelation of Moshiach doesn’t have to be a revelation to the entire world, it can be to a small group of people. Like David…..it was revealed to a small group of people for years. The small group of people were not allowed to name him, to give his name in public.

Hashem is preparing the way for the world to accept Mashiach, when the time is ok to announce him.

The New Reality will come after everything will fall apart. People who do not have a connection to holiness, who do not have a connection to the tzaddik, do not understand the New Reality. They suffer alot.

Only people who do regular hitbodudut will see the light, others will suffer alot…it will be painful for them. Praiseworthy are those who wait.

Reveal, conceal, then another 25 years possible before he is revealed again.
Both the Reveal and the Conceal is hidden from us. Just like we don’t know when he was first revealed we don’t know when he was first concealed, maybe 25 years ago, and we don’t know when the final revelation will be either. Maybe it’s already happening but we’re not prepared to see it.

The main thing is to prepare ourselves. Prepare to receive the LIGHT of Mashiach. Rebbe Nachman says that the essence of Mashiach is connection to the Tzaddik. Only those connected will see.

45 days, Rashi says 45 years. Maybe they are talking about a PROCESS.
Like birth labor, there are moments of pain, and then moments of relaxation. The process goes back and forth like this until the birth. Not sure if it is 45 days or years. Both were said. But that doesn’t matter because at our current state of mine we have no way of knowing when it began and when it’s over. The tzaddikim know. But our jobs now is to fix our minds so that we can get a taste of what is really happening.

The main thing is this: A TEST IN FAITH, in EMUNA…at the time of concealment those who believe will suffer. Moshe went up the mountain, he was concealed, it was very hard on the people, not knowing.

Mashiach will first reveal himself to his students, whose who believe in him. The world will continue going after the lies and believe in the Fake News and lies that are said. The first thing Mashiach will do is reveal himself to a small group of people. The Midrash says that there will even be Tzadikim that won’t know, they will not understand or recognize him. Since they are too busy in thier own spiritual lives and thier own Torah communities they don’t seek out Moshiach, especially under this amount of controversy, they would rather stay away. But eventually they will come around and believe, they will ask forgiveness.

But the ones who are leading the war against Mashiach will be destroyed. Rav Schick revealed what Rebbe Nachman wrote in the hidden scroll, those attacking the tzaddik who is the Moshiach of the generation, they are the soldiers of “Gog Umagog” and the ultimate redemption will only come about when they are destroyed. Anyone who hears and believes thier lies are automatically recruited to thier army. The words are contagious like the coronavirus, whoever doesn’t practice strict social distancing get effected.

But a person can always do teshuva, cleanse themselves and begin to truly distance themselves from those possessed by this spiritual virus, which is a living organism, an evil spirit.

The world is slowly waking up…..

History, when the 2nd temple was to be rebuilt. We were in Persia in Bavel, we had to get permission to rebuild. Many people stayed in exile, only a small group came to rebuild. There was no BIG MIRACULOUS revelation at that time. It was a constant struggle to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Also, like when we left Egypt, we were complaining about leaving….to go to a desert? Oy, this isn’t the redemption we were taught in Kindergarten!! The same people who were crying “Moshiach Moshiach” were now complaining to Moshe why did you take us out of Egypt to die in the desert. We had everything we needed in Egypt.

History keeps repeating itself.

WE have to get ourselves out of exile. Out of this MINDSET!! Small mindedness. Wake up. Connect to the Torah, to the Tzaddik in an expansive mindedness.

Sources: Dream of Rebbe Nachman…..in exile, running, his own people will reject him, then later coming back. This virus today, is really waking people up. Causing people who went against him, to now come back. Big rabbis are waking up and coming back. We are getting there. The main thing is to connect to the Tzaddik WHILE he is in concealment. Don’t wait until later when it is obvious, when it is easier. Connect now. Don’t worry about your honor or reputation. Not getting respect from your family, etc. The gemara says that converts and Baalei Teshuva are no longer accepted after Moshiach comes, because then it will be easy to connect. If you wait until it’s obvious, then you will not get the reward, so be on the right side NOW. CONNECT now!

It is starting to happen, it is coming faster and faster. Jump on the train NOW. After the time of persecutions the revelation will come.

Chazal already taught that there will be alot of machloket and persecutions against those who follow and are connected to the Tzaddik….. before the redemption. The main suffering before Moshiach, the “birthpangs of Moshiach” are the suffering of Moshiach himself and his people, the main thing is the persecutions of the Tzaddik himself and his followers.

The War of Gog uMagog is the war against tzaddikim. This is the REAL war.

The VIRUS is to WAKE PEOPLE UP. The physical pandemic is over but now we are in a lockdown and not allowed into our batei knessiot in order to wake up and to stop the Lashon hara especially against the Tzaddik. Listening to lashon hara is the real virus. You have to protect yourself against lashon hara, just like the masks are to protect you from the virus, the mask over your mouth should remind you to stay away from any drop of lashon hara.

Wars coming soon, Rabbi Pinto said….war is coming….but, Tzaddikim can cancel wars. An example of the REAL WAR that is coming is Hungar and Famine…..it’s coming. The spiritual famine….protect against THAT. The tzaddikim can sweeten everything and turn it all into a spiritual war against them, a spiritual famine. But we still need to protect ourselves not to be in the wrong side.

Do not worry about the physical virus. It is OVER with. Worry about the Spiritual Virus! Lock yourself down from hearing and believing Lashon Hara !!

(Now reading from the gemara ketuvot/shabbat/sanhedrin) In the generation that the Mashiach will come, there will be great arguments and persecutions against the Talmidei. Purifications…..one after the next….will refine until the pure gold will remain. Within a person himself, sufferings and pain…..this is purifying us. People are waking up and doing Teshuvah.

Many decrees…..one after another…

1/10th will be remain, or sifted out… The Sifting process, within a person himself. 9/10th is garbage within a person and needs to be SIFTED OUT. Those with faith will make it and remain. Rebbe Nachman said it will be a test of emunah. Some percentage of people will have the faith needed.

The main thing is the war and persecutions against the true talmidim – which is also against the tzaddik.

The Jewish people if they merit are compared to pure gold and silver. The dirt around the gems need to be removed. Tzaddikim are here to sweeten the decrees. And also WITHIN a person……REFINE YOURSELF…..9/10th of you is garbage. Do Teshuvah, refine yourself…like the dirt around the silver….you need purification. It’s painful but it’s worth it, and it’s the only way. Only 1/10th will remain….individually and nationally. The purification process goes through many siftings… 1/10th of a person remains and that is the pure silver. And then that gets sifted again and only 1/10th of that remains.

A tzaddik willingly sacrifices his reputation to save us from going through these persecutions. He is sweetening what is happening.

Scientists and Dr’s are saying that it’s so much worse then we see. People think there is some kind of conspiracy because it doesn’t look bad. But the truth is it was supposed to be so much worse, even much worse than the Dr’s and governments are saying. But one thing they don’t know about, there is a tzaddik alive that is sweetening everything.

The lockdown is to wake us up. Stop using your shuls as a place for lashon hara or Hashem will kick you out and lock the doors.

Gemara – End times SIGNS…have all happened. All that is waiting for is US to be ready, Teshuvah, refine yourself.

Gemara – There is no greater sign then this……in these days people will not have jobs anymore, going out and in, they will have no peace. Those who study Torah with Truth, will have no peace, will be persecuted. The Tzaddik suffers to save the entire Jewish people. If they don’t do teshuva he must do it for them. Because Moshiach can only come through teshuva.

Through his suffering they will be redeemed. But let’s help him out and do some teshuva on our own.

Rav Kook said that Rabbi Eliezer Berland is Rabbi Eliezer Hagadol. His entire life is to bring people to make teshuvah, but in the end some do not make it, so he takes on the suffering to help those. Then the whole nation can be redeemed. Zohar says/asks how can all the Jews from all over the world, all spread out….do teshuvah? If the LEADERS take it on, it will be atonement for ALL the Jewish nation…but all this in the world now, this virus, etc….is to give us the opportunity to do teshuvah. We HAVE to, how much can one tzaddik take on??!!!

Lag bOmer……when the students of Rabbi Akiva died, out of this came 5 tzaddikim…..who were greater than all 24,000 put together. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai the leader and his son suffered tremendous persecution and suffering, hiding in the cave for 13 years…… He said he could release everyone in his generation from the judgment and if his son Rabbi Eliezer was with him from the beginning of time to now……but his son is not ELIEZER its ELAZAR also the gemara above that talks about the tzaddiks suffering that brings Moshiach says RABBI ELIEZER INSTEAD OF RABBI ELAZAR is this a typo in the gemara or is it trying to hint something to us? Rabbi Eliezer he will atone for the world, and release them from judgments before the redemption. He was suffering in the cave for 12 years. When he spoke, fire came out, few could learn with Shimon and his son. He ran away from the Romans (who he could easily have killed), so that he could suffer and atone for the people…..and bring the Zohar.

After 12 years he came out and everyone Rabbi Eleazar looked out became a ball of fire, Rabbi Shimon then looked at them and brought them back to life. Hashem said, go back to the cave for another year. Do you think people on this level were running away from the police because they were scared?? Do you think people in this level were hiding out in the cave because they were scared?? Obviously not! They wanted to release the entire world from judgement and were willing to suffer unbearable pain to make that happen.

To be continued next week;

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