How is Rav Berland shlit”a managing in prison? Hear this amazing first hand account

Rav Berland joy
Rav Berland at bris with Chaim Reicher
“There is a very strange situation, apparently, we who are coming to visit the Rav Shlit”a are supposed to be happy while he who is inside should be depressed. But, in fact the opposite is true, the Rav Shlit”a always comes out with a talis and tfillin, carrying piles of sfarim, until you forget you came to visit him in a prison at all. The Rav Shlit”a is with sfarim that 99.9% are unfamiliar with in this generation, he knows them verbally as if it was just storie books. Even the new sfarim that just came out, and I brought him, are familiar to him and he quotes them adding chidushim to them.

“You sit in front of the Rav Shlit”a who is already 80 years old, and you are at the height of the tremor and fear, because you see his holiness, the light that he projects and you hear from him that everything is fine there are no complaints ‘I’m just learning here, nobody bothers me’.

“What really strengthens the Rav Shlit”a is that people out here are praying for his success and continue their avodas Hashem, continue their torah study, prayers and that the community is growing and prosperous day by day. I spoke to the Rav shlit”a about the status of the community and students out there, thousands of people who just recently arrived and joined the veterans who kept with the Rav shlit”a. Moreover, I thank the Rav shlit”a that by all the things he took upon himself, he sifted out a lot of people do not deserve to be in this holy community, and pulled them out.

“Thousands more new people are drawing close, litvish rabbonim, Admorim that I talk to and I am in constant touch with, like a new world opened to them of tremendous wisdom, and singing melodies, of real Breslov, not Breslov that speaks bad about others, not Breslov that say we are the best. Rabbi Nachman is prayer, is torah, is nigunim and zmirot, and to accept insult with love and joy, etc, – all this we see in the Rav shlit”a. I do not think that things like we see in the Rav Shlit”a were seen in previous generations, there were no such things, the epitome of spiritual exaltedness and holiness.

“We sat with the Rav Shlit”a and for 25 minutes we sang the same song weeping tears of adherence and joy. The prison commander says he does not understand what is happening here, that whenever the Rav Shlit”a begins to pray the entire prison is quiet, from 5:00 am the Rabbi is singing and no one complains that he is interfering him. I heard that all the prisons are asking that the Rav Shlit”a should come to them and return the prisoners to teshuva.

“We were ten people with the Rav Shlit”a including some of his grandchildren and I told the Rav that there are ten Jews here together, we have a minyan, but the Rav replied that there is always ten – you have no idea which souls are here, souls that years and years are waiting for their tikun.

“These things should awaken and shake us who are so entirely absorbed in this world because the Rav is entirely absorbed in avodat Hashem.

“The righteous can never be locked up, as Yosef Hatzadik that all the awesome things he attained and achieved he achieved specifically in jail. We are near the holy and awesome tzaddik that is willing to accept disgrace like this on himself. Leading Rabbi’s speak to me privately and tell me that they have explicit instructions from the Rav not to support him openly, except for some things he permits because of the chillul Hashem. The Rav shlit”a feels that he must take on himself this disgrace in order to mitigate decrees and ignite the light of teshuva in all of Am Yisrael.

“I told the Rav shlit”a that they are talking bad about him and asked if we should act against it, but the Rav Shlit”a said we should do nothing, just pray, just learn, just dance and be happy. The Rav Shlit”a already told me some of those secrets that I must not tell, why some things happen, how the Rav filtered out the kind of people connected to him from all those who were looking only for money, pride, status and dignity. What other Rav or Admor have these kind of students that after five years of persecution and torment are still sacrificing themselves? We see clearly that there are people here who learned the way of the Rav Shlit”a. And anyone for whom it is not comfortable for them is welcome to leave, there are enough students already, there are thousands of new ones, there are hidden things happening that we do not understand.

“During the half an hour of talking with the Rav Shlit”a He cited 80 different sources, one feels like a zero in front of a talmid chacham of this caliber. I have no doubt that Avigdor Feldman, one of the biggest attorneys in the country felt ignorant beside him. The Rav Shlit”a is in full control of every subject: how to build airplanes, nuclear bombs, science, health, physics, history… He even sat with the Druze prisoners and told them about their holiday and the history of their religion, things that they didn’t even know. Everything comes to his holiness, his love of every Jew, and that he forgives everyone wholeheartedly.

“There Rav shlit”a has a very serious disc herniation, and his foot with the platinum is also in a serious situation, but we sang with him and he started dancing with us, and he made us a bridge on the floor and the grandchildren went under him and is done by weddings. An eighty-year-old man in prison with serious health problems arched over backwards on the floor while children crawl under him! We see that his life-force is from the holy Torah and from his disconnection of all involvement with money and worldly affairs.

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“One of the early talmidim reminded me about all the years the Rav would mention in his shiurim that if a person finds himself in jail he should sing and dance like Yosef Hatzadik of whom it says “gvar tapuz” that he was dancing all 14 years in prison, then the person will reach awesome heights. It seems as if the Rav was preparing us for this all these years. But in truth the Rav has been in prison for many years now, what we see now is only a continuation. But this is the final stage, when it’s over great things will happen beyond imagination.

“14 years ago I went alone to the Ravs house when no one else was at home and I hear the tape playing with melodies and the Rav is dancing. Later I asked the Rebetzin and she told me that she went to the Kotel two hours before and the Rav was since dancing.

“Dozens of times I found the Rav sprawled out with arms and legs crying to Hashem Yisborach, I would stand next to him four or five hours and hear him crying the Mincha tfilla. We cannot talk about these things because it just takes off from the true greatness which is beyond what words can describe. We can see from the people of the Rav how they pray, how they feel the pleasure of avodas Hashem. Breslovers do not want to be just like everyone else, they want to be with the Rebbe, with great holy conception, to pass it on to the next generation, to talk about it. The thing that pleases the Rav Shlit”a more than anything else is that another Jew is strengthened, is learning Torah, is guarding his eyes.”

“After everyone else left, I was with the Rav in private, so I asked him if I can nevertheless do something to help him and the Rav answered me that I should invest in an additional hour of learning every day, with all my connections in politics, the Rav did not have any other request from me.

“From the prison we drove to Meron and we met Rabbi David Abuhatzeira who after telling him where I am coming from he told me about the Rav Shlit”a “motzi asirim bechoshrot” (from tehilim) that he takes out prisoners with tears and song. With Hashems help he will be released soon, right now he should come out.”

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