“It’s forbidden to associate with someone who disgraces Torah scholars” – Rav Pinto

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto warns of the terrible danger involved with disgracing Torah scholars

Am Yisrael is currently experiencing so very much suffering.

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, shlita, recently explained in very direct language just how careful we need to be, when it comes to the matter of disparaging Tzaddikim and talmidei chachamim, and just how much this can hurt us.

(You can watch Rabbi Pinto speaking in the original Hebrew, in the video below):

Rav Pinto said the following:

“Whoever harms the chachamim (Torah scholars), should be considered as though they are muktzeh (i.e. forbidden to touch or come near).

In the old days, could someone say something [bad] about the tzaddikim?! The walls would tremble! But today, attacking the tzaddikim has become something ‘beautiful’, people really enjoy beating up the tzaddikim.

And even rabbis are attacking other rabbis. But a rav who speaks lashon hara about another rav – we need to tell him that you are passul, passul, passul! (I.e. disqualified from being a rav).

There is nothing more ‘passul’ than you! Why are you speaking lashon hara about a Tzaddik?! It’s forbidden to speak lashon hara about the Tzaddikim!

To argue over the Torah – yes [this is permitted].

I can say yes, and you can say no, it’s permitted to oppose someone else about the Torah. Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai used to oppose each other over the holy Torah, they used to challenge each other and argue. But they still married each other, they were still friends, this is the derech (path) of Hashem.

But when a person is passul (disqualified) “each person who disqualifies another person, he disqualifies them with his own flaw.”

Whoever says to you ploni is not good – know that he himself is not good! Because whoever is not good, he speaks badly about his friend. Whoever is really good doesn’t see bad in his friend.


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The holy BESHT once saw someone desecrate the Shabbat, and he started to cry and to weep a lot. [They asked him] Rabbenu, why are you crying? He replied: Because I saw someone break Shabbat. If I saw someone break Shabbat it’s a sign that I heard someone speak lashon hara about a talmid chacham and I stayed silent.

To argue about the Torah is permitted…

This is how the Torah was built. Moshe received the Torah from Sinai, and transmitted it to Yehoshua…. Am Yisrael is built like a pyramid, with Moshe at the top. But we have reached the state where one person is killing another, and this is assur (forbidden).

To disagree over the Torah is permitted… This is your derech, and this is my derecho. But to engage in machloket (strife, slander and sowing trouble between people)? Or in hatred? Or to be involved in not good things and words? And to involve others in not good things? This has to end.

Each person should accept this upon themselves, and to cut themselves off from this.

He has to cut himself off from all this lashon hara. Whoever speaks lashon hara, they are passul! He is muktzeh!


We have HaKadosh Baruch Hu, we have temimut (simplicity), we have avodat Hashem (service of Hashem), the derech Hashem, the simple service of Hashem.

This is our life, because these things give us vitality and lengthen our days.

Whoever passes these things by, he will have to manage with his life being bypassed, on the sidelines.

But whoever goes in simplicity, in the path of Hashem, fortunate are the members of his household! This is the true derech Hashem. This is the path of Hashem that a person is established on.”


“The more a person is a man of truth, the more they fight against him”

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