Listen: “Often it is best for a person to admit to things that he didn’t do and to end the story.” Attorney Ephraim Dimri on the reasons that brought about the plea bargain of Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a:

“I found a wonderful personality, a special, very righteous man, one giantly impressive person. He has a vast knowledge and is a great Torah scholar. I meet the Rav shlit”a almost every day, I live in the north and on my way to my office in Tel Aviv, I come to receive his blessing. Up until recently I only heard of him through the media, but I already know not to pay any attention to the media. I have extensive experience working with scholars, rabbis, kabbalists and Admor”im and I think the Rav shlit”a is one and unique in his generation, amazing, amazing, I never cease to marvel at his abilities, especially his simplicity and humility, he eliminates himself in front of others.”
In this second interview with Mr. Ephraim Dimri new light is shed on the events surrounding the Rav shlit”a:

“I have pages of gemara of lessons I learned with the Gaon Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a” were Attorney Dimri’s opening remarks. “He just closes his eyes and quotes gemaras and its commentaries, Rashi, Tosfos, and what not, gematriot, acronyms. The Rav shlit”a is completely innocent, but many times we need to be realistic, intelligent and not necesarily correct. Because if we would manage the process of the Ravs defense it can take a very long time, the Rav is unhealthy and not young at all. A righteous Jew tormented by sitting in an impure place. Many times it’s better for a person to accept on himself things he did not do and to finish the story. Obviously, if the Rav shlit”a would be out even under house arrest we would manage the case to the end and we would not settle for a plea bargain.”

“We would have definitely got the Rav shlit”a acquitted, but we cannot leave him suffering behind bars. The Rabbi has piles and piles of sfarim in his cell, shelves on top of shelves and all day and night he is sitting and learning. This is not a place for him.”

“The original indictment was cut in half, all that the State of Israel began with loud trumpets is gone, ‘the mountain gave birth to a mouse’. All the millions they wasted on nothing. They are accusing the Rav shlit”a of the most minor of things and I tell you that if it was a regular person who actually did these things, the case would be closed with no jail-time. And this is the Rav who did nothing at all.”

“I tell the followers of the Rav shlit”a that they should be proud of their Rav, you have a Rav that is a very great Tzaddik. The Rav loves you very much and is very proud of you, I’ve now joined his chassidut. “

Interviewer asks: We know that you were the student of the Rishon LeTzion Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu zt’l, is that true?

“Yes, and now you can call me a disciple of the Rebbe, Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a.”

Interviewer asks: What about the chillul Hashem that this plea bargain is causing?

“There is no chillul Hashem, the Rav shlit”a admitted very small things. And everyone knows that if the Rav was out we would prove to everyone that the Rav is absolutely clean. I didn’t make this decision on my own. Many great leading Rabbi’s and admorim were encouraging this decision. The Rav himself asked me to find out for him from various great Rabbi’s what is the right thing to do. All of them said to do this.”

For an earlier interview with Mr. Ephraim Damari on this topic click here – “It’s better to be smart than to be correct”.

In the coming days we will translate more interviews including an interview about a man who was in a similar situation as Rav Berland and received a psak from Rav Shalom Elyashiv that at his old age it is better to admit to things he didn’t do in order to get himself out of prison.

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