Moshiach is already here

Moshiach is here, already

This week, on Monday, May 13th, the week of Parshat Behar, 5779, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, attended the brit milah ceremony for the grandson of Rav Chanan Vaknin in the town of Givat Olga.

At the end of the bris, Rabbi Berland gave over a short shiur, where he said the following holy words:

“Today, we are bringing the geula (redemption). Moshiach is already here.

Today, we are bringing the geula, the Moshiach is already here. The Moshiach is going to come from Givat Olga.

“The Moshiach is going to go to Givat Olga, and then he will go to Kever Rochel. He will take Rachel Imenu with him, then ascend to Mount Nebo. Then they will meet up with the hind who will lead them to the tomb of Moshe. The tomb of Moshe will split open, and a shofar will descend from shemayim (Heaven), and the Moshiach will blow it.

All the nations of the world will come on ships. When Moshiach comes, there will be teruah, tekiah, teruah[1] and then the sea will split.”

Rav Berland then asked Rav Vaknin, to bring him his shofar, and the Rav blew on it. Once he’d finished sounding the shofar, Rabbi Berland said:

“Now, everyone is going with the Moshiach.”

See the shiur here:

[1] These are the names of different types of notes, blown on a shofar.

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