NEW RELEASE!!! Rav Berland’s ‘Prayers for Shalom Bayit’

Prayers for Shalom Bayit

Rabbi Berland’s latest book, Prayers for Shalom Bayit is out!

With tremendous gratitude to Hashem, we’re pleased to tell you that Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s latest book in English, Prayers for Shalom Bayit, is now out.

Currently, you can only buy it as hardcopy over on Amazon, HERE.

We are working on getting more of the Rav’s English books up on this site as downloadable PDFs and Kindle editions, so watch out for more good news soon!


Back in May 17, 2020, the Rav contacted one of his senior pupils and asked him to publicize a message in his name that:

“There are such great dinim (harsh judgments) and tumah (spiritual impurity) in the world, but my books and my writings, the Torah and the prayers, are cleaning and purifying all the judgments and the tumah from the world.”


You can download more of the Rav’s books in English for FREE, or even get a hardcopy sent out to you for free (you just pay the postage) HERE.

And may we hear more good news, very soon.


“My books are cleaning all the tumah and the judgments”

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