Newsflash: Post-surgery Prayer Gathering at the Kotel, 7pm today (Tue)

Rav Berland studying Torah in Hadassah hospital immediately after a serious operation
Rav Berland continues to study Torah every minute of the day, even in hospital.

NEWSFLASH: Prayer Gathering at the Kotel today at 7pm

Following the Rav’s surgery today, a prayer gathering is being held at the Kotel today (Tuesday, May 28th, 2019) at 7pm, for the Rav’s refuah.

If you can’t make it yourself, please say three Tikkun HaKlalis for the full recovery of Rabbi Eliezer ben Etia.

You can also join in a group saying tehillim for the Rav at the link below:\

May we only hear good news.


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