No vaccine has been found

coronavirus 'vaccine'

No vaccine has been found for ‘Coronavirus’

Stunning excerpt of a shiur given by Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, on the 5th of Shvat, 5780 (February 1st, 2020) – almost exactly a year ago.

A week before Rabbi Berland was arrested and imprisoned.


A boy who doesn’t come to the prayers, it’s a sign that he’s in the hands of the Sitra Achra (dark side), that the angels of the Sitra Achra are ruling over him.

He can’t pray, he can’t come, and even if he comes, he runs away, and everything will just seem strange to him, and weird. Baruch Hashem, he sees a hall filled with 7 billion people, who aren’t even praying, everyone now is infected.

70 people died, already, and another 2,000 are seriously ill.


Hashem is not giving up! He’s not backing down!

He’s is making earthquakes, cities sinking in the ground, and the earth is covering whole cities.

Hashem is not backing down!

He’s sending a slap to China, and after that He’s sending one to Mexico, and after that He’s sending it to India.

Each time, He does it in a different country, but people aren’t connecting these things together.

They don’t understand that they blemished the covenant [a reference to immoral behavior], so they have a germ this is called ‘Corona’.

And we need to stop blemishing the brit, that’s all.

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We don’t need serums, we don’t need vaccinations, because still no vaccine helps.

No vaccine has been found.


People can’t leave their homes.

Just a little while longer, it will also be forbidden in Eretz Yisrael to leave the home. They cancelled the flights to China now. I thought to travel to China, today I had a flight to China, but they cancelled it on me.

It’s all going down with it…


Translated from the Shivivei Or Newsletter#194


Rav Moshe Tzanani: ‘The Sitra Achra knows that all of the redemption depends on Rav Berland, and that’s why he’s making all of these terrible tests.’

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