Parshat Tazria-Mitzorah: Secrets of the Torah with Rav Berland



(Translated from the book Aish Moharan from the teachings of Rav Berland Shlit”a[3])

When a person is falling in his service of Hashem (G-d), when a person sees in himself a large deterioration and that his service of Hashem is worse off…at that moment comes the spiritual elevation.  And we learn this from Rabeinu (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov)[4] who writes, “In this many Chassidim are mistaken, that suddenly it appears to them that they have fallen in their service of Hashem (G-d).  Truthfully, they have not fallen at all.”

Chassidim think that a person can fall in his service of Hashem, but there is no concept of a person falling, in reality a person never falls.  It is a mistake and misconception to think someone is worse off in his service of Hashem.


A person learns Torah and prays, that is wonderful, what more do you want from him?  A person never falls since there is no concept of falling in one’s service of Hashem, and the Rebbe says (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov), falling in one’s service does not exist.  What does it mean to fall and become worse in one’s service of Hashem?  A person falls when he decides to stop serving Hashem and he completely gives up (Heaven forbid).

For example, if a person leaves Yeshiva or his shul never to return feeling completely hopeless that he will ever be able to serve Hashem and instead he looks for something else to do.  This is called falling off.  But if a person does not leave Yeshiva, if he always stays connected to his Yeshiva, and his shul in Torah learning and prayer, he never will fall, everything he does is good.  If a person sees within himself he is capable of doing more, meaning more Torah learning, more prayer, more charity, more kind deeds, so he should do more.

If a person feels he cannot do anymore, that is also good since everything he does is wonderful.


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The Rebbe[5] says, “In this many Chassidim are mistaken, that suddenly it appears to them that they have fallen in their service of Hashem (G-d).  Truthfully, they have not fallen at all.  However it is necessary [to feel as if one fell since] this is the only way to rise up from one level to the next. Because the evil forces wake up and fight harder against a person [trying to progress spiritually] with new energy.

This battleground is one’s vices, confusions, illusions, negative thoughts and obstacles.  Therefore, it is necessary each time to fight and to overcome [one’s challenges] again and again.” Every time a person advances spiritually, he needs to fight and to overcome his challenges over and over again to subdue and to break the evil forces and their obstacles on every level.  Therefore, Rabeinu is telling us that a person never falls.  Falling does not exist! The concept of falling is something invented by a person’s evil inclination since one never really falls he merely continues fighting over and over again.


Moshe (Moses) teaches us that a person that has already becomes completely covered in his leprosy, that when he has completely become white, then at that moment he is purified.  Meaning that every difficulty that causes each and every person to feels as if he fell, then this should bring him to repentance (Teshuvah).  Because if a person feels as if he fell and it causes them to regret his actions and bring him to a place of humility then his ‘fall’ is the exact opposite of a fall.  Now he is “completely white” he is completely covered in his leprosy, he is completely in a place of repentance and Teshuva…Now the light of Hashem is shining upon him!

NOW the light of Hashem is sparking upon him!

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Ribono Shel OlamMaster of the Universe, Give us the strength to shoot arrows at the evil inclination because every side we turn towards we see the evil inclination standing at attention ready to battle us.  And the evil inclination is threatening to kill us with all sorts of painful and unpleasant deaths.

We have not separated ourselves from our evil deeds and all the paths and advices that we have tried have not helped us to erase our evil inclination that burns within us day and night and does not give us any rest or down time, not when we are sitting and not when we are getting up.  But in all this we are the ones to blame and specifically me!

I am the worst person of all, I have drawn the evil inclination within me from my youth, from the moment I could use my brain to this day I have still not done any service of Hashem from the depths of my heart and I have not done any of the advices of the Tzadikim with a full heart.  And I have not ever brought myself to truthfully regret something.

Hashem, for the sake of bringING the Nation of Israel out of Egypt in a pillar of fire, please also give me the merit to change my evil inclination which is a pillar of fire burning around me day and night.  Please let me switch my evil inclination from a burning fire to burning light, a light of pure emunah (faith-belief) and happiness in you Hashem.

Please Hashem, allow the true Tzadikim to guard me and I will merit through them to break and to nullify completely from upon me my character trait of arrogance until I will merit to feel my lowliness in each and every limb in complete truth, and no thoughts of arrogance will enter my heart or my mindset at all.  And may I merit true humility and complete emunah (faith-belief) in truth.

And may I merit to destroy and nullify all sorts of heresy and difficulties, confusions, and all the crookedness in my heart.  Please Hashem, the evil inclination should not rise into my heart or into the heart of the whole Nation of Israel.  And may I merit to bind myself in truth to the holy spirit of the true Tzadikim and may I merit to draw to within my heart the holy spirit of the true Tzadikim, and through this may I merit to straighten out my heart in truth.   May my heart be with Hashem (G-d) always in truth and in complete emunah, and in genuine humility.


Rav Tzanani merited to visit Rav Berland Shlit”a in 5776 (2016) while the Rav was held in a South African prison in Johannesburg.  During the visiting hour, Rav Tzanani asked the Rav, “When will all these difficulties pass?”  The Rav replied, “What difficulties?”

Rav Tzanani replied, “When will the Rav be released from prison?  How long will the Rav have to be here?”  The Rav answered, “It is wonderful for me here! I can learn hours on end without any interruption!  What is bad about being here, where are the difficulties?  This place is wonderful!”  So Rav Tzanani asked the Rav,

“What about my Torah learning?”  [Meaning, since the Rav is in prison and not accessible I cannot learn from him the same way I used to learn from the Rav when the Rav was free.  Therefore, my Torah learning is falling since the Rav is not present to teach me.]  The Rav replied, “What is the problem?  There is a room here [an empty prison cell] next to me that is free.  You should come live here, if you would like.”


Rav Arush[7] explains, “Yosef would dance in prison and he was happy with his portion.  To merit to dance and to be happy a person needs emunah (faith-beilief).  Since emunah gives a person happiness, blessings, and success.”  And the Bas Ayin[8] teaches that emunah is, “believing that Hashem desires to bestow kindness upon us…Whether a person suffers physically or spiritually…it is all for his good in order to bring him up to a higher level of repentance (teshuva).”  Furthermore, Rav Arush[9] explains, “You need to believe that there is no evil and nothing is bad in the whole World.

Everything that Hashem (G-d) does, Hashem does for the good!  And the person who believes in that will immediately receive happiness and tranquility in his soul.

He will feel good and peaceful as if he lacks nothing, and he feels like everything is good by him.”


Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov[10] writes, “The Month of Eyar has a special power to heal a person.  Since it is the month, in which the manna (heavenly bread) started to come down for the Nation of Israel in the desert.  Since the manna did not cause any sicknesses or diseases, there remains a special healing quality to this month,” and happiness is the ultimate remedy to achieve true spiritual and physical health.

As Rebbe Nachman[11] explains, “The wise and prestigious doctors have explained this in depth – that all of the sicknesses and diseases come from depression and sadness and happiness is a great remedy.”  And Rebbe Nosson[12] explains this teaching as meaning, “that happiness is the remedy to heal all sickness and disease.”

Rav Arush[13] shows how Yosef remained happy despite the fact, “His brothers threw him into a pit with snakes and scorpions and Hashem saved him.  His brothers sold him as a slave and Hashem saved him.  And In the end he is sold as a slave to the house of Potifar and he becomes a servant.  He needs to be the king but his is made into a servant, yet Yosef does not get confused by this turn of events at all.

When he guards his physical and spiritual purity by not being with Potifar’s wife, his reward is being thrown into prison, but not a regular prison.  A deep dark pit in which one does not see any light.  And despite all of this Yosef continues to dance because he has emunah (faith-belief) in Hashem.  His emunah does not change, he continues to believe in Hashem and say that there is no bad in the World at all.”  And Rebbe Nosson[14] explains,

“And emunah is the main element of happiness.”

And the Rav is no different than Yosef the Tzadik, since Yosef the Tzadik was the Yosef in the year 2216[15] the Rav is this same Yosef the Tzadik in the year 5777 (2017).  And when the Rav said with a full heart of happiness, “It is wonderful for me here!” The Rav is living with the same emunah in Hashem that Yosef lived with, and this emunah and happiness which the Rav lives is the complete remedy for each individual, as well as the the whole Nation of Israel, since[16], “the most important element of the redemption[17] comes through happiness.”


Is it permissible for a woman to get a haircut during the counting of the Omer[18]?  No.  “However if there is a special circumstance it is permissible for married women and for a young [unmarried] women to get a haircut.  And for the sake of a mitzvah like for modesty that a woman’s hair comes out from underneath her head covering, then it is ideal to get a haircut.”

Why is there a special happines for the 33 (ל”ג) day of the Omer[19]?  “It has been passed on from generation to generation that the reason for the happienss on this day (the 33 day of the Omer) is because this is the day Rebbe Shimeon Bar Yochai’s holy soul ascended up to Heaven.”


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[2] I originally translated this verse according to my own understanding.  I went to check my translation against other English translations and I found that there are two differing opinions of how to translate this verse into English.  My translation is the same as the translation found in the Koran Chumash.  However, the Artscroll Stone Chumash translates this verse differently.

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