Prayer from Rav Berland for the Three Weeks

Three Weeks prayer

Prayer from Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a for Bein HaMetzarim, the Three Weeks, to merit to approach the King, Who is in the field, and to rectify the sins of the selling of Yosef, the killing of Nov, the city of Kohanim, and wanton hatred (#1264).

Ribono shel Olam — Master of the World, All-Powerful, let me merit during the Three Weeks to chochma, binah, and da’as — wisdom, understanding, and knowledge; and let there be protection for me from Heaven.

and through this, let me merit to the 370 ribo (3,700,000) lights that were taken from Chava,

and let me merit to be “and he speaks truth in his heart” like Rav Safra, who in the merit of speaking truth in his heart, the lion didn’t eat his donkey,

and in the merit of Mount Atzmon, where they hid all the Temple vessels (and there Napoleon dug in order to find all the vessels),

because now, during the Three Weeks, Hashem is the King in the field, and each and every person can approach the King,

and all of this is “still today, he will remain in Nov,”

because all the holocausts and destructions…because we still haven’t atoned for the sin of Nov the city of Kohanim, which Shaul slaughtered, elder and child, in one day, for no sin in their hands,

because all the destructions and holocausts are to atone for the sin of the selling of Yosef and the slaughter of Nov, the city of Kohanim, and wanton hatred, which caused the destruction of the Temple.

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