A prayer to say each day before giving birth

prayer to say before birth

A Prayer to Say Each Day Until Childbirth

By Rav Eliezer Berland, Shlitah

 Please, Compassionate and All-Merciful One, Omnsicient One, who isn’t lacking in anything, please continue providing the soul for the fetus which stems from Adam Kadmon through Atika Kadisha and through Arich Anpin.

Please sanctify this fetus by all kinds of sanctifications and sanctify him with the holiness of Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya’akov.  Hopefully the fetus shouldn’t G-d forbid become defiled with my terrible defilements which have cleaved to me since the day I was born until now.

Please, Compassionate and All-Merciful One, Omniscient One, whose prowess is above scrutiny and whose compassion is endless, please perform like you do in all your endless wonders and sanctify this fetus with the holiness of our holy Rabbeinu, the Holy of Holies, and with the holiness of your holy shepherd, connect it with a spirit from above that can return all of Am Yisrael to Avinu Shebashamayim [our Father in Heaven].

And may it merit 60,000 offspring and during its days shall Yehuda and Yerushalayim be redeemed.  And may it merit to return the “י“ [yod] to Yerushalayim and it shall be called Yerushalayim.  And by this will it merit to bring the complete redemption, speedily in our days, Amen.


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