Prayer to be strong and have no weakness

Rabbi Berland’s Prayer To Be Strong And Have No Weakness

The following is translated from Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s compendium of prayers in the Refuah Shleimah booklet. To get the prayer in the original Hebrew, you can buy the booklet HERE.


Master of the world who can do anything is possible, heal …………….

Please “Creator (209) of remedies (693) awesome (257) in His praises (841)” make me mighty and strong and healthy like Daniel the charming (464) man (311) who rode and overcame 1464 lions, and be mighty like Shimshon (696) the mighty one.

And I should have no weakness, and no pains, and no growths G-d forbid, and may I be healed in the blink (305) of an eye (130) = 435, in the merit of the Tzadik (209) the foundation (80) of the world (146) = 435, Rabbenu Nachman the son of Simcha the son of Faige.

And may I merit, Hashem who is One (1), to serve You all the days of my life, with awe and happiness, and with great trepidation (255), with trembling (56) and shaking (287) and fear (98) = 696.

And fulfil in me the verse, “heal me (341) Hashem (26) and I will be healed (208), save me (451) and I will be saved (388) because (30) You are (408) my praise (845)” = 2775.

And then we will thank you with song (517) and melodies (258) = 775 with Torah (417) and singing (358) = 775.


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