Prayer to heal the sores on the head


Rabbi Berland’s Prayer To Heal Sores On The Head

The following is translated from Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s compendium of prayers in the Refuah Shleimah booklet. To get the prayer in the original Hebrew, you can buy the booklet HERE.


Master of the world, who can do anything, grant me the merit to enter Gan Eden with my body.

And may I merit to learn Torah day (96) and night (81) = 177 like Eliyahu (52) the prophet (68) who is remembered (233) for good (47) = 400 who was pure (220) in his eyes (180) = 400, and learned Torah day and night, like it’s written, “her candle (255) will not (31) extinguish (37) in the night (77)” = 400.

And me and my wife will merit a holy and pure body like Serach (508) the daughter (402) of Asher (501) 1448, and merit a ruach, neshamah, chayah and yechidah.

And may we merit a holy mind, and may I and my wife merit to subdue all the haters of Israel like Mordechai and Esther, like it says, “and it was turned around, such that the Jews (80) ruled (355) over (50) their enemies (414)” = 1448.

And ……………. will merit that all the sores on their head will disappear, and send a complete (375) recovery (292) = 677 through Michael, Refael, Nuriel and Acatriel.

And may we arrive in Uman this year together with all of Am Yisrael.


#97 Prayer to be saved from machloket

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