Q+A from Binyamin Golden: Anyone with a Jewish neshama should cling to the Rav

Photo montage of Rabbi Berland in Hevron and autistic Binyamin Goldin

More Questions and Answers from the autistic boy Binyamin Goldin:

“Anyone with a Jewish Neshama Should Cling To The Rav”

We were asked to publicize the following translated message from Binyamin Goldin.

Please read the haskamot on facilitated communication from Rav Shteinman, z’tl, before continuing, particularly in relation to the part where it says it is forbidden to rely on the words of the autistics for anything to do with predictions about the future.


Q:           There are those who claim that since those conducting the communications with the autistics are connected to Shuvu Banim, this means that the communications are being influenced. Therefore, the autistics are saying that Rav Berland is the Moshiach only because of the influence on the communication.

A:            Tell them that we’re in Shuvu Banim, that we’re with the Rav because he is Moshiach, and this is the reason we are with him[1]. Those that say this [that the communication is being influenced], they don’t want him to be Moshiach. They simply don’t want him to be Moshiach. Write this. Write that whoever says something like this is just trying to find reasons why the Rav is not the Moshiach, chas v’shalom (G-d forbid). The Rav is Moshiach. So, where do you want me to be, seeing that the Rav is Moshiach? Do you want me to be a Gur Chassid or a Belze Chassid, or whatever else you want me to be? Toldos Aharon? What do you expect? The Rav is Moshiach and you want me to be something else? Nonsense.

If I didn’t believe with all my strength that he was Moshiach, I’d be somewhere else right now. My father follows the Rav of ….. and so too I could go with any group, so why davka Breslov? Because he is without any doubt our righteous Moshiach.

[NB: Binyamin has been speaking via facilitated communication for the last 26 years. He and the facilitators are from completely Litvish backgrounds and had no prior connection to Breslov, or Rabbi Berland. Only recently, when the autistics began speaking about Rav Berland being Moshiach did the facilitators and families of the autistics begin coming to Rabii Berland and praying in Shuvu Banim.]


Q:           There are those that claim that to identify a person as Moshiach is a matter of Halacha. Since the autistics are not poskim, it’s forbidden for them to say that Rav Berland is Moshiach.

A:            For those that don’t believe in the autistics, it doesn’t matter what we say, since none of them believe anyway. But, if a person believes in what we are saying, why shouldn’t we say, and why shouldn’t he believe? We have never said that this is a psak. I said that this is a fact. You can go against it [if you want]. Today there are so many lies that surrounds the Charedim, complete lies. For example, all the schools that take money from the State and change their curriculum to teach forbidden things. I don’t understand if this is even Yiddishkeit? Is it forbidden to speak about them?

Q:           They set up a Beit Din to judge the matter of the Rav, with the agreement of the Rav, and they have already caught a number of lies which were alleged against Rav Berland?

A:            Even if they were to rule against him chas v’shalom, it wouldn’t change a thing, he would become even more popular.


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Q:           When will people begin to believe that Rav Berland is really Moshiach?

A:            Already, there are a lot of people who believe, more than you can dream of. It’s just that now is the time of clarification (birur). Like I said to you, in order to remove those who don’t want to believe. Not only that, but there are those people who we wouldn’t have dreamed of would believe, and they do believe, and they’re not connected to Breslov, but they are connected to the Rav. We’ve already spoken about this, that there are those who are in Shuvu Banim, but are (still) looking for reasons why he is not Moshiach. Those are the ones who are not ne’emanim (faithful).

Q:           There’s something which does not make sense. On one side, everyone believes in the words of the prophets, that all their words are true and correct. In Yeshiahu (Isaiah) 53 it says explicitly that when Moshiach is revealed, they’ll say about him that he is a poshea (criminal/sinner) and they won’t believe that this is really him (Moshiach).

Today, many people speak against the Rav saying things which are really not good, like the prophet said would be. And still, people who are G-d fearing and believe in all the words of the prophets, aren’t able to accept that the Rav is Moshiach?[2]

A:            Take what I said clearly. Make from it some declaration and then bring from all the sources a description of Moshiach, and under it write in my name. There is no doubt! Whoever knows the Tzaddik, knows that someone wrote exactly his description. Whoever doesn’t believe it is not connected to him. It just can’t be, it’s not possible to relate to him as a normal Rabbi.

A normal Rabbi does not go up to shamayim and sit in the Upper Beit Din in order to save people who have died and return them to life in this world, or so that they will do teshuva. There simply is no such thing like this. We have enough people that went on record, and you can speak with them yourself, and there’s endless proofs of this. There’s nothing like this.

There’s no Rabbis that love all of Am Yisrael. Generally, they love their own people, but to say that they love Am Yisrael the way the Rav loves Am Yisrael, it’s simply impossible to say that. What else can I say? Look, the Rav is sick, and he’s sick with a very serious condition, and then suddenly he comes right out of it. Baruch Hashem, for sure they already wanted to bury him, but it won’t help them, it won’t help them.


Q:           There was a claim within Shuvu Banim that the autistics were causing a cooling down in Shuvu by the fact that they were saying with certainty that there’s nothing to worry about and the Rav will be healthy and will come out of his serious condition, and therefore this cools down their praying for the Rav. Is this claim justified?

A:            I’ve said a number of times that we need to pray for the Rav and whoever prays for the Rav, he is in effect praying for himself. I don’t know. But they sound like they don’t want to believe in the Rav. So what are they doing with him? After all, the Rav himself said to publicise our words. So what are they doing? Are they going to leave him? If so, it won’t hurt him, it will only add to him. Anyone who doesn’t believe that the Rav is Moshiach has no reason to be in Shuvu.

Q:           There’s another claim against the words of the autistics, that it seems apparent from them that whoever doesn’t accept the Rav as Moshiach, it’s as if he’s not on the right path?

A:            Anyone who is a real Jew and who doesn’t accept this (that the Rav is Moshiach), he’ll accept it in the future. Anyone who’s not a real Jew will never accept this. I want you to take what I have said and to write it all down point by point. Afterwards, send them a reply. They simply aren’t prepared to ready themselves for Moshiach. They don’t want to know. Even in Shuvu there are people like this, that want a normal life.

They want a Rav just like the Rebbes that can do all sorts of wonders and all sorts of amazing things with miracles, that people become healthy from serious illnesses etc. and even get up from death. Dead people that come back to life, that’s what they want. After the doctor doesn’t succeed to cure them, they come to the Rav and then he manages to cure the illness. Got it? They don’t want him to be Moshiach.

What use do they have of Moshiach? They’re still not ready for the complete redemption. I want you to take what I’ve said, even though it’s sharp, arrange it and say clearly that whoever is not prepared to accept this, that the Rav is Moshiach, and just wants to accept all the miracles that he does, he isn’t faithful to the Tzaddik. You should know that there will still be a lot more suffering before the complete redemption.


Q:           What does this mean for someone who wants to be faithful to the Rav?

A:            To be faithful, this means to be by him as much as possible. That means davening by him, and as much as possible to be by him. This gives him strength.

Q:           In the past, Binyamin spoke of the Tzaddik without mentioning the name of the Rav, but since he’s said that the Rav is Moshiach, many people have said that this has given them a lot of strength.

A:            That’s because they are really true Jews.


Q:           We’re waiting for the Rav to take over the leadership in a clear way…

A:            The Rav needs to feel that he has faithful followers.

Q:           How many faithful followers does the Rav need?

A:            The Rav doesn’t need so many, but they do need to be very faithful to him.

When the wars start and all the problems, and this has in essence started now, then only by him will we see miracles.

Q:           This morning the Rav said to travel to Tiberias and to dunk in the Kinneret in Miriam’s well, and whoever did this would merit good health, long life and good things.

                A full bus load travelled down there and many cars but not everyone. And there were those that said that the Rav didn’t really mean that everyone should travel there, and this wasn’t obligatory. From here we can see that there are within Shuvu all types of explanations on what the Rav means.

A:            I told you that now there’s a great birur (clarification) happening inside Shuvu. I told you this. This is the birur. Throughout the world there is also a birur going on. You should know, many will disappear from this world. Many will disappear from this world, and I’m talking about a large number. Relatively few will remain. It’s not stam that the Chessed LeAvraham wrote what he wrote, that 7,000 Jews will remain to greet Moshiach. I only hope that he wrote just the men, apart from the women and children of different ages.


Q:           Maybe the Chessed Le’Avraham’s meaning was that just in the first stage 7,000 will greet Moshiach but after that more will join them?

A:            Yes, but maybe he actually meant just 7,000 and that’s what’s most worrying. But no matter, we’re not concerned about this, we’re concerned that we will be ok. There’s no Rabbi today who can be compared to Rav Berland. He is the greatest. There are other gedolim, but his abilities surpass them, surpass them. He is unique in shamayim.

Q:           There are still Rabbis that speak against Rav Berland…

A:            There are Rabbis who know (that the Rav is a Tzaddik) including Rav Kanievsky.

Q:           It was publicized recently that Rav Kanievsky said to someone that came to him that anyone who speaks badly about Rav Berland is playing with fire.

A:            This was exactly because he didn’t have shmira (protection).


Q:           How can it be that people who know the holy seforim, that know that they prepared us for this, that we would think Moshiach is a poshea (criminal) and nonetheless they still say that it can’t be that Rav Berland is Moshiach, and they don’t want to accept it?

A:            It is written explicitly, that this is how it will be, that not everyone will accept him. And all this was written including that there will not be many who remain. Most of the wicked people will flee from the land (Israel) and will die in chutz l’aretz (abroad).

Anyone who is a chassid of the Rav has nothing to fear.

If you worry about money, it’s really an aveira (sin).

Don’t worry. Today, people are simply weak, they’re not clever.

There are all sorts of claims which people make, without sense.

                Anyone who has a Jewish neshama should cling completely to the Rav. This is a sentence which you’re obligated to write.


Now I will tell you clearly, I did not say that a person doesn’t have to pray for the Rav, because if the Rav is Moshiach, then Hashem will heal him. For sure, Hashem will heal him. But one way or another, it doesn’t matter, or He will take him to the World to Come so that he doesn’t have to suffer from the idiots here in this world. However, everyone who does pray, it should be clear that he is praying for himself.

Even if he’s doing this through praying for the Tzaddik in order to show Hashem how much he wants to be true to Hashem and how much he is accepting Moshiach that Hashem sent us and how faithful he is to him. But, in practice, if G-d forbid, the Rav is sick, and he has been very seriously sick many times in the past, and he’s also not a young man, so woe to us if we do not pray for him.

If his situation gets better, it doesn’t matter, Hashem wants to see who are the Tzaddikim and who are the Rashaim (wicked ones) amongst us, who wants the Rav, but without his main job, of returning Am Yisrael completely back to Hashem… This you need to write.


Q:           Maybe there are those who want the Rav to stay just the Rav of Shuvu Banim and not be the Rav of all Am Yisrael?

A:            Anyone who doesn’t want this, wants a large Chassidut so that he can say that it (the chassidut) is important, like Toldos Aharon or like Gur or like Belz or whatever else. He wants to feel that he’s part of a good, large, accepted community etc. But to accept Moshiach, that’s already a tremendous responsibility.

Q:           Some say that only an accredited Beit Din can decide who is Moshiach and that’s after they have examined him etc. No Beit Din has (yet) declared that the Rav is Moshiach and so it’s not up to the autistics to decide who is Moshiach?

A:            Fine. So we’ll wait for that, it should not be long in coming. But we don’t need this. We see what’s going on in this world. We see miracles after miracles, but those who have a true Jewish neshama will cling to him, these things go together. His neshama and the neshama of Am Yisrael, and whoever is not going to be part of this in the future, he won’t be able to continue.


Q:           How is it possible to understand and to explain what is going on by the Rav? This morning, in Shacharit, there’s one guy with a kuku (pony tail) and others who are far from kedushah, together with all types of chareidim that have come close to the Rav and others don’t come close to him? And even distance themselves from him? What causes some to come close and some to distance themselves regardless of their background?

A:             The answer is: the Jewish neshama is the Jewish neshama. However, even those that seem distant, externally, doesn’t mean that they don’t have a Jewish neshama that draws them. Together with this, there will be amongst them also those that will be drawn after the Rav, but not strong enough and after they will leave him.

Again, I say, it does not matter how many will remain with the Rav. This will just indicate to us how many people will remain in the world generally. You should know that the Rav is deciding everything.



1) The facilitators and the autistics families only came to know Rabbi Berland through the messages of the autistics. So the autistics were influencing the facilitators and not the other way around. For the first 26 plus years of facilitated communication with Binyanim, Danny and Menachem there was no mention of Rabbi Berland. The families and facilitators had no connection to Rabbi Berland, to Shuvu Banim or to Breslov. They come from completely litvish backgrounds. Only recently, when the autistics, and specifically Binyamin Goldin, began speaking about Rabbi Berland did the families and facilitators first set out to find out who Rabbi Berland, to pray with him and connect to him.

2) Similarly, Rebbe Nachman says sichot haran 35 that even though the prophets already declared that there will be tremendous tests of heresy when Moshiach comes, the knowledge of these prophecies won’t make it easier for people and they still must pass many tests of Emunah.



We are receiving these message from the autistics and their families and their facilitators, who have been putting out messages for 27 years. They had no prior connection with Rabbi Eliezer Berland, or with Breslov, until very recently when the autistics began speaking about the Rav.
Shuvu Banim does not necessarily stand behind all the words of the autistics, though we did verify its authenticity before publishing this.
We continue to believe and pray that the Geula will come with complete compassion.

FC Message from autistic boy Binyamin Goldin


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